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SEGA Still Committed To Wii U Despite Aliens: Colonial Marines Cancellation

Posted by Andy Green

Has some "fantastic" titles in the works

Yesterday we reported that SEGA had made the decision to cancel the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Other versions of the game didn't fare too well with reviewers so it's likely SEGA didn't see much value in spending any more money on it.

However, the company appears to be committed to Wii U projects despite the cancellation and has since released the following statement to Game Informer:

We are constantly looking at all areas of our business and in this case have made the decision to not continue development of the Wii U version [of Aliens: Colonial Marines].

Rest assured that we have some fantastic developments for Wii U in the pipeline which we will announce at a later date.

The promise of more projects is always welcome and we're looking forward to seeing what SEGA has in store for Wii U in the future.

What would you like to see SEGA bring to Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.


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Nintenjoe64 said:

I think there are too many to mention but:
House of the Dead Overkill - sequel
F-Zero UX
Panzer Dragoon
Shenmue Trilogy
Sega Rally - VC Arcade



19Robb92 said:

A new F-Zero by SEGA would be fantastic.

One of their titles will obviously be some weird Sonic game like the Black Knight or Secret Rings. But if it's as good as Colors I won't mind.



dizzy_boy said:

sega definitely need to go back to making arcade games, that's were their best work shines.



sonicfan1373 said:


I do not think we will see a third entry in the storybook Sonic series (games like Secret Rings or Black Knight) because the Black Knight did not sell well enough and it received very poor review, also Sega delisted both Sonic and the Secret Rings and Black Knight in 2010 before the release of Sonic Colors and Sonic 4.

I personally think that Sonic Team will develop a new mainstream 3D Sonic game (like Colors and Generations) and release it on a mix of current gen and next-gen systems (including Wii U).




CONDUIT 3, please, please, please

And also
madworld 2
sonic colours 2
the house of the dead 4 (eshop)
virtua fighter 5 or hopefully 6



luminalace said:

Sega have always been good supporters of Nintendo consoles. As for what I would like to see...HD ports of DC games like Shenmue and Daytona. Yes I know it's wishful thinking!



GiftedGimp said:

@Nintenjoe64 Shemnue, Panzer Dragoon... Now they would be a must buy... I still have a dreamcast for Shemnue.. which just occaionally I go back to from time to time.



bizcuthammer said:

New games in these series:
Nights into Dreams
Phantasy Star

Virtual Console or new eshop games for:
ToeJam and Earl



GiftedGimp said:

Sega are were at least working on a new Phantasy Star MMO, last I heard of it was going to consoles and pc, and possibly be F2P.
But last time I heard about that must of been 2 years ago... so who knows.



Tysamu said:

Give me a great overall sonic game that isn't a remake of an already released title and I'll be pleased



TwilightV said:

Said it a million times, and i'll say it a million more: Hey Sega! I want my Space Channel 5!

Shenmue and anything new would be nice too.



valcoholic said:

@Nintenjoe64 As F-Zero GX and Viewtifu Joe are like the only Virtual Console Cube titles I'm looking forward to get, a new F-Zero Game resulting from an other Nintendo/Sega-cooperation would be .... oh my god, I guess there haven't been invented words to describe that awesomeness. FZero GX still is one of the best videogames of all time to me.



QuickSilver88 said:

Wow....Sega has so many good licenses that they could revisit and do right...

How about Skies of Arcadia which was an awesome RPG.....Shenmue, VF, Crazy Taxi, Daytona, Phantasy star, Panzer Dragoon, Sonic, HOD, and how about those great fishing games using a Wiimote.

Alos people remeber F-Zero was deved by Sega but is Nintendo's IP....Still would loveto see it on Wii-U.



Chomposaur said:

house of the dead 4
a new shining force game
shenmue 1, 2 in HD on eShop
oh and Sonic adventure 3



Trikeboy said:

@luminalace Well, they haven't always been good supporters of Nintendo. Brush up on your 80's and 90s gaming. However, since they went software only, yes, they have been very good supporters of Nintendo.



JtotheY said:

@sonic-doom I would LOVE a Conduit 3, and F-Zero of this age, with the Wii U's capabilities, those 2 would definitely be terrific additions to Wii U's game library.



