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Pressure Group Makes Fresh Calls For Nintendo To Embrace Mobile Phones

Posted by Damien McFerran

Upwardly mobile?

Are you sick of hearing people saying that Nintendo should start making games for smartphones? Yes? Well prepare yourself for more nausea, because a new pressure group - with the snappy title of Nintendo Go Mobile - has been created to achieve just that goal.

Here's what they have to say, spelling errors and all:

Nintendo go mobile's purpose is to gain attention to the fact that Nintendo going mobile (iOS/other) would be a great option. (We are not stating Nintendo should stop producing home game systems. We are only referring to handheld devices Nintendo 3DS etc.).

We all know Nintendo is a dedicated handheld video game producer, but in light of the past 5 to 6 years’ events, there is no way they can keep up with mobile phones rapid graphical and speed enhancements. Nintendo releases a new handheld system (not counting different versions of the same system) every 5 or so years (like the jump from the Nintendo DS to the Nintendo 3DS). Mobile phone companies are increasing the abilities of their hardware at least every year.

Our main focus is to get Nintendo as well as others to realize Nintendo in the handheld gaming space is declining business-wise, like it or not. We just want them to grab on to a life savor (even if it’s one they don’t like) before it is too late.

They've even mocked up a special controller which bolts onto your existing handset to offer gaming controls - a bit like the already-available iControlPad, in fact:

This topic has been raging for quite some time now, and Nintendo Go Mobile's argument conveniently ignores the fact that Nintendo still makes a massive amount of money from hardware. By developing for rival platforms, the company would effectively be throwing in the towel as a console manufacturer - which, when you consider that Nintendo effectively makes a profit on almost every hardware unit sold, would be commercial suicide. People buy Nintendo systems to play Nintendo games; third-party publishing would remove that unique selling point.

The group's main site is unavailable at present, but they've created a Facebook page to hammer their point home. Feel free to leave your own thoughts there, as well as posting your opinion in the comments section below.

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antdickens said:

Obviously don't understand why/how Nintendo has become so popular, I don't think we'll see anything like this for a long time.



LavaTwilight said:

NO! No no no! Wrong! I agree with Damien's closing points... Nintendo are not only a company who led the world into the console market we know today (their first game-unique consoles coming out in the 70s and the NES in the 80s) but they make their own games too! Sega couldn't compete but Nintendo can! They not only make their own games but also some of the biggest selling franchises of all time!
The only possible way I see Nintendo making their way into the mobile phone market is to release their own unique 'smart' phone. That would be interesting and I bet it'll be at least half the price of the new iPhone.
Nintendo hasn't 'become' so popular but they always have been! To tell you the honest truth, the people who wrote that article sound like a bunch of school kids who can be no older than 15. That's the impression I get from it. Therefore all they've really known is Xbox and Playstation being 'their' consoles and the Wii being the 'family' console.



Mk_II said:

Nintendo "going mobile" (as if the Gameboy never happened!) is not a winning strategy. I will only dilute brand value, kill off their own hardware and force them to hand over 30% of gross income to Apple Inc.




Jamouse said:

There is a reason why Nintendo is a multi-million dollar corporation while these guys are making Facebook groups.



TysonOfTime said:

As many of the people on the site have said, this guy MUST not know what he's talking about.

Don't give this thought. The man(?) behind this states his reason for wanting Nintendo Games on a phone because be is 'embarassed' to play a DS in public.



Bankai said:

The point of this 'article' is....? Other than to goad a community into mocking a guy that Nintendo was never going to take seriously, I mean?



V8_Ninja said:


"News - A report of recent events."
...From Merriam Webster

From where I stand, this article has done its job quite well.

As For My Opinion: Yeah, I'm in agreement with this article. Despite whatever advantages Nintendo would gain from publishing its titles on mobile platforms, Nintendo would be shooting themselves in the foot and they would be losing control over the platforms they create games for. Being a part-time programmer, I can safely argue that something created from scratch is much easier to manage than something that was developed in large by other individuals/companies.



