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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Hopping To Wii U This Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

Kong's first HD adventure

Nintendo has announced Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Kong's first HD outing, Tropical Freeze introduces a new enemy - bloodthirsty Vikings. Kong's island paradise is invaded by these sea-going foes, forcing him to journey to five other islands to defeat them.

The game will boast a two-player mode, with Diddy and Dixie Kong coming along for the ride. Donkey Kong Country Returns allowed the player to move in and out of the screen, but in this sequel, the power of the host platform will be exploited to make things even more dynamic, allowing the perspective to constantly shift, twist and turn.

Tropical Freeze will be released this November in North America. No mention of who is developing it, but we've heard from our friends at Eurogamer that Retro Studios is behind the wheel.

Could this be what Retro has been working on all this time, or has the studio got another title waiting in the wings?

UPDATE: Nintendo of America has confirmed via its Twitter account that the game is the work of Retro:

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SkywardCrowbar said:

To me, this was the biggest surprise of the show. It looks amazing, and is coming out this year. Retro knows what's up.



ThePirateCaptain said:

Man, I don't care what other people say, I'm super excited for this game! Sure, it would have been nice if Retro worked on something new, but I can't complain about more DK.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I'm sure it will be good, but it's not what the Wii U needs right now. A new IP would have given people more hope.



soracloud28 said:

I wouldnt be surpised if retro had something else up their sleeve as well. Reggie still hasnt revealed anything.this game looks superb though.



b_willers said:

I assume it's by Retro, please don't tell me thats all they have been working on?



Tryken said:

This was the worst announcement of the Nintendo Direct. I was expecting something exciting. Nintendo has to realize that it's smaller IPs like Metroid, F-Zero, and games like that will pull in hardcore gamers' attentions. Instead, they put out this safe title. I'm hoping that Retro has something else in store. It doesn't make any sense otherwise.



BenAV said:

The first one was great and this one looks to be too.
Still a little disappointed if this is Retro's game though, as there was so much hype around what it was going to be and I would have really liked to see them tackle something different.



SchamMan89 said:

I love Donkey Kong Country Returns, but I'm crushed that Retro's behind this one. I'm sure Tropical Freeze will be great, but that's not the game Wii U needs right now.

Is Retro big enough to have two projects going on at once?



Yasume said:

Lol. I'm sure it will turn out to be a great game, but c'mon Retro...



Morph said:

Looks great, I still think retro are working on something else, hard to believe a title like this would take 3 years to create, im guessing it will use the same basic engine that the wii version did



3DGamerDude said:

I was planning on getting Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, but with this on the way, I'm gonna have to pass. I love Nintendo and all, but that was a little dirty of them to re-release DKCR 3D right before announcing a sequel.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Retro is big enough to work on two projects at once. I bet they're working on the next Metroid game right now.



WaveBoy said:

The Streaming was a tropical freeze alright. Anyways, visually it looks spectacular but I was expecting something a teeny weeny bit more exciting, ala F-Zero, Metroid, ANYTHING but this. Do we really need a new DKC game so soon?

Terribe suprise...



WiiLovePeace said:

Well that's a slight disappointment that Retro's game is DKCR2 instead of what I was hoping for, Metroid Prime 4. It'll still be awesome co-op with my best friend when it releases, just like we did with the first DKCR.

Edit: Heck, didn't even Retro Studios themselves say "It's something everyone wants us to make." at one point, then another time said "It's not Donkey Kong"? Oh well, I'll still enjoy it



Varia01 said:

This is disappointing, I was hoping for a new Metroid or a new IP... Sure Donkey Kong is new, but I was really anticipating Metroid... Darn it all.



GearsOfWarU said:

This Looks Amazing... Can't wait to Play ... still wished for a new Metroid or Kid Icarus ... But I will truly enjoy this : )



Ryno said:

Donkey Kong? Seriously another Donkey Kong??? So disappointed.



OverturePT said:

Fully disappointed. Retro, the western company that could pull great stuff for us is working again on a DK? Nothing against DK, but couldn't it be done by another studio? This killed the direct for me. Thanks Nintendo.



Darth_Pascal said:

And the new games don't even use the Gamepad in a new way. No game comes close to ZombiU a year after launch. Mario Kart 8, Super Mario and DK are all out on 3DS... Really disappointed.



