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Wed 7th Dec 2011

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dirtyplastic commented on Talking Point: Affordable Consoles Come at a Cost:

By eck, on another post the whole board goes mad over a bloke making a few pirate copies, yet on this story of Nintendo using kids to make there machines, most of the replies seem to think that is not to bad!! the blind love for Nintendo is sickening at times.



dirtyplastic commented on Counterfeit Nintendo Games Seller Faces Jail Term:

Did the bloke kill or even hurt anyone? victim less crime if you ask me, If Nintendo choose to charge £39.99 for a download version of a game, the consumer will vote with there feet and get a cheaper version, even if that means getting a slightly dodgy copy.



dirtyplastic commented on Sony: Wii U Offering "Something That Vita and...:

I love my vita, It is the best handheld gaming machine which has ever been on the market, but this will never happen, Sony can't even get remote play to work with every ps3 game. The vita is so much more than a ps3 add on or controller, and sony should treat it as such. I think this time next year the vita and the Wii U will both be dead.



dirtyplastic commented on Brain Age: Concentration Training Puts North A...:

I play games to kill zombies, win wars, fly fast fighter jets, to drive a perfect lap around silverstone, save distant planets, collect 1,000,000 coins, not to do boring maths problems..... never really got this game, just seems dull.



dirtyplastic commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Cost £39.99 to D...:

What a rip off, its a couple of lines of code ...... no making the cart, no box, no getting it to the shops, no middle man taking his cut. £20 would be the perfect price, I would rather crawl over broken glass with my flies undone to gamestation to get this rather than pay £39.99 online.



dirtyplastic commented on Review: SpeedX 3D (3DS eShop):

This is really good, and at £3 it's a must have! Good games are pants on phones or tablets, due to lack of proper control. Put the same game on to a consol and there much better......... well maybe not angry birds!



dirtyplastic commented on Commodore 64 Celebrates 30th Birthday:

A good thing about the C64 was that all the games came out at full price and came in a huge box, but if you could not afford full price games, you could wait a few months and the same game would be realised at a budget price in a normal cassette box!

The C64 magazines all came with pages and pages of code to enter. It would take ages and would never work! I loved my C64 so many great games, but I dont think I ever finished one, games were a lot harder back then! A saturday afternoon back then would mean going into town, popping in to boots, buying a game and a stack of C90 blanks. Going home and doing a copy of game for all your friends, they would do the same. so buy one game get 5!

Roger Frames buys budget games!