Luffymcduck said:

Why would I want to buy a new machine every year. I fine with the same techology for over 6 years. I´ve had my current mobile phone for over 7 years. It has two colors, black and white. I´m so hardcore!



GazPlant said:

I think if they took a minute to consider why we buy Nintendo systems over the competition, they'd realise this was a foolish idea



Burning_Spear said:

These people need to get a life beyond their telephone. And the person saying this is someone who spends most of his free hours playing games.



MAB said:

lol I find it rather hilarious when people say Nintendos popularity is waning but they want their games so bad if you can afford a $800 iphone and waste hundreds of dollars on useless apps n games then surely you can get a 3DS as the XL only retails for $200. I doubt the small profit made by delivering such a privilege to the appstore would definitely not justify potential market suicide towards their hardware sales Nintendo is a business not something that can be shared around easily.



Bankai said:

Hardware is a loss-leading business proposition. Even if you make profit per unit, there's still the support and R&D department, logistics and marketing. The money from hardware comes in licensing. This is why Sony, Apple and Microsoft are shifting their focuses from a hardware sell to content and services, as well as partnerships with content providers. That's where there is a margin significant enough to sustain a business. The games consoles themselves are about as profitable as printer hardware these days.

You want to debate this topic? Understand the games business first.



XCWarrior said:

Stupid Facebook group. I made sure to go there and make fun of them. I'm sure my post was deleted. Nintendo is mobile... its called the 3DS, DS, Gameboy, etc.



Aviator said:

Wait. A small team developing for mobile devices means the end of Nintendo consoles?



McHaggis said:

@WhiteKnight all of that is factored into the market price of a console anyway, just like almost every other kind of business. Hardware is only a loss-leading business proposition for manufacturers who subsidise the high cost of hardware to make the console more affordable with the sale of third-party software licenses until the hardware is available.

What this group fails to realise is that Nintendo also makes a significant amount of money from third party licenses, which would all go away if they stopped making hardware. Every game sold for the 3DS makes Nintendo money.
Secondly, this all boils down to another stupid argument about processing power. None of Nintendo's consoles are about that, they're all about the user experience. Most DS and 3DS games would not offer the same experience on a mobile device for patently apparent reasons.

This "pressure group" reeks of butthurt individuals who opted out of the latest handheld hardware in favour of a state of the art touch phone whose games offer a limited experience and almost no replay value. I'd be all in favour of bringing Virtual Console to Android or IOS as that wouldn't alter the experience (except for stupid touch controls), but I think it unlikely that Nintendo would want to share their profits with companies like Apple or Google.



LordJumpMad said:

This group has the right idea, and should be supported!
Doesn't everyone understand that handheld gaming console are not for gaming, but to be use as phones.
Get with the times people.



EvansLegends said:

Nope. I think the mobile gamers will be perfectly fine with Mole Kart, Little Masters and 3D Cartoon Land Safari.

...But I think this ties into why mobile developers keep trying to claim that they have a lead on the 3DS, and why we've been seeing all those rip-offs. Nintendo's making a lot of money, so naturally third parties want in on it.



Chunky_Droid said:


But seriously, the only thing I really would probably welcome on my Android from Nintendo that would make any lick of sense would be a Pokedex (as they removed the one I used to have from the Play Store). As I can't run the 3D Pokedex while playing Pokemon Black/White on the same 3DS.



Damo said:

@WhiteKnight Like it or not, this is news that is interesting to the vast majority of our readers, and many other sites have reported on it, too.



McHaggis said:

@Damo: I think he wasn't referring the entire news posting, but to the penultimate paragraph, in which you expressed your own opinion on the matter. He's still wrong, though.



theblackdragon said:

@McHaggis, @Damo: That's how i read Waltzy's comment as well, though i'm not in the mood to argue with him at the moment, so I won't pass comment on whether or not I think he's correct in his assessment :3



ajcismo said:

Nintendo and Apple will do a joint venture phone/handheld system by the year 2020, I've been saying it for years.



