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Capcom: Resident Evil Revelations 3DS Sales Could Have Been Better

Posted by Damien McFerran

But game wasn't "a failure"

Resident Evil Revelations launched on the 3DS last year and was granted a positive critical reaction. It also sold well - but apparently not quite as well as Capcom was hoping.

Speaking to Eurogamer about the newly-announced home console port of the game, producer Masachika Kawata commented:

Going by the 3DS market at the time we released the game, it was definitely a success and we're certainly hoping we can repeat that success with the home console version.

Given the large development costs we had on the 3DS version, we would have liked to have even a little more sales than we did in the end. But that doesn't mean we saw it as a failure by any means.

Reading between the lines, we can assume that the 3DS version didn't sell well enough to recoup the cost of development, hence the need for this home console edition to balance the books. Hopefully that doesn't mean that Capcom - and other third party developers - will be dissuaded from creating similar big-budget titles for Nintendo's handheld.

Perhaps it would have sold better if Capcom had checked its spelling before release?


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CrissCross87 said:

Fantastic game. No plans to double dip tho, but if Wii-like controls were added + it was half the price, I would reconsider.



mozie said:

Second only to RE4 as best RE title imho, been looking for an excuse to replay so will gladly double dip on this, particularly multiplayer, online coop would be nice too.



Spoony_Tech said:

Well the user base was almost half the size back then. I think for an M rated game on a Nintendo console it did really well. Let's see how Castlevaina does this go around?!



Oregano said:

... except they say it was a success. It wouldn't be a success if it didn't break even. I don't think the console versions indicate that it did badly either, unless we're also assuming that Capcom's Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate failed on the 3DS?



the_shpydar said:

I am disappointed with more "reading between the lines" being used here in another News article, immediately on the heels of the "Iwata implies he's stepping down" article. :



DarkCoolEdge said:

It is a great game. It's sad it hasn't even gotten close to 1.000.000 copies sold. Where were all those "hardcores" that are always demanding these games that when they're actually released sell poorly?

Let's hope the next non- Mario games sell better, if not, we are screwed.



gavn64 said:

very good game not going to buy it again though i played it for about 60 hours originally no real new reasons to buy it.



gavn64 said:

yeah the iwata story was a joke i hope nintendo life are ashamed of that misstep.



allav866 said:

just picked this up the other day. I don't play horror games too often, let alone shooter games, let alone RE, so I gotta deal with creepy monsters, plus the fact that I'm a total coward, PLUS the fact that I suck at these types of games.
Still enjoying the game, but in small doses.



RunningWolf said:

Must have sold well enough since now it is to be ported to the Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3...



Boo_Buster said:

@DarkCoolEdge Those who go as far as to call themselves "hardcore" gamers are what is known as the "vocal minority". Smaller in numbers but more presence on the internet forums, therefore we hear them more often than those who just play video games for fun without really digging into them like we do. There are a lot more of what some might call "casual" gamers in real life.

I've got two of the latest home consoles and both current handhelds, as well as more games than I can count and I would never call myself a "hardcore" gamer. Labels are for tools! Just be.



Kirk said:

You could probably just throw out another Revelations ad right now and get a new wave of sales, with all the new 3DS owners now out there, and increase that overall sales number by some way. It's what Nintendo does with it's "Evergreen" titles and it seems to work for them. They often continue to sell until the system's dying days using this approach to keep them in the consumer's awareness.



gavn64 said:

yeah your right boo_buster and to take it one step further theres no such thing as hardcore and casual games there are only good and bad games for instance just dance is not a good casual game its just a bad game just like C.O.D is not a good hardcore game its just a bad game these titles are letting some games get away with murder.



idork99 said:

As a 3DS owner, I purchased this game the first day it came out to support both Capcom and Nintendo. I'm sure other 3DS owners did the same as well. I think Capcom and Nintendo were both hoping that the game would be enough to get more RE fans to jump on the 3DS band wagon and purchase both the game and the system. With the exception of Japan, I'm not surprised at the underwhelming feeling Capcom has about the sales. Here in the US, I'm personally tired of the rep 3DS has here (known as a system suited for children only). With many games being offered on smart phones now a days, I feel that consumers don't yearn for a portable gaming system as they feel that their phones will provide all the entertainment in gaming they'll need. This is the reason I carry my 3DS with me everywhere I go: to prove to people the true value of owning a 3DS by having them play it. And everytime I let them play, I just love seeing their big smiles as they have fun playing away on a "children's system."



