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Satoru Iwata Provides the Ultimate Wii U Unboxing

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shaky YouTube videos, begone!

Whenever new consoles hit the market, we see a glut of shaky-cam unboxing videos on YouTube, which we may watch out of sheer curiosity. In a surprising sequence in today's Nintendo Direct, however, Satoru Iwata provided his own video, albeit with much higher production values, which he called the Wii U Premium Pack Unboxing Ceremony.

It started with wonderfully grandiose music, and Iwata went on to unbox the premium black system, giving us a glance of the various stands and chargers as well as the good old console and GamePad. The Nintendo boss was charmingly excited by the whole thing, donned Mario-style white gloves and quipped about feeling like he was on a shopping channel. If you want to see a Wii U unboxing for the Japanese system, then the translated video below is essential viewing.

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snax007 said:

Why the hell does the pad requre a seperate non-standard charger?

Who not charge over USB?



BenAV said:

@snax007 From what I've heard, the GamePad uses the same charger as the DSi/3DS... Sounds good to me.



gingerbeardman said:

@snax007 charging over low powered USB would probably take much longer than a dedicated charger, and would most likely not allow you to play as you charge.



Dazza said:

I love the little bow he does before getting started. You just don't get this level of politeness with teenage bedroom bloggers!



mystman12 said:

I didn't see a Wii remote, but more importantly, I didn't see a sensor bar. What happens when someone buys the Wii U and doesn't already have a sensor bar? Will they just have to buy one?



snax007 said:

@mystman12 The sensor bar is included in the premium pack in Europe. Don't know about USA. The sensor bar can be purchased separately.

EDIT: ...and since the sensor bar is not really a sensor (just two IR leds), it's also compatible with unofficial 3rd party bars.



cfgk24 said:

@Dazza I get really upset if he doesn't do a bow in his presentations (it's much better than his 'wave'

Steve Jobs never did that. . . . . btw



zeldazero said:

I am also wondering about the sensor bar but more importantly the part about Dragon Quest registration disc Is it a Dragon Quest X demo, that would be sweet!!



Ren said:

In Japan it doesn't come with a Sensor bar in the US it will, don't know about EU. Smart move, everyone already has one and there isn't as massive of a resale market there, specially for the aging Wii.
Small gripe: as home devices get more compact a design cheat is to have a massive AC brick externally, here it's both for the controller and console. The Console one is HUGE. I'll have to paint it to look like a fruit cake or a make it into a chair. The 3ds charger has no brick, so if this fits the same maybe it's for a faster charge?
Anyone see the Newest model MAC mini? It has a small ac cord: NO BRICK. I don't know how they did it, I've seen the inside and it's not there either, no room. I just wish some other new computer devices could follow that design somehow. The back of the TV area is piled with cable and hot. Not a deal breaker but can be annoying space wise. It's like buying an "ultra-thin" LCD with a big fat stand and no wall mount. Space saving DESIGN only.



-Crystalline- said:

@Dazza True. One of the many aspects I simply adore about Japanese culture and way of life. The massive ammount of politeness and etiquette.



hub187 said:

cant wait. just 10 more days for the US. already pre ordered and payed off the deluxe Wii.U.... and pre ordered super mario U, ZombiU, and black ops 2



LavaTwilight said:

You damn yankees are so lucky! We have to wait an extra 13days here in the UK! 13 days!!! How unlucky is that?! But we get the ZombiU pack so I love Iwata, he's so funny... "Just like being on a shopping channel"



OorWullie said:

I really need to find out when its released here in Thailand,I've just been assuming it will be the same as Japan.If it is and its pre orders are sold out,being Thailand I'll just slip someone a tenner and make sure I get 1.I may feel a little guilty at the time but once I'm home and having my own unboxing ceremony,I'll soon get over it



ajcismo said:

Love the 2 bows before opening it. Gotta love Iwata's sense of humor and casual nature too. Good stuff, can't wait to open the box myself in 11 short days.



rjejr said:

That was hilarious.

Note - it reads at the end of the video: Sensor bar in EU, for those who keep asking.

I like the 2 stands, as unnecessary as the 2nd one seems. Gamepad really needs digital clock and photo frame apps.

It does seem weird to have that huge brick for the Gamepad charger, those little USB wall adapters are so tiny. I have 1 for my Flip and 1 for my Tab 2, though the Tab does have an annoying propitiatory connector.

I already feel sorry for the parents of ungrateful brats on Christmas morning who get the white version, and not just b/c of the color.



Nintenzo said:

Nintendo is the best game company ever. You don't see Jack Tretton doing an unboxing of the PS4 or Bill Gates unboxing the Xbox 720!



Rect_Pola said:

He said the non charger stand was for while you are playing. Which might be handy for working the touchpad, assuming you have flat surface handy, of course.
Or, (pure speculation) if you're messing with a different controller, the Gamepad could be set on the side and still give you information as second screen.



19Robb92 said:

I loved this segment. Such a nice surprise, I actually started smiling when I understood he was going to unbox the system, haha.

Thumbs up for Iwata.



kyuubikid213 said:

So...awesome. I already thought Iwata was one of the most amazing men alive, but now... HE'S AT THE TOP.



Emaan said:

Iwata is so funny to watch, love him. Can't wait until I can open up my very own Wii U. 11 days to go!



sinalefa said:

So we have "Iwata Unboxes" in addition to "Iwata Asks"?

Cool stuff. I just had to bow at my screen in return to Iwata's bows. Then I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard.



Pj1 said:

Great video, I liked it. I thought the other day how much I was looking forward to unboxing video. Hay the wii-u ac adapter looks the same as the wii one? I could be wrong though, I hope I'm not...



DarkNinja9 said:

wow i like how respectful he is

of course when some of us open our wii u it might be different since we would have nintendo land or zombie u and sensor bar there



gundam00 said:

Aww he was so gentle with the unpacking. I claw and tear and use my teeth, much like a rabid raccoon.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@OorWullie (#30): Yeah, it's good they also include one without a cable. But it sounded like you won't be able to play using the charging stand. I wouldn't like that.



Dauntless said:

I'm not a Nintendo fanboy. I'm not buying a WiiU on launch. But that video was awesome. Iwata was awesome. This guy has class, and knows how to gracefully joke. What a big difference from NOA. Reggie addresses his audience like their apple users that'll buy anything with the brand stamped on. Iwata actually respects his audience and I respect him for it, unlike Reggie.



Sun said:

I can't wait to watch the video after these comments, but I think I am going to wait until the Nintendo Direct is released in Europe, if it is...



Henmii said:

So you CAN put your Wii u upright after all, but the clips you need only come with the premium edition! I found the Wii standard more stylish and robust, but it's better then nothing.

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