Plenty of this to spend

It's well known that Nintendo is set to announce losses for this financial year, with its latest projections from earlier this year predicting a loss of 45,000 million Yen. While that may seem like a grim statistic, a feature in UK magazine Nintendo Gamer has sifted through Nintendo's bank accounts and found an extraordinary nest egg, details below.

Buried in reams of financial data is the revelation that Nintendo have 812.8 billion Yen (£6.7/$10.5 billion) in the bank - enough for it to take a 20 billion Yen loss (£163/$257 million) every year until 2052. Then there's almost 469 billion Yen (£3.8/$6.0 billion) held in premises, equipment and investments. When that runs out - we're in the year 2075 by this point - they've got some of the most valuable intellectual property in gaming to sell off before the company goes out of business.

Assuming that the data has been interpreted correctly, and considering the fact that Nintendo's overall loss this year will be the first in its history, that's an impressive bank balance. With 3DS sales showing improvement and Wii U on the horizon, it looks like Nintendo has the assets to push for success.