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Bayonetta 2 Dev: Wii U Exclusivity Isn't a Snub, It's About Reaching a Wider Audience

Posted by Damien McFerran

Platinum Games defend decision to make anticipated sequel Wii U-only

Yesterday's announcement of Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U was arguably one of the biggest talking points of Nintendo's Wii U Preview event. Although the original game was released on the 360 and PS3 - seen by many as systems owned by 'core' gamers - developer Platinum Games has taken the brave choice of supporting Nintendo's next console.

Almost inevitably, the confirmation was followed by some rather irate reactions from fans on social networks such as Twitter. Many felt that the game belongs on a Microsoft or Sony console, rather than on a Nintendo one.

Keen to deal with such a negative reaction, Platinum Games' Tatsuya Minami has issued a statement explaining why the developer has decided that Wii U will be where everyone's favourite bespectacled witch will make her return:

As game developers, we are incredibly excited to be able to announce a new title to all of our fans; however, we are aware that the announcement may have come as a shock to many of you.

As with Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 is under development and production here at Platinum Games, and is a true sequel to the acclaimed first game in the series. Bayonetta is one of our most beloved titles, and it played a large part in establishing Platinum Games as an emerging game studio in the minds of users worldwide. Bayonetta has fans the world over, and we would never dream of alienating them from participating in the future of Platinum Games.

That being said, the console games market is in a state of upheaval, so establishing a new game franchise requires a considerable amount of will, determination, and love. Bayonetta is a brand that we want to see become stronger, reaching the hands of more and more gamers, so we have continued to consult with Sega, the previous game's publisher, on how we can make sure this takes place. Our answer was a new partnership with Nintendo.

Along with their new hardware, Nintendo, as a company, is dedicated to establishing a new future for the games industry, as you can tell by their record of passionate support for gaming. Alongside Nintendo, we hope to grow the Bayonetta brand beyond where it stands today, allowing even more gamers around the world to experience the action of our beloved witch. As developers, we are working hard to make this a reality.


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JustAnotherUser said:

The lashback is sad.
Why would you want to kick a dolphin because of this?
"The WiiU won't have any good games"
announces a good game
"I hate Nintendo, why is it for Wii pooh!"
"This is a betrayal for REAL gamers!"



_Octoling_ said:

Plus it could be a system seller to the "core" gamers. The fake core, ten year olds and teens trying to ignore bloodless and gutless vg, not the players who played al thier life, and really know video games.



Obvious78 said:

Well, good strategy Nintendo! I will be buying this one...but it wont bere out for some time I think. In the meanwhile there areplenty of other "core" games to play on the Wii U!



luminalace said:

I was very surprised about Bayonetta 2 being a Wii exclusive. While I never played the original, I am impressed that Nintendo is willing to publish such a game in the West, same with Ninja Gaiden 3!



Haywired said:

Not that I'm complaining about it, but if the alternative to releasing Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive was to release it on the Wii U, PS3 and 360, won't that mean it will now probably reach a narrower audience, by excluding it from an install base of like 140 million (and within which the franchise's existing fans are)? Again, I'm not complaining (as a Wii only user I never got to play the original and am looking forward to this), but the reasoning to reach a wider audience by putting it on less consoles seems a bit odd.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

I'm glad its coming out on a console period!!!! It was announced awhile ago that Bayonetta 2 had been cancelled coinciding the announcement of her inclusion in PS All-Stars.



Xilef said:

Didn't it look dark for the game to even get released? Seems like Nintendo is the reason we are getting this.



fchinaski said:

My guess is that Sony and Microsoft were not interested enough in the game, otherwise they would have come to Platinum's aid when SEGA jumped off the boat. I'm glad Nintendo took over the franchise, since it's another step towards a larger audience for the Wii U. The following months will be very interesting indeed.



misswliu81 said:

sadly, some of the fans who raged about this game coming on the wii U were under the misguided impression into thinking platinum turned their backs on them and lied. yet SEGA did NOT want to continue to fund this game. it was they who chose not to publish Bayonetta 2. platinum did nothing of the sort whatsoever to some sony, microsoft fans who still are whinging over this.

and then nintendo came in and helped out.

i'm just happy it's coming out because the first game was quality and bayonetta is an interesting character, so it's about time nintendo gamers get to experience a bayonetta game on a nintendo console for the first time.



