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Legend of Zelda worshipper.

Male, 21, United States

I am an expert in the field of Legend of Zelda and Megaman X history and knowledge. Admittedly, the Legend of Zelda is my favorite series, but due to the massive amount of lore and knowledge in the universe, I might still be missing a few things, though I have Megaman X down to a T.

Sun 13th Jan 2013

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X-Conor-X commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

God, I hope this flops. Wii U will be superior to the Xbox one, but, sadly, not to the PS4. Why is Nintendo always a step behind in graphics and power? One step ahead in innovation, but it means nothing if no one wants to buy a system that belongs with the last Gens. Thankfully, this time around, we have a slight advantage due to Microsoft's mistakes. Trololololol.



X-Conor-X commented on Review: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (3DS e...:

As much flac as this game gets, I'd give it a 9. It doesn't hold your hand, it doesn't spoon feed you. You don't know where to go most of the time, which makes for a true Adventure game. I'll totally pic this up, it was great, and although few people see how, it was also innovative.



X-Conor-X commented on This Trio Of New Games Proves That The NES Is ...:

@Omega Negative, much? They're better than anything you could make, so until you produce a few NES games that are better than what these people have done, don't hate. They're paying homage to an old system in the best way possible: Keeping it alive. What have you done? Exactly. Don't hate.



X-Conor-X commented on Nintendo Announces 890,000 Wii U Sales in U.S....:

This is bad for nintendo. Think about what happens when the Wii U must drop in price. They'll most likely have to take out the Wii U game pad and replace it with a classic controller pro, as the game pad was said to be about 160 of the cost. If they're already losing money on each console at such a high price, the future looks very grim. Although, instead of putting extra space in each one, give the hard drive just enough capacity for future updates and operating system requirements, and used a cloud based storage tied to an account.



X-Conor-X commented on Talking Point: Pokémon X & Y Provide a Timely...:

Pokemon Y all the way. The deer-like legendary look utterly ridiculous. Also, am I the only one who heard the name "Screecharine" on a pokemon spoof episode of Johnny test, and thought it was a shame that name wasn't a real pokemon's name It would fit in perfectly. >3>