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Feature: Pokémon X & Y - What We Know So Far

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Let's summarise

Earlier this week, through an aptly titled Pokémon Direct, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata brought the news that Pokémon fans had been waiting for; a new generation main-series entry on the system. Pokémon X & Y will — like its predecessors — be released in two separate flavours, but with the developers choosing letters as opposed to colours this time around.

There was a glut of news and speculation in the immediate aftermath of the announcement, some of which we covered and some that we didn't; with the initial burst of press releases and hype over, let's summarise what we know — and think we know — so far about the new entry that'll have 'mon gracing our 3DS systems in 2013.

To start with, Nintendo and developer Game Freak have been working to ensure that Satoru Iwata was able to announce a worldwide launch this October. While we're used to Japan getting these titles first while the West waits for localisation, this time around we can all expect to receive the game at the same time, or at the current worst-case scenario within the same month.

That's welcome news, and the Nintendo Direct broadcast stated that we should expect the various capabilities of the 3DS to be put to work. Considering the fact that the history of the series incorporates plenty of trading and online activity, both within the game and via web portal services, we should anticipate that the Wi-Fi, StreetPass and SpotPass functions on 3DS should all make an appearance. Add to that the comments from J.C. Smith, the director of consumer marketing for the Pokémon company international, on why the series is kept portable — "Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you."

That focus looks set to involve some new ideas, with The Pokémon Company's president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, saying the following about a concept described as "Real Play":

People around the world will be able to simultaneously experience 'Real Play'. The game uses an innovative communication system that makes it feel as if you are playing with other players around the world.

The use of wording as if suggests that the online activity and communication may happen when you're not in game, but suggests that other players may drop into your game world. We believe the suggestion from Eurogamer that this will be a system similar to that used for the plaza in Nintendo Land seems likely. It could breath new life and immediacy into trading and communication mechanics.

So, what about the actual Pokémon? Pictured above are the three new starters. Bear in mind these descriptions are based on appearance guesswork — the cheeky chipmunk with the green fur is grass-type Chespin, the mini-fox creature with orange fur in the ears is fire-type Fennekin, while the wise-looking frog creature is water-type Froakie. Community opinion on these is certainly varied, but hopefully they will grow on those who are less keen.

Two wonderful Legendary creatures have also been unveiled, pictured below.

This appears to be our Y legendary creature, phonetic spelling ee-VELL-tawl.

More than likely our X legendary mascot, less obvious in appearance to its letter but, nevertheless, the antlers follow the logo's pattern — phonetic spelling ZURR-nee-us.

Meanwhile, according to ONM, the following old Pokémon are slated for a return.


Comments from Japanese sources state, meanwhile, that at least 50 new 'mon are expected to appear in the game.

The most drastic change, appropriately with a switch to more powerful hardware, is the new title's shift to 3D environments. The footage at the end of this article gives a good idea of some of the graphical touches and locations, as well as more diverse and fluid character movements, while the trailer strongly suggests that an urban region inspired by Paris is on the cards — footage of an Eiffel Tower-type structure suggests that.

3D is of course being utilised for a dynamic battle camera, which is shown in some flashy excerpts in the reveal trailer, while it's been emphasised that "the more you battle together, the stronger you'll become", so dual battles and perhaps more are sure to be included. The brief footage also shows a forest-type area, what looks like a fire temple and also a desert expanse with ominous domes in the distance.

Then we have the trainers themselves. Footage of the male trainer staring at a mirror has prompted speculation of character customisation, but that's pure guesswork at this stage. We have seen both male and female protagonists, however, and J.C. Smith has confirmed that, at the very least, you'll have a choice of gender.

So that's a summary of the early news and some of the speculation around Pokémon X & Y; you can watch the full Nintendo Direct broadcast or just the 90 second trailer below. If you feel we've missed anything obvious let us know in the comments section below, as we'll update this article over the next few days to be as extensive as possible. In the meantime, wild speculation is also welcome.

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Crystalking18 said:

The first time in a long while that I'm actually looking forward to a pokemon game. This should be very interesting.



Auracle said:

The mini-deer creature with orange fur in the ears is fire-type Fennekin.