Ichiban said:

Always happens. The second an awesome looking 3rd party nintendo exclusive is announced, the babies come out for a cry. "why isnt it on PS3/360? Wah wah" sad buggers lol



doctor_doak said:


Yes, they're a Japanese developer, and they've got a good track record of producing quality games.
So, Nintendo are just giving them a better deal than what PS and XBox would..
Hey, i mean....i don't know why they'd be complaining because they want exclusives too. Beaten to the punch..



EvansLegends said:

A bunch of people are clamoring that they need a reason to get the Wii U, then this gets announced for Wii U only, and everybody throws a tantrum (because they got exactly what they wanted), how paradoxical. Man, Nintendo just can't catch a break.



peterpen said:

Its actually a very smart move as they now have the chance to reach a larger audience. The original game only managed to sell a combined 1.88 million units worldwide on PS3/360.
When broken down the figures are as follows:
PS3 USA = 0.39, Europe = 0.31, Japan = 0.21, Rest of world = 0.14,
PS3 Total = 1.05m (1,050,000 units)
360 USA = 0.46, Europe = 0.21, Japan = 0.09, Rest of world = 0.08,
360 Total = 0.83m (830,000 units)
The problem for developers are that the so called hardcore gamers like to know that there are a lot of games on their system, but they don't actually buy a lot of them. How many people who are complaining about this own or owned a brand new copy of the original... exactly!!!



motang said:

The first game is awesome, I have on the PS3, can't wait for the this one.



shonenjump86 said:

Bayonetta 2 coming to Wii U was a big shock. I can understand why this would upset a lot of people. But I really am glad that a sequel is on the way. I want a Wii U now because of this game, not Mario or the Nintendo Land thing. I also gotta admit that I think this game will get overlooked on a Nintendo system. I hope I'm wrong and I hope it sells well.



Haywired said:

As Nintendo owners missed out on the original, it would be cool if they released a deluxe edition or something with the first game included.



Popyman said:

Nintendo saved it from cancellation--I don't know why they aren't making that clear to people. :/



BXXL said:

It's a good move by Nintendo, and REAL fans of that game should enjoy the fact that Nintendo made it possible... otherwise, there would be NO Bayonetta 2 AT ALL, because one or two million copies doesn't seem to be enough for the big guys of the videogames industry lately... and THAT tells you something about the actual state of this industry...

And about the reactions of all the so-called "hardcore gamers", what's new here? Wii and DS were my primary consoles this gen, but i had to buy a PS3 (not that long ago, and at a reasonnable price) to play... Bayonetta, Little Big Planet, Valkyria Chronicles, Journey, Tales of Grace, Uncharted 1+2+3, God of War III, and in a few months, Ni No Kuni...

Now, because THEY have to do the same thing in the opposite way, it would be a shame? That's a very strange kind of double standard, while it's not a big deal, as the same has happened with Mass Effect, by example: the first was on 360 only, the second on PS360, and the third is on Wii U also, so what?

When Sony or Microsoft try to have some exclusives, or create a separate and so-called "hardcore" HD gaming market, it's cool and totally normal, but when Nintendo does the same, it's a shame because it's not released "on a real console, but on a toy"?

WTF? These so-called "hardcore" gamers are the ones who should feel the shame, cos' there are great games on each console, and if you don't want to buy each one of them, then STFU and play on what you've got...

And the lack of consideration they had for the Wii, while titles like the Metroid Prime Trilogy, the two Zelda's and the two Galaxy's bein' some of the most brillantly designed and control-friendly games EVER, just proves these guys haven't got a clue about "hardcore" gaming, and lack any sense of respect to one of the greatest, if not THE greatest company, in videogames history...

All that said, i don't want to buy Wii U at launch, so i won't play Bayonetta 2 till' 2014-2015... but as i did the same for the first one, it's OK: it's good to know it will be there, waiting for me...

But i know, all these spoiled kids and crying babies don't even understand the word "patience": they've got to have everyting immediatly, as if the whole wide world turned around their little consumerist ego... pfffff, and that's the youth of today? It promises great tomorrows...



misswliu81 said:

@BXXL nintendo with the wii U are trying hard to get developers and publishers to put out quality titles on the system. yet for some people, their blind anti-nintendo biasedness is saying 'i'm not buying a wii U to play bayonetta, because nintendo is for kids and they made the wii , which was a kid's console' . that is spite and ignorance.

the attitudes from some gamers today, is just unbelievable to see.