RandomNerds said:

I don't see how the Wii U missing out on shovelware is a bad thing. Get over it, this is not "another sign".



kenshinrurouni said:

What should SEGA bring to Wii U?
How about:
Streets of Rage 4
new Shinobi game
new Ecco the Dolphin game
new Vectorman game
and a GOOD Sonic game



misswliu81 said:

new shining force
new skies of arcadia
new sonic as good as or better than colors
valkyria chronicles 4
virtua fighter 5 final showdown or VF6
jet set radio
new panzer dragoon
new streets of rage
new space channel 5
new fighting vipers
phantasy star online 2
bayonetta 1 for wii U eshop
shenmue 3
border break
hatsune miku
anarchy reigns
yakuza 6



cornishlee said:


Plus new Shinobi and Streets of Rage games (not going to happen, I know).

Alternatively, an all new action IP. Have they actually developed anything worthwhile since the nineties though? That's an honest question.



Dyltheman said:

sega are to give news about the new sonic game soon. i obviously dont care for aliens. but am i the only one who thinks sega should sue gearbox over this. and to makes matters worse, frickin' borderlands isnt even on the wii u! some serious bull going on here. i still look forward to what sega has in store. they say they're strong supporters of the system and sonic is a perfect fit for it.



Geonjaha said:

I'm not worried. We all know that the game was cancelled because of how poorly received it was on other platforms - nothing to do with the Wii U itself.



zPxVHD said:

I think, and all of u guys might think this. But I think that sega have to bring a new conduit (conduit 3) to the wii u. Because I have actually got an idea to help sega get started:

After Mr Ford is visited by the other destroyers at the end of conduit 2, The other destroyers teleport him to their homeworld where the drudge are causing devastating destruction. This could be the prologue for conduit 3.

So the story would be that Mr Ford becomes the destroyer who puts an end to the devastating war on the destroyer's homeworld.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Sonic the Hedgehog 5?! Then a Jet Set Radio pub. or dev. by Sega. Or the Sonic Storybook series in HD? Or Conduit?



SchamMan89 said:

What I want, in this order:
-F-Zero UX (since Amusement Vision isn't around anymore, give it to Sumo Digital)
-Phantasy Star Online 2, which works with the PC and Vita versions.
-A GOOD Super Monkey Ball
-The Genesis Sonics, the Dreamcast Sonics, and Sonic Heroes on VC
-A new Chu Chu Rocket
-Another Sonic Racing game like Transformed (that game is so good!)
-A good 3d Sonic platformer



marck13 said:

F-Zero UX !
with tons of background story and racer upgrades and online gaming and rock tunes and awww BRING IT!



Tender_Cutlet said:

I'd like to see an FZero 3DS game - imagine 30 player local and online multiplayer at 60 frames a second in 3D...

Shenmue III would be a dream - with a rerelease of the first two in a trilogy boxset with #2 having the full English dub only available on the xbox release.]

A series of eshop releases like the Konami Rebirth series from Sega's 8/16bit catalogue - Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Ecco, Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone, Shinobi etc.

Wii U sequels to Shining Force, Jet Set Radio, Dragon Force, Burning Rangers, Head Hunter etc

I could namedrop for some time...



AJWolfTill said:

Judging by the comments here it looks like I have had very little experience with Sega Games. The only one of their properties I'm really invested in are the Total War Games, it would be good to have Bayonetta and Condemned though.



blueeaglewombat said:

SEGA! Give us a new version of Chu Chu Rocket in the eShop, please! or at the very least, release the Dreamcast version! Sega Swirl would be nice too!

#Dreamcast4Life #WiiU #Nintendo #3DS #Sega



andrea987 said:

New titles for Shenmue, Panzer Dragoon, Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5 and Ecco the Dolphin would suffice, thanks Sega.



macker33 said:

teddy boy. sonic adventure battle 3, a new streets of rage and definitely an arcade racer with lots of bling.



strongest_link said:

After the reception this game received on other platforms, what would be the point of releasing it on the Wii U? This isn't a slight against the Wii U, this is SEGA cutting its losses on a terrible game.



FineLerv said:

Madworld 2 with online co-op. I love beat-em-ups, and I loved Mad World. I just want to be able to do all that cool stuff with a buddy.

Also, SEGA's F-Zero was very dear to my heart.



XCWarrior said:

@FineLerv Would love Mad World 2 with online co-op. That game was a blast. The only problem I had with it was that it was too short. Would love more of that game.

But as a whole, Sega does not make fantastic games. they will on occasion make a good game, but it's been a LONG time since they made a fantastic game.

And no one wanted Aliens: Colonial Marines after the review scores came out. It will not be missed.



