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Fri 14th Dec 2012

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mattdane3 commented on Smash Bros. Melee Needs Your Help To Make It T...:

@SpaceKappa Well, I can sorta understand what you mean, but consider this: the game would get more visibility anyway if it makes it to EVO. The option to turn on or off items is there simply because everyone is free to do as pleased. So even if they play were to play without items there (I have no idea though), you can still play with them with your friends.. I donated $20 anyway, it all goes into a good cause it seems.



mattdane3 commented on Operation Friidom Petitions Nintendo For Great...:

"t's also rather worrying that all of your purchases are locked into a single machine, and if that machine becomes broken or is stolen, you've effectively lost everything. "
Oh god, this again? NO. If you send your machine to Nintendo, they will transfer your account.