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Operation Friidom Petitions Nintendo For Greater Control Over Network ID Accounts

Posted by Damien McFerran

You'll never take our Friidom

As we've previously reported, Nintendo Network IDs are tied to a single Wii U console - for the time being, at least. Nintendo has stated that in the future that this will change, but that clearly can't come soon enough for American Nintendo fan Curtis Bonds, who has established a petition to speed things up a little.

Dubbed "Operation Friidom", Bonds' petition has a simple goal: unlocking Nintendo Network ID accounts so they can be used on other Wii U systems and consoles such as the 3DS:

Having our accounts locked to a single system is a completely broken and outdated way of controlling games that your customers have legally purchased. Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Steam, Origin, iOS, and even Android don't even have these restrictions, so I do not see why we cannot login to and access our accounts from another Wii U console, and even our 3DS.

Bonds certainly has a point - it's frustrating that Nintendo hasn't caught up with the times and introduced multi-platform user accounts yet. It's also rather worrying that all of your purchases are locked into a single machine, and if that machine becomes broken or is stolen, you've effectively lost everything. However, it remains to be seen if this petition will have any effect on making the company move faster in its efforts to introduce a more robust system.

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Azooooz said:

I don't know if this is good or bad. Besides, Nintendo said that users will be able to use their existing NN ID on other Wii U console in the future, but some people are not patient these days, are they?



grenworthshero said:

Provided Nintendo actually said that and stick to their word...chill out. It'll happen eventually. How many WiiUs are you planning on buying for yourself in the meantime?



Spooky said:

I really don't see what all the fuss is about. Firstly this will change in the future and secondly if your console breaks you have a warranty and if you return to Nintendo for repairs or replacement your account is transferred to another console anyway! Oh yeah and if you have any sense at all you should have home contents insurance if the console is stolen.



JustAnotherUser said:

They certainly have a point but do we REALLY need an operation for this?
I mean, they already said users will be able to use your NNID on other Wii U systems in the future.
Just wait. "Gamers" don't seem to have any patients now days.
And when they do make the change, they'll claim it was all thanks to them..



Lobster said:

I doubt this petition will do anything but I wonder how soon the NN on 3DS will launch. I hope soon. Maybe it will make things easier if (when) I get a bigger SD card for Christmas.



Chrono_Cross said:


It's like fan service directed completely towards me!



mattdane3 said:

"t's also rather worrying that all of your purchases are locked into a single machine, and if that machine becomes broken or is stolen, you've effectively lost everything. "
Oh god, this again? NO. If you send your machine to Nintendo, they will transfer your account.



Linkstrikesback said:

It's still that you have to send your machine to Nintendo. You could easily do it from your own home and save yourself postage charges and a significant amount of time if they would just get up to date with the rest of the world.

Besides that, if your machine is stolen, how are you supposed to send it to nintendo?



XCWarrior said:

"They may take our money, but they will never take... our FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDOM!"

This is annoying, but not the end of the world. Hopefully Nintendo fixes this, but I want the TV thing first.



erv said:

I hope they fix it soon, as well as account connected save data. WiiU gone? Different continent? Log in with your account, continue with your saves.




Araknie said:

Nintendo already said that they couldn't make this feature in launch, so probably they are just making sure that they are making a safe system.

I'm getting also a Wi-Fi modem in these weeks so i really hope that's a promise for the future.



seronja said:

there should be a petition to go on any mature content in europe at any time we want!!! i can't wait till 23:00 at night because there is a thing that is called "sleep" if nintendo never heard about it than that's just sad... and who would even allow a child to go on eshop, just use the parental control and that's it end of story!



Haxonberik said:

This early on, the only reason I can give to urgently accept a NNID in more than one Wii U is to share their downloads with friends. Security could also be counted but with warranty and all I think its a dull reasoning.



rjejr said:

Before petitioning Nintendo to match those other systems by way of portable IDs, how about petitioning them to get their multiplayer games online? See NSMBU and NL. Really, if they can't even make games that are already multiplayer playable online, does anybody really think you'll be able to go over to a friends house and log into your account on their Wii U?

Easier solution to the problem - change the name from "Nintendo Network ID" to "Wii U ID". Problem solved.



CurtDogg said:

Regarding them "promising this already": they haven't. All they promised was doing it for future consoles, not the current ones. They've expressed mo plans to ever trust us with the keys to login to our own accounts on other systems.