FineLerv said:

@XCWarrior I think that's a fair assessment of SEGA. But, I will say that Sonic Racing : Transformed is so much better than Mario Kart on so many levels. SEGA and arcade racing just seem to go well together.



GiftedGimp said:

@FineLerv Sonic Racing is the best alternative to Mario Kart, Transforming Vehicles make it different enough to warrant owning both once Mario Kart U lands but agree sega have made some of the best srcade racing games ever made.



Mahe said:

I'd say that cancelling a crap game like Colonial Marines actually shows more commitment than releasing it.



ljb88 said:

@Nintenjoe64 if any kind of shenmue is released for wii u, be it a re-release or a new game, I'll probably have some kind of seizure.



ThreadShadow said:

Shame about Aliens CM. I'm sure with a little more work and the patch the PC version received the Wii U version could turn out to be the best.

The only things I could possibly imagine wanting from SEGA are...

Shenmue 3
Shenmue HD collection (should include "What's Shenmue?" demo) (eShop)
Skies of Arcadia Legends HD+ (eShop)
Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder (arcade game with no console release. eShop with multiplayer intact.)
Crusader of Centy (eShop)
Valkyria Chronicles 4 for Wii U with local co-op campaign, and competitive mode.
Maybe a new game in the "Feel the Magic" series? That was hilarious stuff.

I'm having trouble thinking of anymore SEGA IP that I'd like to see.



jarrell56 said:

I actually want to see a port of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006). I never got to play that one when it was released on PS3 and 360. Felt kind of left out since there was no port of that or Generations for the Wii



Dpullam said:

@Omarsonic9 That idea does sound pretty cool on paper. Hopefully they could actually make the game turn out as good as it sounds.



zPxVHD said:

What my idea? If u think it is then send me an email at so that I can actually discuss with u in paticular if it is a good idea.



zPxVHD said:

I think, and all of u guys might think this. But I think that sega have to bring a new conduit (conduit 3) to the wii u. Because I have actually got an idea to help sega get started:
After Mr Ford is visited by the other destroyers at the end of conduit 2, The other destroyers teleport him to their homeworld where the drudge are causing devastating destruction. This could be the prologue for conduit 3.
So the story would be that Mr Ford becomes the destroyer who puts an end to the devastating war on the destroyer's homeworld.



retro_player_22 said:

That's okay Sega, just give us these exclusively for Wii U and we'll forget all about Aliens: Colonial Marine.

  • A new Vectorman game
  • Shenmue 3
  • Virtua Fighter HD Collection (1-5)
  • A new Streets of Rage
  • Sonic Adventure 3
  • A real Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (not the crappy one on digital download)
  • Conduit 3
  • Madworld 2
  • The Cave 2
  • Golden Axe 4
  • A new Burning Ranger game
  • A new Bug! game
  • A new sequel to Panzer Dragoon Saga would be awesome
  • A sequel to NiGHTS Journey of Dreams
  • Phantasy Star V (a true sequel to the original series, no more PS Online crap)
  • Shining Force IV (let Camelot work on it, just had Nintendo permission)
  • Skies of Arcadia 2
  • Jet Grind Radio Future 2
  • Billy Hatcher 2
  • A new Super Monkey Ball
  • D3 (sequel to D1 & D2)
  • A new ChuChu Rocket
  • A new Ristar game
  • A new Gunstar Heroes game
  • Last Bronx 2
  • Fighting Vipers 3
  • Fighter's Megamix 2
  • A sequel to Astro Boy: Omega Factor
  • A new Stalker RPG
  • A new Oasis RPG
  • A new Shinobi HD
  • A new Evolution sequel
  • A new Comix Zone game
  • A new Eternal Champion fighting game in HD
  • A new Ecco the Dolphin game
  • A new Daytona USA in HD
  • A new Virtua Cop
  • A new House of the Dead 5 or a sequel to Overkill
  • A sequel to Resonance of Fate
  • A new Valkyria Chronicle game
  • A new After Burner in HD would be nice

You got tons of IPs Sega, just make em.



Araknie said:

They said multiple, i expect a SEGA 30 minutes in Nintendo's E3.

Also E3 organizators need to give Nintendo the same amount of time of others, "stop the E3 bullcrap 2013".



DrQuanton said:

That's okay Sega, just give us these exclusively for Wii U and we'll forget all about Aliens: Colonial Marine.
Speed Devils
Any - Virtua Fighter 2-3-4-5

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