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Short n Sweet huh? How about a hug!

Male, 21, United States

I own an Xbox as well as my 3DS. I mostly play RPG games, and various other games. Always looking for some good co-op buddies to join up with. Anyone can feel free to message me if they want. I'm always up for a new friend ;3

Sat 19th Jan 2013

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BertTheBluBerry commented on Atlus Lifts The Lid On Shin Megami Tensei: Dev...:

I love the fact Atlus will give a soundtrack CD with their games, I bought Code of Princess and got the Artbook/Soundtrack CD which is awesome. I would get this game just to show support for Atlus. Then you tell me it is an RPG game? Never played any of the Shin Megami Tensei games, but I've got to start somewhere!



BertTheBluBerry commented on Feature: Pokémon X & Y - What We Know So Far:

Super excited for this, I have had my 3DS over a year now and I've never had more anticipation for a game. That artwork for the two Legendaries above is awesome. Glad to be getting an honest pokemon game for my 3ds. I dont care much how my character spite looks, as long as the battle scenes/character detail for pokemon are good, I'll pick it up on launch day.



BertTheBluBerry commented on Code of Princess:

Just got this game. I know I'm a little late on it, but I was sceptical about getting it. Also had a hard time trying to find it in my local stores. I ended up buying it off Amazon, which wasn't so bad because I got the pre-order bonus. It's included an art-book which doubled as a CD case for the soundtrack CD that also came with. I am overall pleased with my 40$ purchase so far.