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22, United Kingdom

Mon 13th February, 2012

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stocko commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (Europe):

Ughhhh! Where is the code of princess discount, its been like a year and ita still £24.99, £12-15 would be a great biting point for me.

Still will get rage of gladiator as I heard good things!



stocko commented on Play Upcoming Nintendo Titles at MCM Expo:

I'm going this Saturday, Im in the Naruto Tournament If i win ill go to Paris for the Japan Expo, looking forward to it, I won't be cosplaying as i only got the train ticket today, ill be wearing a Sonic T-shirt, and some casual jeans, with big hair, yeah great description i know



stocko commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP (3DS):

I really like the game, the amount of characters is cool and the special moves are nice to watch, its not the greatest game by any means but for me more a 7/10, but its nice to have it on the go, and the Marineford Mode is very good!