Update: A Capcom spokesperson has acknowledged the error in a statement to Eurogamer:

It has come to our attention that there was a misspelling on the Resident Evil: Revelations packaging. We apologise for the mistake, which will be corrected for subsequent productions of the game. We are working on a solution to provide affected customers with the correct packaging. Please visit Capcom-Unity for updates.

Original story:

Resident Evil Revelations may have already arrived in Japan and Europe, but the North American release is still on the horizon. As a result various gaming journalists have just started to receive advance copies of the title, and have noticed a rather surprising mistake.

As reported by many writers on Twitter, the title on the side of the box reads 'Resident Evil Revelaitons'; a rather shoddy typo.

With the title due in North American stores in less than two weeks, we're yet to hear from Capcom whether this issue will affect the retail copies, and if so whether they'll be reprinted. As you can see from our Resident Evil Revelations review it's an excellent entry in the series, so let's hope that gamers don't judge the game by its cover.

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