Uh, isn't Fennekin really more of a fox than a deer?



KeeperBvK said:

Fennekin is most definitely supposed to be a fox. Just consider the name, clearly derived from the fennec fox.



Ickaser said:

According to Bulbapedia, Fennekin is based on the Fennec fox- that makes a lot more sense to me than a deer.

Edit: ninja'd.



ThomasBW84 said:

@True_Hero "Bear in mind these descriptions only match how we see them" - funny looking fox...

EDIT - If it's meant to be a fox — comments flying in as I typed the original message — I'll change the article for you all, jeez



Boo_Buster said:

Honestly though Tom, it is clearly a fox . No need to be ashamed that you saw it a little differently than it was meant to be seen haha. "funny looking fox"... funny looking frog, funny looking chipmunk... That is basically Pokemon animals for you lol



Pikachupwnage said:

I feel this will be a true evolution of the series. It sounds like communication/online is going to take a big step forward, that they might be adding to or changing battle mechanics some and there's the move to 3D etc.

Streetpass has big potential for pokemon as well.

And the pokemon designs are amazing.



Intrepid said:

Probably insignificant, but the new region for this game also numbers routes starting at 1. The route the boy is running down at the beginning is route 3.



ThreeD33 said:

this will definitely breath new life into the pokemon series and I cannot wait to what else they have planned



AyeHaley said:

Customization seems obvious as you can see the male trainer occasionally wearing sunglasses!



allav866 said:

The game will probably be sold on the eShop, and I bet the digital copy will allow you to connect to whatever PokéMon DS cartridge is in the system and use the PokéMon from that game.



Yosher said:

No idea which version I'm gonna buy. I'll definetely get one of these at launch though!



Bassman_Q said:

^ I plan on getting Y version as well. I've always ended up buying the hot/red version of pokemon games (ie Pearl & Heartgold). Plus, it'll go well with my red 3DS. :3

As someone else said, I never thought I'd be so hyped for a Pokemon game! But man this looks like it'll be epic!



vegeta044 said:

its a fennec fox thomas...and I am getting both of these games GameStop just started taking pre-orders for these games today..I already have mine



WoottWinds said:

I have something I've been wondering, with the new perspective shift, will there be no Pokémon following you while running around? I don't think I see any in the trailer. Granted it has been since Pearl since I've played a new Pokémon game, but hasn't that been a feature since? It's a little thing, but something I really enjoyed.



ljinkakidd said:

I can't wait for this. I just knew they'd shift to full 3D this time. If you could have 2-player via wireless connection, that'd make me buy 2 copies! I've always been lonely in past pokemon games after I've done it all. Playing with somebody around the world wound be absolutely fantastic.



SirQuincealot said:

so theres definitly gonna be a pokemon z right, because if its just x, and y, it would just be 2 demensions correct?



RotYN7 said:

Really Excited for this, Me and my brothers all playing it at the same time. gunna be awesome.



WoottWinds said:

@Prof_Clayton Aww that's disappointing to hear, thanks though for letting me know! It makes sense with the 3D shift since they'd all have to be different sizes, and it isn't too "realistic" to have a Gyarados following you everywhere, but I wonder why they took it out in the others... Guess I'm behind on my Pokémon news!



Gridatttack said:

I just hope the remakes of ruby and sapphire wont use this 3d style map. The old one seems better....



Windy said:

I've never played a Pokemon game. This might just be my first. If it has online co-op its definately a buy for me. My guess will be online trading and head to head only.



Intrepid said:

@skjia Yeah, I noticed. Bummer, but this is their first main series 3D game. Hopefully in the future we'll get to move in any direction.



sinalefa said:

I was so stoked the day they announced these! I am liking Fennekin and Yveltal so far, but I will wait to see more exclusives before deciding on a version.

Guess October will give me enough time to beat White 2 (about to fight Skyla) but that as usual I won't be able to make any further progress in HeartGold. I also hope these will be compatible with the DS Pokémon games for trading.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Never thought of Froakie looking wise, but come to think of it those circles on its face look like old lady glasses if you know what I mean.

