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Wed 12th Dec 2012

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RunningWolf commented on Nintendo Announces Metallic Red 3DS, Cobalt Bl...:

Title should read: "Nintendo Announces Metallic Red 3DS. Cobalt Blue And Misty Pink To Be Phased Out."

Putting the comma in the title makes it appear to the reader that all 3 colors are going to be phased out. By placing a period instead of a comma you separate the two.



RunningWolf commented on Latest Figures Show The Video Game Market Is C...:

Microsoft and Sony better price their new consoles accordingly. If they price their new consoles above and beyond what the average consumer can afford, they will be in the same boat as Nintendo. However, if the prices of the new consoles offered by Microsoft and Sony are substantially more expensive than the Wii U, then Nintendo may have the upper hand with the more less expensive console.