Are you sick of hearing people saying that Nintendo should start making games for smartphones? Yes? Well prepare yourself for more nausea, because a new pressure group - with the snappy title of Nintendo Go Mobile - has been created to achieve just that goal.

Here's what they have to say, spelling errors and all:

Nintendo go mobile's purpose is to gain attention to the fact that Nintendo going mobile (iOS/other) would be a great option. (We are not stating Nintendo should stop producing home game systems. We are only referring to handheld devices Nintendo 3DS etc.).

We all know Nintendo is a dedicated handheld video game producer, but in light of the past 5 to 6 years’ events, there is no way they can keep up with mobile phones rapid graphical and speed enhancements. Nintendo releases a new handheld system (not counting different versions of the same system) every 5 or so years (like the jump from the Nintendo DS to the Nintendo 3DS). Mobile phone companies are increasing the abilities of their hardware at least every year.

Our main focus is to get Nintendo as well as others to realize Nintendo in the handheld gaming space is declining business-wise, like it or not. We just want them to grab on to a life savor (even if it’s one they don’t like) before it is too late.

They've even mocked up a special controller which bolts onto your existing handset to offer gaming controls - a bit like the already-available iControlPad, in fact:

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This topic has been raging for quite some time now, and Nintendo Go Mobile's argument conveniently ignores the fact that Nintendo still makes a massive amount of money from hardware. By developing for rival platforms, the company would effectively be throwing in the towel as a console manufacturer - which, when you consider that Nintendo effectively makes a profit on almost every hardware unit sold, would be commercial suicide. People buy Nintendo systems to play Nintendo games; third-party publishing would remove that unique selling point.

The group's main site is unavailable at present, but they've created a Facebook page to hammer their point home. Feel free to leave your own thoughts there, as well as posting your opinion in the comments section below.