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United Kingdom

Fri 14th Sep 2012

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peterpen commented on Bayonetta 2 Dev: Wii U Exclusivity Isn't a Snu...:

Its actually a very smart move as they now have the chance to reach a larger audience. The original game only managed to sell a combined 1.88 million units worldwide on PS3/360.
When broken down the figures are as follows:
PS3 USA = 0.39, Europe = 0.31, Japan = 0.21, Rest of world = 0.14,
PS3 Total = 1.05m (1,050,000 units)
360 USA = 0.46, Europe = 0.21, Japan = 0.09, Rest of world = 0.08,
360 Total = 0.83m (830,000 units)
The problem for developers are that the so called hardcore gamers like to know that there are a lot of games on their system, but they don't actually buy a lot of them. How many people who are complaining about this own or owned a brand new copy of the original... exactly!!!