Reason why i started this was to send a message to Nintendo that they can't afford to get away with.stuff like this anymore. Sure it may not matter to some of you, but it's still in inconvenient, annoying, and unnecessary restriction that no other company has, nowadays. Just because the system just launched is no excuse for them to not uphold to today's standards.



theconejo said:

Signed. If I lose my 3ds, which is a bigger concern than my wiiU getting stolen or broken, this will help me get my purchases back on that also. The apathy towards this company is a little rediculous. Even though I love Nintendo and have had numerous consoles, this account accessibility has become the norm, the standard, and not implementing it is a big error on their end. Stating that it will be available sometime in the future is not really acceptable.

Sorry for being blunt, replied from phone.



Wonder_Ideal said:

@3Dash - ii sii whAt U +ii+ theRe.
Anyways, Ninty said that playing your account on other systems would come, so I'm going to wait.



SheldonRandoms said:

They should make this for 3DS because I have so many things on it, and losing it all.......I don't want to think about it.



ultraraichu said:

It would of made more sense if started this at least 6 months in the Wii U's life instead of almost 5 weeks (1-2 weeks for most other places). Nintendo said they will connect Nintendo Network with other devices in the future (likely unlock Wii U accounts), just be patient at least.

Grown-men just love to play Whack-a-Mole with everything these days.



Yosher said:

The only thing that really, REALLY ticks me off is the fact that you can't download a game you bought on one system on another system. That's a huge reason why I choose retail over download (aside from the fact that I simply like retail more). Don't really care about anything else regarding this personally.



Nntndo_1986 said:

If a Network ID was something new than maybe being patient would make sense, but again it's not. They said they would eventually do it, what makes no sense is why eventually??
I bought 2 wii U's. One for my bedroom and a family one. So have been playing NintendoLand, New Super Mario U and Sega racing with family, great at this point patience is fine with me, these games (read saves) are not something I need but I also have Darksiders and ACIII which I started playing in my bedroom with another ID. Guess what that bricked trying to use Miiverse a week and a half ago, take another guess as to when I get my wii u back??
Darksiders was a digital DL, wouldn't it be great if I could redownload to family room so I could have played and still play today? ACIII I have retail but why make start all over again?

Yes patience is a virtue, I'm not some video game freak that has nothing else to do. I play on basketball league and have practice with other people, go to work, come home help kids with homework and all that jazz, but while I have been able to catch up on shows (Hulu/Netflix) it would have been nice to have my profile with saves move with me.

I am lucky to have a great job that affords me to have 2 wii U's but it's next to pointless when as stated above I really don't...

I'm not angry @ Nintendo so much as disappointed, they tend to look their way and that's great, miiverse (when it doesn't brick you wii lol), gamepad, great 1st party games, but but but, it just boggles the mind sometimes with other basics that they don't implement. Will they? SOme speculate yes, some no, tomorrow next week a month from now, never??
You know everyday I talk to people about my experience so far with Wii U, there's the great, then there's the "Well how do use Xbox, Steam, or whatever service you use now?" question and you know what many actually use it to play in different locations and different rooms, and I have to tell them then I wouldn't do it right now, that's a sale loss decision right there, for some....



WesCash said:

I agree 100% with the guy, but Nintendo has indicated that they will fix this eventually. So I'm not sure how much a petition will help. Hopefully that isn't too far away because I'm not buying a WiiU until they get their act together.



AVahne said:

I don't see a reason for this operation. It's not like the others, where Nintendo has said they WON'T be doing something, or would rather not say anything about it ever (years and years til the death of the console). Nintendo has actually said they'll fix Nintendo Network ID eventually to be usable on other devices just like every other company has been doing for years. So these people are REALLY, TRULY impatient.



Rapadash6 said:

This petition is not needed. Nintendo has already said a future firmware update will unlock NNIDs. Why can noone remember this? It's frustrating that we can't now, sure, but it only means Nintendo is still working on its Network Infastructure. Excusable considering how new this is to the company. Cut them some slack. If they haven't fixed it by this time next year, yeah, then we should all be up in arms.



BrightShadows31 said:

Wow. People aare maad about something that will happen, but not yet? While it is troublesome to send your console to the big N, how hard is it to just, say, unplug your console and bring it to a friends house? You can even set up ur wireless to work at your friends house. And, rreminder, THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY.



DerpSandwich said:

It's really amazing how much I don't care about accessing my ID on other systems. It will be cool when they implement it, but for the most part I don't understand everyone's love of system-hopping. I've only ever seen people do it to use each others' games, so I can see why Nintendo would be hesitant to do it.



NESguy94 said:

I don't think some of you understand. Nintendo has promised to implement this feature in the future on future consoles. The Wii and 3DS are not covered right now and it is possible that the Wii U isn't either.