Picking versions is going to be hard this time around, leaning towards Y version but that may change after they reveal more. Though I usually end up liking the second version better.

@Alphalchimoru Technically they already do have multiplayer, but I see your point. Why does everything need to have online co-op and stuff even when its not really needed? I understand for people that don't know other people with/getting the game (been there) but pokemon isn't really made for that, its made for per-to-per sorta interaction and is more fun that way anyway.



SanderEvers said:

How do you want online co-op anyway? You use your Pokémon and the other player calls it's attacks? Or what? If you want online head-to-head battles, then that's in the game.

And using streetpass you'll be able to "meet" other players in game. So that's cool as well.



Emendo12 said:

I cannot WAIT until these games come out!
Who else can't help but feel uber hyped for these amazing games to come out?!



NintyMan said:

I haven't anticipated a new Pokémon in a very long time. I'll have to play an older installment in the series again.

This will add new life into the series while still being familiar, which is a good mix in my book.



hYdeks said:

I like that it's in 3D, but otherwise it kinda looks ugly for a 3DS game, and very very pixally OO



EpicBlaze said:

The Pokemon X legendary looks really cool "Yveltel" is going to be great!! I also like how the game is being released around the same month so i'm not tempted to watch spoilers in Youtube!!



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@hydeks I don't know if anyone has told you this, but every 3DS game looks pixally unless it's on the 3DS screen itself.
Also, if you downscale the video to the size of a 3DS/XL screen, it looks a lot better. What you're seeing is an upscaled version, thus the pixels look horrible.



3Daniel said:

i am hoping for character customization, even if limited, due to the thought of playing an entire game with those stupid sunglasses over the hat.

@alphalchimoru you beat me to it! ign went on record to mention that the videos and images circulating the web are stretched.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@3Daniel It seems like we get character customization, I think we may also get skates, which is awesome because I have a Heely obsession.
If you look closely, you'll see that the female character's hair changes a bit in the video.



Contrary said:

In the trailer, you can see a castle place with a statue of Golurk, Palpitoad, and a knight all standing together.



Gorlokk said:

OK, seriously, what is Chespin? I've heard chipmunk, gopher, hedgehog, porcupine, and squirrel. I think I'm leaning more towards a gopher personally. Either way, I was getting Froakie in the end (although I really like all 3 starters this time around).



gekslupis said:

Whether the customization is small things like sunglasses and hair or full on clothing changes I hope there is some kind of trainer customization.



lightbringer said:

This announcement was out of left field for me, I thought we'd get R/S remakes before introducing the 6th generation of games.



AceTrainerAndy said:

I was really hoping for a giant Wii-U Pokemon game, but I guess this is cool. I hope there is no grid for movement I want free form movement.



Doge said:

everybodies just gon g to get it for its new and improved graphics



FJOJR said:

Wish they'd just let us use our Miis as our trainer and let the story change depending on the age of the player. Meaning 3 story arcs, one for a kid, a teen, and an adult.



HaastMK7 said:

I will get this game If there is a plaza like "Nintendo Land"
I will also get this game because of the improved visuals. Apart from that there is not other reason why I am getting it.




At first glance, this is by far the weakest looking starters ever, chespin is a remodeled oshawott, froakie just seems uninspired and fennekin (the coolest by far) is a fusion of zorua and vulpix; the best ones in my opinion are the kanto and sinnoh ones, they just express originality, these ones just fell flat for a first inside look. I guess I'm gonna wait to see the evolutions to fully judge them.



allav866 said:

@PatHawks I wouldn't worry too much about that. Nintendo's been quite good with releasing their games on launch day since NSMB2, and have even been releasing first-party games from before then. I won't be surprised if every single game they make in the future is released in stores and on the eShop on the same day, and I even expect they might even release the digital copy early in some cases, since Paper Mario:Sticker Star came out at midnight before its launch day.



Gamesake said:

I know if the critics don't give this game a 9 or a 10 they better prepare for trouble... and make it double.



LordJumpMad said:

Grass type isn't a Reptile.
Fire type doesn't follow the Chinese Zodiac.
Water type is awsome looking.
I'm ok with this.