Judah_83 said:

So DK is the game that they (retro) got people from naughty dog to help them with. Really Retro???? I was expecting a new IP. Fully disappointed.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I LOVE Donkey Kong Country Returns but this is a big disappointment. Just another iteration of an old IP? What the hell Nintendo? What the hell? Where are the new big IPs?

I understand that DKCR sold very well, much better than the Primes but just another game of an old series is not enough.

Another Mario
Another Mario Kart
Another DKC
Another Art Academy
Another Wii Fit

Thank God you bought The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 and that you have Monolith. I'm truly disappointed. The same games (although I really like them and will buy them all), almost none 3rd party support...



Sandstorm64 said:

Really disappointed that Retro are doing another DK game. I was really hoping for a new Metroid game.



Madmanonfire said:

Since it hasn't been stated that this is the only thing Retro has been working on, I'm going to be grateful that Retro is making a stunning sequel to DKCR. Because a high quality game is always welcome, no matter if it's an old or new IP.

Edit: sorry for not being pessimistic for petty reasons.



Bassman_Q said:

I love me some Donkey Kong action, and I'm happier with this announcement than the Super Mario 3D World reveal, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this as well. It looks great, but it also looks quite unoriginal compared to the previous installment. I'm hoping that Retro was working on something else at the same time.



fluggy said:

Stinkin'!!! The secret game Retro has been working on .......The BIG unveiling reveals .... Um..... Donkey Kong!!! Had my fill of Donkey Kong with an old Wii game (really!!??) just released on 3ds!! Terrible anti-climax!! Wii U better have something better than this up its sleeve!!!



KongFu said:

This is going to be amazing. And these viking characters seem to me as charming as the kremlings were back in the 90's.



2Sang said:

I'm very disappointed in retro if this is their only title. It doesn't even look that much better than DKCR



ivanmata said:

I would've loved something more like DK64, this offers the same experience as DKCR.......



NintyMan said:

I was blown away by this announcement! I'm a big Donkey Kong fan and there's no way I would've been disappointed to get another trip to Donkey Kong Island, although it looks like Donkey Kong's in new environments. Those environments look amazing, too.

It's too bad that Kremlings aren't returning once again, but at least these viking animals are better than the tikis. And Dixie Kong is coming back!



Moshugan said:

Oh man, I have such mixed feelings on this Direct.
In a sense, great looking games! ;D
On the other hand, not the kind I was hoping! D:



rjejr said:

I would have been happier had this been packaged w/ bongos. Didn't this game just come out, twice? And Nintendo fans complain incessantly about COD?

My biggest disappointment about this is that it probably means no Yoshi's Yarn Planet this year. Was Yoshi even in the video - my stream was a horrible mess.



DRL said:

This looks incredible. Reminds me of how platforming sequels were done in the SNES days. New themes - locations, characters, enemies. It doesn't look dialed in like many recent Mario outings.



BXXL said:

As many of you, the new game by Retro was THE game i was expecting the most, and what a disappointment this is...

Of course, it won't be a bad game... but i never had the feeling of such a repetitive line-up for years... if a single word could define Nintendo these days, it's REHASH: played Donkey Kong Country on Wii, here's another... played Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS (my least favourite 3D mario ever) and here's the equivalent for Wii U... played Wind Waker 100% three times, and this HD remake doesn't look that different (a testimony of the quality of the original, but still)... played all the Mario Karts, and here's the 8th one... played all the Smash Bros, and here's another one...

Every single game gave me that "déjà vu" feeling, with the exception of the Wonderful 101 (but that one doesn't really interest me) and the X from Monolith (played Xenoblade for over 150 hours, so...), plus maybe Bayonetta 2 (i like the first one, too, so it helps).

But the overall feeling i have is "oh no, not again"... maybe i'm getting too old for Nintendo, maybe i'm expecting too much, maybe i need more creative and "mature" games froms devs like Monolith, Treasure, Platinum, Retro, Intelligent Systems... but the games created by Nintendo's EAD & Co, well, they don't give me that "must play" sensations i've had for over 20 years now...

Really strange to feel so disappointed with such a good line-up, really... but that's how i feel, don't blame me...



retropunky said:

I think the Donkey Kong game some people wanted was a style like the N64 game... I know I did. It's an interesting take for a new game though.