DarkCoolEdge said:

@Boo_Buster well, I know plenty of people who don't bother to post in forums etc, whose actions are the same as the annoying "hardcore". I know there are a lot of people who don't play these kind of games but there are millions of pure gamers.

Btw, did you notice I hate those self called hardcore?

I'm in a similar position to yours. Gamer with gazillions of games in different platforms and not enough time.

I think I lost focus somewhere along the way, sorry.



Drawdler said:

Silly people. Resident Evil: Revelations sales obviously disappointed because people chose to flock to a much better game at time of release- Resident Evil: Revelaitons! No other game has featured the Professor in a horror genre. It's no wonder that caused sales of- okay, I'll stop now...



McGruber said:

I could have told you the sales weren't great. It's an M game on a Nintendo console...



bezerker99 said:

"Given the large development costs we had on the 3DS version.....[we stil couldn't spell the game's title correctly on the box cover]"

facepalm, i don't want to hear it crapcom.



TwilightV said:

I was going to buy it, then right before it's release Capcom went all stupid on us so I and probably several other people decided we don't want to buy anything from them anymore. Them's the breaks Capcom, sorry.



edhe said:

Rubbish! Capcom were going to port it over whether it was successful or not.



Nintend0ro said:

exclusive games are hardly ever huge success due to being available on specific systems. The more systems are supporting the game, the more buyers. Fact



Morpheel said:

I think it is great to see the game making the jump to the big consoles, It means the 3DS is capable of giving a full blown home console experience.



Mk_II said:

reading between lines is hard. he could also have meant that the profit they made was too small in relation to the investment.



DerpSandwich said:

I really don't know why this hasn't sold more. It's freaking fantastic. The thing is, the title will stay relevant for a long time, so as long as it's available it will sell more as the install base grows (hopefully).



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I blame this on Nintendo's sometimes hypocritical fan base. They say they want new ip's, more mature titles, and better third party support. But when amazing games like No More Heroes, Muramasa, and Sin & Punishment come out, no one buys them. I'm surprised to hear Resident Evil Revelations didn't do better. It's a solid game. In the USA it's only $20 new right now at gamestop. I bought it literally the day after I got my 3DS XL. I suggest anyone here who hasn't picked it up, to do so, and show some love.



Mk_II said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 the fanboys do buy those games but what they dont seem to understand is that their taste in gaming is not shared by the larger general public. A mature 3DS title is never going to achieve the same sales as a Mario game.



gavn64 said:

to twilightV so your making a point by not buying a good game ehhh....okaay



ejamer said:

The price has already been lowered. It was selling for between $10 and $20 new over the holidays. People holding out for price drops have no reasonable excuse.

Frankly, I'm also disappointed by the reception this game received. Resident Evil Revelations is fantastic - easily one of the best games on 3DS by any developer, not to mention the best Resident Evil game since RE4 - and yet both critical and fan reception was tempered at best. Online co-operative play. Solid single-player campaign. Good use of 3DS features (ie: Street Pass and Play Coin integration). What more do gamers want? Who can blame third party developers for approaching 3DS with caution when a game of this quality and caliber doesn't excite the fanbase? It's amazingly frustrating for people who want more good games to be released...

I'm glad to see RE:Revelations coming to consoles, and hopefully for Capcom the game will continue to sell. Any mature gamer looking for a top-notch 3DS title shouldn't hesitate to buy, regardless of what other platforms it might come out on.