Kirababy35 said:

I really hope this has full wireless play like the others with the trading and some older pokemons would be nice to . Always been a fan of pokemon.



Marakuto said:

What I wonder is how shiny Pokemon will look like when encountered now. They might do some special jump when they appear or something else idk...



TheRegginator said:

You guys do know that the game doesn't actually use 3D polygons. It's just the cell-shaded style of the art that makes it appear that way. Lazy Game Freak.



Drawdler said:

Check out the CoroCoro scans.
Xerneas is standing above the logo for Pokémon X while Yveltal is hovering above the logo for Pokémon Y.
Anyway, look at their awesome art too!



CeilingCat said:

This is awesome, for the first time I have been really excited about Pokemon since the original black and white was announced back in June 2010! I can't wait to buy it! But I'm not sure if I'm going to preorder it or just buy it on the day.... My starter will obviously be Fennikin! What will everybody else pick? And what game will you start with? I'm gonna go with Y because I don't really like Xurean, he looks too much like staggler.



gundam00 said:

I think Xerneas looks cool. And I like Chespin.

However, I kinda want to wait for Pokemon Z before getting either of these. Do you think Z will be much different? What's the waiting period between XY release and Z release?



catcher82611 said:

So far, it's looking like this may be the first time I pick a grass starter. I'm not decided yet though. I have more reason to push through White 2 now!



Edwinn1027 said:

the reason im almost certain about the legendaries and which games they will be in is because of this: As we all probably know, the bird on named Yveltal is shaped like a "Y." And Xerneas because as im sure fewer of us has noticed is because in the trailer when it shows a close up of him, in his eyes there is the shape of an "X." It's a little difficult to see but it is there. Please state this in your next artice:) and thanks



DreadnighT115 said:

Has anyone here besides me noticed that there is no way to, as the television series exclaims, 'catch em all', since Nintendo just keeps making new games and new pokemon to go with them? Iv been into pokemon since the original gold and silver, and I have not one pokemon game that has full completion theres so many pokemon (not to mention the original 151 pokemon were impossible enough in firered...)

I think the black and white versions might be the end of the line for this trainer, since the versions are getting ridiculous enough to model their legendaries after letters...
unown was ok, but full on legendaries? Weak.

After what happened with diamond, pearl, and platinum, i wouldnt be surprised if there was a Z version released after these...

Anyway, if i were to even consider getting one of these, i guess id get X version, because id prefer its mascot over Y's mascot. Id also prefer the fire-type fox as a starter, since its the only decent looking one of the three starters.

I wonder what Team will be in this game... (theres been rocket, magma, aqua, plasma...) maybe this one will be Alpha or something, since we're dealing with letters now...



BadKitty said:

The trainers look a bit babyfied,
however the water starter is cute u_u
all thats left to say is



DaveGX said:

Somehow, I don't really trust the kidea of RealPlay being any fun at all if all they're going to do is drop friends or people met online into your game world. Why not just allow SpotPass tunctionality maybe attempt to connect to a limited number of people in the area of the game you're in, real-time per say, that way you really can communicate with them and battle at least? (whereas trading would obviously be done at a PokéCenter) Other than that, yet again disappointed with no cosole version which by now with Wii U could easily benefit people the same way it does handhelds, maybe offer more or better overall experience.



Kosmo said:

I just hope this episode will bring the changes Pokémon needs so badly. While playing Black 2, I couldn't help but think: "I did that before. 5 times. Yes, I know how to catch a Pokémon, don't show me! Dammit, stop blocking the road until I get the city's badge, I want to go and train there!"

Pokémon is déjà-vu from beginning to finish. If it wants to stay afloat, it really needs to get fresh ideas. The GameCube episodes, XD and Colosseum, weren't great, but they certainly are a start.

And plus, seriously, the 3DS can do better than that graphically! GameFreak, use the UbiArt engine and give us good looking sprites for once!



ThatNickBloke said:

I've always been a sucker for Grass type starters, and Chespin has not disappointed me at all, I seriously cannot wait for the full Pokemon listing for this release, I have had no qualms with any Pokemon created prior to this release, nope, not even Bidoof.