CurtDogg said:

Hey everyone telling me about this supposed update that will unlock our NNIDs: Can you give me a source? Cause I follow various game news sites, and haven't heard or seen one report that indicated this.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Nintendo only said they'd do this for future consoles, but that doesn't automatically mean they'll do it for Wii U. I do recall them saying that 3DS would be updated to have accounts, but they never said if they're completely separate either.

I don't know if a petition will do much good but it won't do any harm either, it might at least show Nintendo this isn't just some minor thing to their fans. my problem is with Nintendo's approach on this, they're being so secretive about something thats considered a basic feature now a days. I can understand their hesitation but its such a common thing that obviously the pros out weight the cons otherwise you wouldn't see so many companies do it.




My concern is whether Nintendo ID's will be transferrable akin to that of Xbox LIVE. I'm weary of the way they worded it in their site of having it transferrable to "future Nintendo consoles." If this kind of portable ID isn't implemented, It'll be harder to play the games with friends or people in a dormitory setting. This will especially give themselves a bad image with other people who take this setup importantly.



brooks83 said:

I've been out of the loop for a few days, when did Nintendo say they would unlock Nintendo IDs?



WaxxyOne said:

I challenge anyone complaining about Nintendo's current model to come up with an alternative that solves this problem:

I have an XBox 360 and two children who play games on it. I am not made of money and do not want to purchase Live. I have had it in the past and have purchased some downloadable games for it on my account. Now, my kids have their own accounts and they want to play the games with them. They can't. Even if I got Live for them, they wouldn't be able to play online without logging into my profile. That's broken and stupid. I know there is a more expensive family package out there now that might solve the problem, but given that Live costs money to play online in any form, I want no part of that.

While the Microsoft system doesn't lock your profile to one system, it does lock your purchases to one profile. Nintendo has opted to go with a model that says, if the content is on the system everyone can play it regardless of which profile they want to use. I like this better, even if it means I can't take the games with me to another console. (Turns out I can pick up the console and take it somewhere else anyway)

I would love for Nintendo to open it up to where I could play my games on another console, but if doing so would mean that a single person could buy a game and then go around installing it on an unlimited number of consoles where an unlimited number of users had access to play it... well, you see the problem.




@WaxxyOne The purchases are tied to both your console of choice and your LIVE profile if I remember correctly. Your situation sounds like you had replaced an old console. If that's the case, you have to have the licenses transferred to the new one.



theconejo said:

@WaxxyOne A system built with an administrative account, which is the consoles base account, then sub profiles. This admin serves the purpose of changing settings, setting up profiles, and purchases are tied to. Nothing crazy there....The profiles are allowed access to certain features and to accumulate stats or achievements or whatever else. This is a short example that doesn't go into it too deep, but it would be doable, since it's much like computer profiles.
As for taking your games to other consoles doesn't the ps3 system only allow downloaded games to be played by the purchasing account, an account that can only be signed in on one console at a time?

I think that Nintendo is dropping the ball because they couldn't have started this nintendo network just now. They must have been working on it for quite some time and they decided to do it their own way which is fine but not at the inconvenience of the customers. I don't like buying digital products when there aren't steps in place to access said content if my product fails, is damaged, or is stolen. I haven't purchased much of anything digitally on my 3ds because if I lose it, I'm out of luck.

And lastly To those that won't sign because the console/network has only been out for x days and that they are relying on Nintendo to fix it in their schedule, I hope you don't apply the same mentality to other life choices.

Again typed on phone, sorry for not proofing to well.



TingLz said:

You bought the Wii U and agreed to their standards and rules. Get over it or sell it



Zombie_Barioth said:

@LZBirdboi Except that their standards and rules are dictating when and how your allowed to access YOUR purchases, and on their schedule not yours.

Have a spare console in another room? Too bad. What if by some off chance Nintendo can't recover your stuff? Your screwed. Its as if you never owned it, no matter how much proof you have.

Also wasn't the console tied account announced either on or after the Wii U's launch day, meaning there are many people who likely didn't know before hand. This is something that could easily impact someone's decision to purchase one.



brooks83 said:

I don't believe Nintendo ever officially announced anything. I think it was just kind of assumed because they were ditching friend codes. But feel free to show me a link if I'm wrong.



NGamerZero said:

I don't really see this as a big problem right now. Hopefully they will do something about it sooner or later.



Stratostar said:

Liberate us, Nintendo. If I were to lose my 3DS along with all my downloaded games right now, I'd be depressed for months.



bonham2 said:

Wow, a whole 185 signatures...only 49,815 to go. Wake me up when it reaches 5 figures.

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