Stark_Nebula said:

I'm rather surprised and, not because of the game itself, disappointed. They could have resurrected an old IP or made a new one. The game looks great, but I can't help but feel that their talents are being squandered for the "SEQUELS!!?!" mentality.



BigDaddysPizza said:

I love you Retro... more Donkey Kong Country! YEAH! Now I might have to get a Wii U! Don't listen to the people complaining, they just don't know how fun a DKC game is. People, play the original trilogy!



Varia01 said:

I am disappointed by this. I was REALLY hoping for a new Metroid game. There are too much short-period equivalents, it's annoying. A Donkey Kong game released last year, but there hasn't been a new Metroid for three years. Darn it all...



Mk_II said:

Looks very very good and i'm thinking Retro has been working on something else as well. IIRC they have been hiring a lot of new staff and this new DKC would not take them 3 years to make



dumedum said:

This is what I wanted. New Donkey Kong HD. Donkey Kong Country was a series. Why not continue it? This is all good. I am sure Retro is working on other projects too, but this is coming November and this title moves units.



Mauhiho said:

Awesome! Can't wait
I don't care for Metroid - I am really glad that Retro decided to do another DK



dumedum said:

@BXXL I just don't get what you're saying. All the companies are making sequels.

It's Assassin Creed sequel.
It's Batman sequel.
It's killzone.
It's Forza motor
It's Halo
It's Dark Souls
It's Battlefield
It's GTA

That's the way the videogame industry works. These are Nintendo's icons, mascots. They want as many games featuring them as possible. Why on Earth make a platformer feauring a less known character than Donkey Kong? This is the popular series - Donkey Kong.



dumedum said:

@Darth_Pascal This is true. But Nintendo cannot do everything. The Wii Party, Wii Fit and others like Wario will use the GamePad, but third parties needed to step up and do somethings like Zombi U. I hope that still happens. If not, Nintendo will do it like they did Prime and Skyward Sword etc. But it takes time.



pntjr said:

Watching E3
sees Retro's new DKC game
le cliffjump



Williaint said:

Retro is Nintendo's NEW Rare.
That's exactly true. You forgot "Madden" Nintendo isn't just hashing out sequels... This is a great sequel — They did DK's hair great justice! Just because Retro is working on this, doesn't mean it's the ONLY game they'll be working on...
Just because Nintendo hasn't used the G-pad to it's full potential, doesn't mean other companies can't do interesting stuff. Also something companies don't understand: You don't HAVE to use the G-pad!



rastamadeus said:

@Kodeen "When Nintendolife has the inevitable E3/ND round up thread, I hope they use the Disappointment tag. Just look at how many times it's been used in the comments on this article alone." If we take out the amount of times you've said that word we'll be down to about five. Big deal. There's more people here saying they want the game and are excited for it then don't care about it. But why would you bother with the facts when your opinion is clearly gospel.



DerpSandwich said:

I have never, EVER, been more disappointed by Nintendo than I was when I learned that this was Retro's game. It could have literally been anything else. ANYTHING.



GraveLordXD said:

Man I know I will love this game but I was expecting either metroid, starfox, startropics would have blew my mind or even a new ip



NintyMan said:

Yay for the return of underwater levels!

I think this is going to be sort of like a Donkey Kong Country 2 Returns in a sense. The Kremlings were dressed like pirates in that game, and Arctic animals are dressed up like Vikings in this game. Plus, there's Dixie Kong. That means that we could hear new remixes of such good DKC2 music as Stickerbrush Symphony and the return of animal buddies like Rattly and Squitter.



Knux said:

This looks so awesome! Nice to see that Retro Studios are the ones developing this.



Ralizah said:

Not a system seller, but this looks fun and I will definitely pick it up when I get a Wii U.



rastamadeus said:

@CrabGats Think he's just miffed that someone called him on his "OMG WE'RE ALL SO DISAPPOINTED" rubbish. Common problem on the Internet is people putting across their opinions as if it is a fact that the world has agreed on.



HeatBombastic said:

People say they're disappointed with a sequel from Retro, but then they say they want Metroid Prime?? People can't win.