I think it's time I considered buying a 3DS... Can't keep holding on to my old handhelds for hope of a new Pokemon release for DS, although why would I? B/W2 was excellent, so bring on the next gen, 700 Pokemon is never too many



PatHawks said:

@allav866 I'm with you; it makes sense for Nintendo to release on the eShop at the same time as retail.

For all the people hoping for R/S/E remakes, is that really what you want?
It seems like FireRed/LeafGreen & SoulSilver/HeartGold were re-released because (at least at the time), those games included Pokémon that couldn't be captured any other way, and Pokémon from Gen I & II could not be imported into Gen III.
Now, if you own a Pokémon game from each generation, it is easy to migrate your dudes from Gen III to B/W/B2/W2. No remakes necessary.



CeilingCat said:

Why would anyone want the water starter? Has anyone seen the evolved forms? His first evolved form looks like an old man and his final evolution looks like an old hag!



KyogreMew said:

probably going to get this! all the starters are great cant decide which i like most...



Bane said:

I am already getting Y but I just cannot decide which pokemon to start out with, they all look awesome



MrPuzzlez said:

For some reason, the first thing that comes to mind when I see X and Y are chromosomes... As if the game is divided by gender or something...



Skeet102 said:

Game: Pokemon X
Legendary: Xerneas
Starter: Froakie Nickname: Froggy



LeviathanScythe said:

I'm somewhat excited about this one... It's a shame GenV is coming to an end, but it wasn't that good to begin with...



BertTheBluBerry said:

Super excited for this, I have had my 3DS over a year now and I've never had more anticipation for a game. That artwork for the two Legendaries above is awesome. Glad to be getting an honest pokemon game for my 3ds. I dont care much how my character spite looks, as long as the battle scenes/character detail for pokemon are good, I'll pick it up on launch day.



alancz said:

I'll get both versions. Starters will be Fennekin and Froakie. Chespin looks like a chipmunk cosplaying as a grass type. Like he's wearing a green a stocking cap.
When I'm playing with two versions, I start with one going to the next town, then with the second I play until I go to the next town beyond where my first one stopped. I then "leapfrog" the second, so that I stop at the next town beyond where I stopped the other.
How do you play two Pokemon versions at once?



pokefreakTrnT said:

In hate when people complain about the storyline of pokemon any mature player does it for the battling and mechanics of the game there are so many numbers and stats involved with every move and it seems like nobody ever talks about it. Loneliness awesome because its never ending the storyline is just an excuse tobset up the battling aspect of it for online



TheNewbietoWiiU said:

I would Gone for good, will stay in line at the EBGames In Vaughan mills and eat A&W's Chicken until I get the game

(Pun intended) I wouldn't do that, I would instead just run up @ vaughan mills' opening time.



BetweenTheTrees said:

Stoked for these games. but there had better be more than 50 new pokemon. and they better not suck like the last gen. very few good pokemon. still some. but not many



RetroGamer383 said:

Black and White: Ehh... It was ok
B/W 2: Better than #1
I was disappointed by thees two ^^^ I got out of the Pokemon Habit from these.

I Really hope X and Y surpass B and W

Idea: They need to make a setting so that You can choose if you need the TUTORIALS or not.



Javsent said:

And so everybody is saying that X and Y (and Z) are following Diamond Pearl and Platinum base... i think the Z legendary will be possible to catch in each version Y and X... due to Giratina was in a cave after you finished diamond or pearl...



Missile157 said:

At 0:48 of the second video, fennekin seems to use some sort of psychic move. This suggests to me that it will be fire/psychic



CharizardTamer said:

I wish they would make the game where you could explore each region after you finish a region you can start encountering pokemon from another region collecting badges and becoming the champion of all 6 regions. That would be awesome.



kinatarai said:

In the beginning I was like man this game is not for me, now I'm like dude totally going to get this game. I'm getting Y and my starter is going to be Froakie, because I like water types. But it's totally cool because of all the new ideas there putting into this game. Mega form, pokemon amie, jumping gogoat, different skin color, hair type and 3D game play during battle. Sounds like good money spending to me. Lol

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