Bankai said:

I like how I said that the money from hardware comes from licensing, and then I was corrected by someone telling me the money from hardware comes from licensing.

And @Damo I realise that this kind of article appeals to a lot of people on a Nintendo fan site, but people who buy The Sun don't buy it because they are not interested in its content, either.

You guys are better than this. You guys are one of the best gaming websites out there. No need to go get all tabloid on us in a grab for the lowest common denominator - IGN'll beat you at that game anyway. The NintendoLife I love is the NintendoLife that is a positive force in the gaming community.



LavaTwilight said:

I sincerely hope that's sarcasm.
This group should be grouped with the sick farmyard animals and their ideas minced into funeral pyres. As for mobile phones, they should be used for making and receiving calls and sending and receiving texts. Anything beyond that, in my opinion is a bonus.



theblackdragon said:

How is CEOJumpMad's oozing sarcasm not blatantly evident? I have a very hard time understanding how anyone can take him at face value when his comments seriously scream exaggeration and hyperbole.



Mahe said:

The 3DS is lacking good games, and it's poorly designed compared to the original DS/DSi. These are the main reasons for its decline, and these can be reversed by concentrating on better games like the DS had, and minor or major hardware alterations that fix problems like the mediocre build quality of the original 3DS models.



Lalivero said:

@Aviator #16 I doubt the main issue is with developing for mobile(though they'd most likely refuse to even do that), but this group is saying that Nintendo should give up in the handheld business(which they still make a killer out of, despite how often some try to ignore it).

On regular topic, as has been mentioned above, it would be interesting to see N come out with it's own smartphone/handheld game hybrid type thing, but it would seem like they'd just be giving in by developing for rival platforms.



shinpichu said:

The home console market will probably die at some point. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. That said, I don't think that we're quite there yet, so I think Nintendo is fine keeping their console business going for now.



McHaggis said:

@WhiteKnight: what I corrected was your overly general statement that hardware is a loss-leading business and your following sentence that implies that the retail price of hardware doesn't take into account the R&D costs, logistics and marketing. My reply stated that this isn't always the case, but when it is then licensing is intended to make up for the loss.

This is the same for hardware in any business. A lot of R&D, logistics, marketing and after sales support goes into making other products, for instance, Televisions. These costs are covered by calculating a small percentage on top of the cost per unit × the number of units to be manufactured and shipped within a particular timescale, manually adjusting for what should be perceived as an acceptable price point to the average consumer (usually based on the brand).

Basically, I was saying that your argument "You want to debate this topic? Understand the games business first." implies that you understand the games business just fine but the statements you made in the previous paragraph contradict that. Whether hardware is profitable before 3rd party software licenses are considered is irrelevant to this topic, anyway.



Bankai said:

While I admit I didn't word it especially well, my own comments are with regards to the prevailing attitude that in isolation the hardware business is worth keeping. It's not. Were it not for licenses and Nintendo's own software, the hardware side of Nintendo's business would be nothing - a tiny, if not bankrupted company. What I was getting at (very badly, reading back on it now, my apologies) is that the overall cost of hardware (including logistics, R & D etc) is typically a loss leading practice, because for most top hardware companies, it's rather unnecessary for the hardware division to turn an overall profit.

The value in hardware is the associated content and services. That's where competitive differentiation comes from, and that's where Nintendo's ability to even earn a worthwhile profit on its consoles comes from. If Nintendo didn't have content and services, all Nintendo could compete with in hardware is price, and as we've seen with the TV industry, commodity competition is not necessarily a healthy one right now. Especially for Japanese corporations that have higher working costs than their Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean counterparts.

