Now that's what we call a smart phone

Andy Payne, chairman of UK Interactive Entertainment — the UK's games industry trade association — is the latest in a long line of industry notables to call on Nintendo to create games for smartphones.

Speaking at Liverpool's Develop conference, Payne spoke in response to an audience statement that platform exclusivity was limiting Sony and Nintendo's success:

I think it would be a massive relief to both Sony and Nintendo to become content-only. Right now, they might not even know it. You know that thing where you take drugs and you think it's the best thing in the world? Then you get off them and go, 'What was I doing?'

Drugs joke aside, Payne went on to say:

Imagine any Mario or Zelda property being on the iPhone or an Android phone. They'd get £10 or £15 for it, because people would want to pay to have it on their phone. They would. And that would be amazing.

It's easy to see Payne's point: Nintendo software is among the best in the world, and offering that to a wider audience could result in increased sales, but with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime saying mobile would go against Nintendo's beliefs it's unlikely we'll see Mario on a phone any time soon.