Tasuki said:

Honestly do people believe that this is going to stay an Nintendo exclusive. Now a days it seems that exclusive just means you have to wait six months to a year for the game to come out on another system. Look at like NBA Jam and GoldenEye. They said that those were Wii exclusives and then a few months later they came out on PS3 and the 360.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Tasuki: I'd be very surprised if Nintendo signed on to publish and didn't attach exclusivity to the deal. I very much doubt you'll see this game on another system, though I suppose if Nintendo's contract was only for one game they could always do a "remix" version with another publisher or something...



Chris720 said:

Yeah and the PS3/360 never got any exclusives that never showed on the Wii.. and the Wii games were always of the same quality as the PS3/360 games.

Sarcasm aside, these fanboys moan for the sake of what? Nintendo is publishing the game which means it can only be shown on a Nintendo console in the first place. We put up with the PS3/360 getting all the best 3rd party games while we were kicked to the side, so now it's our turn to kick them to the side.



Tasuki said:

@Sean_Aaron: True but Nintendo is only publishing the game they don't own the rights. Kinda like what you said whoever owns the rights could see that PS3 and Xbox owners now want this game for their system of choice and contract another publisher for those systems. Its not unheard of of companies going with different publishers for different platforms. In the end its all about business and how much money they can make. Look at like Grand Theft Auto III for example.



SuperKMx said:

I don't know what's worse. The fanboys complaining, or the "TRUE HARDCORE" gamers turning up to complain about the fanboys complaining.

Either way, it makes for good reading.

I'm happy that Bayonetta 2 is coming out on any console, as I'm attached to games, not platforms. Platforms are tools that let me access my drug - gameplay.



AVahne said:

Still need to play the original, but I'll be preordering this for sure!



ArcanaXVI said:

Day-one purchase, easy. Well played, Platinum. Well played, Nintendo. If this doesn't sway at least a few "core" gamers, nothing will.



OptometristLime said:

@Xilef "Didn't it look dark for the game to even get released? Seems like Nintendo is the reason we are getting this."

This seems like the most reasonable explanation to me. All those lashing out are really saying, "We don't want this game at all if we can't play it on a non-Nintendo console."



FonistofCruxis said:

Some people really need to grow up. The comments some people have made a ridiculous. I was annoyed when Little King's story 2 was announced for Vita but I didn't say anything as stupid as what the people in the video @DarkKirby linked to. I wonder if any of them realise that this game probably wouldn't exist if Nintendo didn't save it. I'm not sure I'll get this anyway as I'd want to play thew first game in the series before it but I don't own either of the consoles that's on.



Ryno said:

@Tasuki Yeah, I do think it will only be on the Wii U because I bet Nintendo is investing in the development of this game. No way would Nintendo put there name and $ on this one with a chance of it going multi-plat. Where any of your examples published by Nintendo. The original didn't sell well and would not be made without Nintendo.



mamp said:

I'm not gonna lie, Bayonetta 2 being on the Wii U upset me but I did not throw a tantrum like those ridiculous people on Twitter, I was just "aww, I'm not gonna be bale to get it" and I tried not to think about it all day. Just sad cuz I know I'm not gonna be able to buy a Wii U. I don't expect it to sell too well, didn't sell well on 2 consoles I don't expect it to sell better on 1, and most people who buy Nintendo consoles tend to focus on Nintendo games so while some third party games do well most tend to not do as good as they would have on other consoles.



Royspaceghost said:

@gabhriel ¿Qué diablos, cuantos años tienes mocoso? Porquería el tipo de lenguaje que usas en un sitio público, independientemente de lo irrelevante de tu comentario (que no tiene ningún tipo de sentido de ninguna manera), si TÚ estabas dispuesto a financiar Bayonetta 2 de la manera en que lo hizo Nintendo entiendo que "se hayan salido con la suya", de otra manera, lárguese y madure un poco, que me da mucha vergüenza que alguien como tú, "use" el mismo lenguaje que yo, y no te atrevas a decir que también eres mexicano, porque entonces, no me atreveré a defender a mis compatriotas si es que son igual de pend"$% que tú.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@Sean_Aaron I was also thinking that Bayonetta 2 would eventually (and possibly inevitably) be released on the Xbox and PlayStation. But you're right about saying that unless Nintendo signed some type of "timed" exclusivity with Bayonetta 2, it's likely it won't be on another system. Kind of like a lot of sequels/spinoff games that are Nintendo-only although the main series is on other consoles (e.g. Resident Evil).