The relevance of this to the topic at hand? The assumption that Nintendo's hardware business is crucial to its survival or profitability. It is, but not because of the actual sale of hardware - as some have inferred. The value in the hardware is from the licensing side of things. Even if Nintendo has costed to profit on Wii U hardware overall, it's not necessary in the slightest, and I am a little surprised that Nintendo didn't follow industry trend to loss-lead with the Wii U. I guess they're working on the basis that the third party support is strong and will remain so, even if they don't sell quite as many units as they would have by loss leading.

And I hope that is somewhat clearer. This has been a long day.



Lalivero said:

@shinpichu Well as long as they try to keep the appeal wider and focus on them being big entertainment centers, I don't think we're close at all really, for home consoles anyway.

Maybe handhelds eventually, unless they come up with their own smart device or something.



McHaggis said:

@WhiteKnight, kudos on the rebuttal. Yes, that's a much more appropriate description of your point of view, and even one that I agree with. It's possible Nintendo are making a loss on the Wii U hardware anyway, not much will be known until someone cracks it open and costs up the components; there's a lot of modern tech in it.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

No. I wish people would pay attention to their sales and listen to what people want, which is for Nintendo not to make games for the mobile industry. They just don't get this. Mostly, Apple and Android want Nintendo to listen to them so that they can get even richer, except they don't get that their arguement is a joke. People don't want Mario on the iPhone.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

They even have GAMES planned for this thing? Dude, you can't rule over Nintendo, and you never will. Nintendo doesn't need mobile devices, and mobile devices don't need Nintendo. They're fine.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

And finally, the guy acts as if he looks like a child playing a 3DS. He needs to grow up, I will always play a Nintendo console wherever I want, whenever I want.



retro_player_22 said:

So they are basically forcing Nintendo to go mobile when the handheld market isn't enough. The 3DS is already a hot selling product, why would Nintendo ever go back to one screen when two screens already work for them just fine? These ppl just needs to move on in life, Nintendo is known for their quality products and games, not mobile craps like tablets and OS.



darkgamer001 said:

These groups shouldn't be given the time of day tbh...on the other hand, promoting groups seeking the removal of region lock and localisation of games like Earth Seeker is much more important



Shiromikio said:

There's a slight similarity to Apple in that the hardware and software are one package (iPhone/iOS). The close link between hardware and software drives the gaming experience. Control over the hardware and firmware are important to Nintendo for various reasons, and while it may cost them more to do the hardware, it also gives them a certain liberty to decide what gets included in the device, instead of being at the mercy of another company's hardware and platform. So as others have said, I doubt they will toss that out anytime soon.

Innovation on the hardware enables games to be played in new ways (e.g. stereoscopic 3D, battle systems using dual screens), so the appeal comes from both the software (well-known franchises, other things like eShop and Swapnote) and how that hardware will deliver the experience. From the mockup, this group seems to be saying that attaching a control pad to an iPhone offers the same experience as a Nintendo handheld ... but it doesn't, for one reason previously mentioned.

As an aside, I would like to see more games come to the 3DS, though. People argue that iOS is just full of low-quality games, but there are well-known titles (FF III) as well as some small but cool indie games (e.g. Ramp Champ). Imho this is an area where the eShop especially could step up a bit. DS had a nice library so hopefully there will be more coming for a while yet.



idork99 said:

As the late Steve Jobs said,"If you're passionate about software, you need to make your own hardware." After claiming to never buying a portable gaming system again as all my gaming needs were being met by iOS, I still ended up buying a 3DS. Since my 3DS purchase, I've yet to spend a single dollar on the AppStore. Why!? With the exception of touch based puzzle games a la Bejeweled/PvsZ, gaming on the iOS is visually stunning but tedious to control. Example, try playing Tetris on iOS and try getting the same score that you'd normally get with a button based controller. Simply put, touch + gyroscoping controls alone do not equal great gaming experiences.



AVahne said:

Yet I don't see a decline. Besides, 3DS already has plenty of great games, more than what you would find on appstore in terms of high quality.