Miss_Dark said:

I hate platforms but Nintendo makes it soooo tempting to buy this.. it looks so creative and I just love that

heck i'm gonna buy it

I don't care bout "remakes" and "sequels" Nintendo is the most creative company out there



Tony_342 said:

This game looks fantastic and there's no way I'm NOT going to buy this. Still, I'm pretty disappointed that this is what Retro are working on. I'm really, really hoping they have another project in development that gets revealed very soon. Didn't they even flat-out deny that they were working on a new Donkey Kong game when they were asked? Why deny it only to lead to inevitable and rampant speculation and hype about what they were actually working on, only to later say, "Just kidding. Yeah we are working on another Donkey Kong game. Aren't you excited?" Obviously people were going to get their hopes up for something new.

Still, it looks amazing.



MatthewRPG said:

Was hoping for Great game don't get me wrong, just so much more out there...



LittleIrves said:

Reading these comments is giving me whiplash... Disappointment! Elation! Frustrated! Amazed!

At first I, too, was a bit put-off, but DKCR was a phenomenal game and once the trailer introduced the more dynamic 3D camera, things started looking up. Not the game-changer we all wanted Retro to have, but today's Retro is not the same team that made Prime, people. Important to remember that. Should be a fun, challenging, old-school adventure.



RestlessPoon said:

I was severely disappointed at first. But then, when I thought about it and re-watched the trailer, I started getting really excited. Sure, a new IP would have been awesome, but DKCR was an awesome game, and this one looks even better. I'm excited for it.



FJOJR said:

Retro Studios should work on a licensed sports game after this (NBA/MLB/NHL) for Wii U and 3DS. One so good that it only needs downloadable roster/logo/gameplay updates every year rather than buying an entire new game that isn't really new.



Melkaticox said:

"developed by Retro Studios"

...Ooooh noo...




Zausimo said:

@Steamboat_Willie The David Wise news is icing on the cake for me. I was interested in what I saw with the trailer, but now hearing that makes me that much more excited. DKC and DKC2 had stellar soundtracks, though DKCR was just good, but not great (and had very few original pieces).

IMO, excellent music is very crucial in making a title a classic, which has been lacking in some recent Nintendo releases.



BXXL said:


Well, my point was clear and simple: too many games look the same from one console to another, and even from handheld to home console, so i feel saturated with some franchises, and the 2d platformer genre in particular...

Don't get me wrong, i've enjoyed Rayman Origins and DKCR on my Wii, really 1st class games in that style... it's just that these still feel very fresh in my memory, and i want to play other games, and enjoy NEW things, not only with a "new" in the title, if you know what i mean...

Specifically, i want more action/adventure games, more strategy games and more rpg's, i want to explore new worlds, to discover new gameplay ideas, etc, etc... for me, the Metroid Prime trilogy is one of the best creation in videogame history, especially with the wiimote controls, so a new 3D Metroid would have been perfect...

But i'm not whining, it's just that (imho, of course) Nintendo plays it too safe, in a time where i'd like them to be adventurous and creative: bring a new inventive IP like they did with Pikmin many years ago, reimagine old franchises in the way Prime did for Metroid, or Galaxy did for the past 3D Marios... or come back to some old favorites, like Mario RPG (i dream of a sequel made with Level 5, by example)... or something unique, graphically and story-wise, like Okami was in its days... or Little King's Story, not that long ago... or Skies of Arcadia, many moons ago... or Shadow of the Colossus... well, you get the idea: something big, something new, something unique, but something to keep the faith...

Right now, with the exception of X and Bayonetta 2, the line-up of the Wii U leaves me cold... maybe the style of games i want will be more easily found on PS4, but for me, the "average" western games or japanese games often lack the fun, the gameplay ideas and the overall quality that Nintendo brings on the table when at its best... so i wish for the best of the "two worlds", if you like...

That's why i still expect many great things from Nintendo, but then, maybe i expect too much, or maybe my tastes are not enough mainstream and are not synonyms with "automatic very, very big profits"...

But one thing's for sure: i'm tired of buying nearly the same line-up with each new Nintendo console... and i play on Nintendo consoles since the Game & Watch, so, really, don't get me wrong: i have some good reasons...



gefflt said:

Dixie Kong? Water and Snow levels? David Wise as the composer?
I get a "best game ever" vibe coming!

Now please let Squawks be a playable animal buddy (and bring back others, like Enguarde, Squitter, Clapper -always loved him, don't know why-, etc.). Oh, and remixes of the awesome music from DKC2 would be AWESOME!

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