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Fri 4th Jan 2013

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DreadnighT115 commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Drawing to the West, For Fr...:

For so long, I have lived without hatena after my dsi's charge port got messed up, and now Nintendo FINALY brings up the one thing I got my 3ds for...then they hit me with online fees...

All this time, I have hollowed out to nothing but a to animate no more without flipnote...

Nintendo has never done anything so cruel to me until this...

Sure, I wasnt exactly popular at any point in time back on Hatena, but it was an experience that changed how I create art permanently.

Its undenieable that wherever there is uncopylocked things, there will be flipnote thieves, and where theres a report button, theres gonna be false reporters to go with it

One thing is for sure, though.
I have been practicing drawing my ocs ever since my link to Hatena died, and I am prepared to take on the world with my new characters...




DreadnighT115 commented on Feature: Pokémon X & Y - What We Know So Far:

Has anyone here besides me noticed that there is no way to, as the television series exclaims, 'catch em all', since Nintendo just keeps making new games and new pokemon to go with them? Iv been into pokemon since the original gold and silver, and I have not one pokemon game that has full completion theres so many pokemon (not to mention the original 151 pokemon were impossible enough in firered...)

I think the black and white versions might be the end of the line for this trainer, since the versions are getting ridiculous enough to model their legendaries after letters...
unown was ok, but full on legendaries? Weak.

After what happened with diamond, pearl, and platinum, i wouldnt be surprised if there was a Z version released after these...

Anyway, if i were to even consider getting one of these, i guess id get X version, because id prefer its mascot over Y's mascot. Id also prefer the fire-type fox as a starter, since its the only decent looking one of the three starters.

I wonder what Team will be in this game... (theres been rocket, magma, aqua, plasma...) maybe this one will be Alpha or something, since we're dealing with letters now...



DreadnighT115 commented on Flipnote Memo Coming to 3DS eShop:

Is there a memo? I mean, seriously, I lost Hatena back in November 2011 because my recharge port on the 3ds got messed up, and the only way to fix it was to send it to Nintendo by mail (i think the warranty on my dsi was expired anyway), and I got my 3ds (which im using to write this) the following Christmas just to continue the flipnote legacy, and what did I find? NO MEMO! After that nasty revelation, I decided to get inchworm as a 'temporary' replacement for flipnote, but the onion skin function on it makes it more of a burden to animate than it makes it easier. Basicly, i might as well have gotten that art studio thing instead of inchworm. Its been so long since iv made a flipnote that i think iv come down with something i call fdc, or flipnote deprivation complex, where symptoms can include a massive feeling of loss, regret over misposted flipnotes, tendencies to draw on any nearby paper at anytime, and other symptoms. (anyone else feel these symptoms?) I loved the first Flipnote, but i dont think i can wait another year for memo to come out (if it even does), but i guess i have no choice but to wait...

Those of you who want to see my final flipnotes, you can look me up on Hatena as Horrorwolf (id: wx7) (dont judge my username, it was a halloween username, and i wasnt exactly focused on changing it with my dsi's battery slowly dieing...)

Common, Nintendo, youv never failed me, so dont start now!