Geonjaha said:

@theblackdragon - You say that because you know him. I'd be surprised if you've never seen people on the internet saying things similar to him that were being completely serious - there are a lot of idiots out there.



SteveW said:

That idea is horrible. I think they are just getting tired of the crap that makes up 99% of mobile games. They need to just play games on a real system and not a cell phone!



theblackdragon said:

@Geonjaha: There's also a lot of people out there who get taken for idiots by other people when they're merely intending to get a quick chuckle out of others, or at least to have someone play along with them. Lighten up :/



scrubbyscum999 said:

Why would Nintendo get rid of its business advantage of having its own system with its own franchises and deals? Why would Nintendo blow away the fact they can make stuff on their own system, which they know best? Why would Nintendo through away complete control to make stuff for another company? Need I say more?



Xilef said:

Operation Rainfall was barely enough to get get those games in NA (and as far as we know it had nothing to do to get The Last Story over in NA so that only leves Xenoblade). My point is if a big operation like that probably didn't work this wont.

Besides, this could very well just be a troll attempt.



Neram said:

I think it all boils down to the fact that these mobile "purists" or whatever, just want something good to play on their mobile devices. The reality is however, that mobile games just aren't that good, and these people won't come to terms with that. Nintendo shouldn't have to shoehorn their games onto cell phones, people should just buy a proper gaming platform for the games that they want, that's how it's always worked.



Hokori said:

No, the day Nintendo merges with apple (my second favorite company BTW) is the day I stop gaming



cfgk24 said:

Just give the 3ds Phone functions - Texts and calls and I'll sell my iPhone 5 quite happily



grimbldoo said:

All they have to do is add calling and texting to the 3DS. I wonder though, would they team up with Verizon or AT&T?



Henmii said:

Pressure Group, ever heard of Microsoft and Sony?! Go pressure them!!!



Grodus said:

"...there is no way they can keep up with mobile phones rapid graphical and speed enhancements."
Yes, because everyone knows the iPhones graphics are WAY better than the 3DS's, and that they're faster too.

EDIT: They should do it. Just charge $1,000,000,000,000 per game. It's a great deal. (Whisper: Not really!)



DarkNinja9 said:

not only did i find this kinda insulting but stupid its like saying the 3ds cant have any software upgrades... also why is nintendo the only one being pressured latetly i mean the rip off games and now this?



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Enough with Nintendo going mobile. The damn handheld consoles are already mobile. If you want to talk on your handheld go fish for a Sony Xperia Play or an Nokia N-Gage.



Kamalot said:

I can't take anyone seriously who uses "life savor" instead of "life saver".

When I'm drowning, I don't want to savor life... I want a personal flotation device!



Ryoga said:

Well, now we're on the topic, one of my old dreams as a Nintendo fan is playing a fun Mario game in my cellphone. I imagined something like that when i got my first mobile.
It's not harm for Nintendo to make a spin-off of the Mario franchise, even in 8 bits, and they would make a big profit from fans like me. And I don't see it as Nintendo losing its "prestige", I better think of it as Nintendo taking over new lands. But I'm just a radical dreamer.
Oh, and what a funny Mario phone! Nailed it!



UnseatingKDawg said:

Ppfff... Convenient that they failed to notice that not everyone can upgrade their damn phones every freakin' year. Not to mention that phones are probably more abused than that of a Nintendo handheld, and even so, a Nintendo handheld could take much more punishment than a phone.



Hokori said:

We need systems that need upgrading less, not more frequently, seriously just update the 3DS via Nintendo network every so often for free rather buy the new iPhone infinity and have to buy the next iPhone double infinity S in 6 moths



Megajack said:

I disagree. :-/ Nintendo should not put there games on phones. Unless nintendo makes a phone. I'm all for that.



FriedSquid said:

Haha, whatever I'm just glad that I don't live in a world where that creepy phone/DS hybrid mutant exists.

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