6ch6ris6 said:

i loved the demo, but i just didnt have the money to get the full game. other games were more important for me.
i will get it some day though !



ritsuka666 said:

Capcom and yours BS statements...RE games are no more system selllers. deal with it Capcom.



rjejr said:

Does the 3DS have a discount line yet - Greatest Hits or Players Choice or whatever? I think all new systems should start this 1 year after release. Advertising is good, and everybody should celebrate their anniversary or birthday. Though Nintendo might be forced to not have games at their original MSRP for 5 years.

If I put out an M rated game on the 3DS I'ld have VERY LOW sales numbers expectations even if it was the most critically acclaimed game ever made with 10s and 100s and 5 stars across the board. What were they thinking?



Ichiban said:

All handheld games need to drop in price. Enough with charging the same price as console games. Its why I rarely buy handheld titles amy more.



AtomicToaster said:

If big budget games like this are tough to recoup losses on 3ds I can't imagine the Vita situation! I suppose you can argue there's more of an audience on Vita, (or will be in the future or whatever) but with Vita you're talking about making a "next-gen" game specifically for a handheld! I suppose we'll be seeing a lot of crossovers on that platform too in the future!



TwilightV said:

gavn64: No, i'm making a point by refusing to buy anything from a company that's repeatedly treated it's own fanbase like predictable sheep.



DaemonSword said:

If they look at the ratio of customers who actually owned a 3DS at the time, vs how many of those people purchased the game, they really should be happy, not upset (or even more happy they didn't make it for exclusive for the Vita). I will def buy it (would prefer download, but cart is okay) once my promotion pay kicks in.



brandonbwii said:

People assume that a game must not have sold well when an exclusive goes multiplatform. In fact, I believe it's the opposite.

An example is THQ's de Blob. It was a success on Wii so what happened, the sequel was multiplatform. Try saying the same for that same publisher's Deadly Creatures. If anyone actually remembers that.



luminalace said:


I agree with you. While most people on NL wouldn't count, the average Nintendo user seems to buy Nintendo's games and skip on 3rd party titles even the good ones.



Frozenx07 said:

This game is the reason I bought a 3DS! No other game on the 3DS matches the graphics! I hope this doesn't stop developers from making console-level game for the 3DS!



tigermask said:

Personally, I thought this was a bit flat. But I haven't enjoyed any Resident Evil game past 4.



ajcismo said:

I bought it and enjoyed it. Even got the misspelled box. A Wii U version would have to be properly priced and available for download from day one.



Shotgunryugan said:

Kinda disappointing to hear it didn't sell well.
I bought it last month,it was $20 new and it has been one of my most played 3DS game in a long time,though "Raid Mode" isn't really the best thing out there(still prefer Mercenaries).

My only complaints will have to be that the glitches were rather annoying(What's the point of the rifle if you're in a long distance and the game doesn't register the hits?),the elevators disguised as loading screen really bothered me,since the frame rate drops tremendously,the characters survived impossible odds(even for a videogame) and finally none of the story elements in the game matter right now,because nothing here was present during RE6 >.>

Regardless i recommend this game to all 3DS owners,now if only Capcom could go back to it's roots and give us a true "Survival Horror"



Dragmedown said:

Pretty sure capcom is rebooting RE back to the 'horror' roots.

Either way, they forgot RE is not CoD.



asusanto said:

I will definitely buy this game on PSN as I don't have it yet. Judging the price of $50 as the new game is way too much expensive. I guess I will wait until it hits $30 as it is a fair price for me.



sinalefa said:

I got the game day 1 (mostly for the misspelled cover) but I haven't played it yet. Last Capcom game I have bought since they actually seem to put some effort on it.

Still not getting it again, specially when Capcom is dumb and/or greedy enough to actually charge a higher price than the original release for a now 1 year old game with barely new features.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It's a great game that truly shows what the 3DS can do if used right. Would be sad if we don't see more original stuff like this on Ninty consoles.



SensationalSean said:

I got the 3DS version on release and I'll pick the console version straight away as well. Gonna recommend that my non-3DS owning friends pick it up too, this game deserves plenty of exposure!

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