LittleIrves said:

@DarkKirby Wow. Normally I have no interest in YouTube videos but..... that's a cracker of a funny one, that. The response from PS360 fans is, um, pretty embarrassing, right? It also makes me realize I should play the first one. Gonna do that then.



scrubbyscum999 said:

People just want to see Nintendo fail. They are willing to say and do anything just so Nintendo can fail. Rather have a game they like not even exist just because it's on a system you don't own? Sure. They're many games I have not been able to get that I really wanted because they are on other systems I don't own or want. You know what I do, I live with it and move on. This is absolutely pathetic. I might get Bayonetta 2 just because of all the hate it is getting for being on the Big N's new system.



ueI said:

I don't think this is a good idea. Fans of the first game will be unable to buy the sequel if it's on a console they don't own. WiiU owners would be reluctant to buy the sequel without having access to the first one (or at least I would). If they wanted to reach a wider audience, a multiplatform release would have been better than jumping willy nilly across consoles. Not ranting, just my two cents. I'm not a fan of exclusivity myself, unless of course a game is 1st or 2nd party and there is no choice.



Gamesake said:

I don't know what PS3 owners have to be upset about (aside from owning PS3s). Now that the Wii U has Bayonetta 2 coming to it exclusively, this is the perfect time for hardcore gamers to go out and buy a Nintendo console.



Silverbullet89 said:

@misswliu81 Truth, and it's especially funny when you think about the fact that the Xbox360 is more of a kids console than anything. Before any Xbox fans lash out at me hear me out. What games do most casual gamers and kids play these days? First Person Shooters and Sports games. What are Xbox360's core games as advertised? First Person Shooters and Sports games. Truth is, you would expect Xbox gamers to be used to not getting any good exclusive games. Why they're still surprised that they don't get exclusives like Bayonetta really does surprise me a little.



sinalefa said:

I am glad to see that Platinum games is able to continue with their IP, the first time they are able to make a sequel. Kudos to Nintendo for showing interest.

People complaining about being on a new system? So when Ratchet and Clank Future was announced for PS3, did they complain because it was not on PS2? Or it was ok because it was a Sony console too? If you love a game and want to support the developer, you will go out of your way to get it or its sequels. This game is not for kids anyway, so any gamer interested should have a job to buy the console. It is not $600. .



misswliu81 said:

@Silverbullet89 if enough people had bought the game and the sales were higher than they were, then maybe the sequel might have been released for the 360 and PS3.

but alas, it's not going to happen. for now at least. and for platinum games, kudos to them for releasing this on the Wii U, so that nintendo gamers can experience how good this series is. bayonetta is one franchise that can do with a boost in terms of gaining a much bigger fanbase and audience than it already has.



edcomics said:

I think there are a lot of people who've missed out on games like Bayonetta, God of War, Devil May Cry, Gears of War, etc, because of only owning Nintendo systems. Not everyone is a hardcore gamer, and not everyone can afford to own multiple systems. For Nintendo to get one of these "sexy" games as a WiiU exclusive is quite the coup, and if marketed correctly, it could reach a huge audience. To put it another way, I was on the fence about the WiiU and considered waiting a year or so until the first price drop. After seeing the Bayonetta reveal, though, I went out and preordered the system. shrug



TromaDogg said:

The only people annoyed about this are pathetic Nintendo haters. I'll bet that if Bayonetta 2 was announced for the Xbox 720 or PS4, all the same people would be ecstatic...they'd still have to buy a new console to play it though :/



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Sega cancels Bayonetta 2
Fans get angry
Nintendo revives Bayonetta 2
Fans get even angrier



TheDreamingHawk said:

I want this game. But I am sad at those fake "Fans" of Bayonetta for hating against this. Seriously, WE FELT THE SAME WAY ABOUT THE FIRST GAME, NOW IT's YOUR TURN



kyuubikid213 said:

I find it hard to feel even a little sorry for the people missing out. These are the same people that mocked the Wii for only having bad games and bad controls and even being a kid's toy as opposed to a real gaming console. All the exclusives and "multiplatforms" they had that we had to sit by and watch as they laughed at our Zelda, Mario, and Metroid. Now we have something they don't. I'm gonna rub this in any chance I get. It may not be the high road, but after 4 years of being looked down upon for being loyal to Nintendo, I deserve the right to laugh about the one game I have that they don't.



Traxx said:

well, Nintendo saved and bought the project, so its absolutly their right only having it on their platform... shrug



doctor_doak said:

Great move by Nintendo. Hopefully, Platinum Games joins the Nintendo stable on a permanent basis..

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