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New Super Mario Bros. 2 eShop Bonus Confirmed for North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Double the coins for digital

Nintendo's efforts to tempt gamers into an eShop purchase of New Super Mario Bros. 2 instead of the boxed alternative is now kicking in outside of Japan. We've already reported on retail download incentives in Japan, but Nintendo of America is joining in with its own offer, and like Mario's new adventure it's all about the coins.

As announced on the Club Nintendo website, if you buy the title from the 3DS eShop and complete the registration survey within four weeks you'll receive 100 coins instead of the standard 50. The offer applies until 20th September and, for those that haven't done so, you need to link your 3DS account with the Club Nintendo equivalent before buying the game. As for Europe, we're yet to hear about any equivalent offers at the time of writing, but we'll keep an eye out for updates.

There's no Virtual Console freebie like in Japan, but will 50 extra Club Nintendo coins tempt you into a digital download?


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Jamix012 said:

Gonna digital buy it, I always lose cartridges because I'm clumsy. Also in an unrelated point I wonder if Wario Blast featuring Bomberman will ever make it to the 3DS virtual console. It was basic but fun. Also Wario and Bomberman in the same game!



Bucbanzai said:

Nope, I am all for downloadable content but with 2 3DS' in the house, mine and my daughters. It is more reasonable to buy the game at retail so we can trade it back and forth rather than have to download it twice. Now if Nintendo switches to family accounts so we can either both play it, or trade easily electronically it would make more financial sense.



rodoubleb said:

It might be slightly tempting if we got the same quality rewards as Japan. 50 coins is pocket change and the US rewards are mostly lame.



Kevin said:

I prefer having my games on a shelf so I'll be skipping the extra coins.



Bobhobob said:

I would get this game on Download, but I'm not sure If I would have enough space... :S



SteveW said:

No thanks, I'll buy the cartridge

Most of the shop items are lame, a Wii wrist strap set for 450 coins? LOL



SkywardLink98 said:

No. 50 extra coins isn't much, and I think the box instruction manual and the pre-order bonus has more value than 50 coins.



Drewroxsox said:

@SteveW you forgot about the stupid shoelaces, fans, and notebooks.
I won't be getting this game digitally because I wouldn't be able to lend it to family members who have a 3ds. Like someone said before, if they had family eshop accounts, then I would consider. I don't want to lend my 3ds to my brother or sister, when we could buy the cartridge, and share it. I'm 200 points away from platinum 2013, so I don't really need the extra 50 coins, and the stress that will come with buying digital.



shinpichu said:

People will start buying digital instead of retail when companies stop charging the same for both. Gaming prices are broken anyway(seriously, $60 should NOT be the default price for games), no need way your broken pricing model is going to work for digital downloads.



MetalMario said:

I'm not getting the digital copy. I like physical better and the incentive doesn't matter much to me since I always get Platinum anyway.



TheGreenSpiny said:

What a joke! I wouldn't pay $40 for a download. A real incentive would be to make the download $20.



Knuckles said:

The 50 extra coins and the Million Coin Challenge is making me want a game I didn't want 2 days ago



Nestalgic said:

Downloads should be $10 cheaper. Make them $29.99 instead of $39.99. Otherwise what's the point? Heck, Best Buy usually has the new games on sale for $29.99 the first week they come out anyway. Why pay more for the digital copy?



efaulk84 said:

I pre-ordered it at What can I say I liked the pin they are offering.



Guhin13 said:

Not interested. 40$ to download is just too high for me to consider it. The only game I wouldn't mind downloading would be Animal Crossing, mainly for convenience. But otherwise, I'm boycotting digital downloads until Nintendo realizes they need to change their strategy with it.



komicturtle said:

Hell, Steam sells boxed games at the same price as boxed versions.. Never had a problem with it personally. It's probably inexpensive to sell a game with a box and manual anyways compared to back then

Was always planning on getting the digital version. This will apply to Super Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing 3D. I'm trying to keep the box count en mi casa as low as possible. As for WiiU, I may get some games boxed and digital.



JJtheTexan said:

I love the idea of digital downloads, but the technology isn't quite there yet for 3DS — I'd have to start keeping track of multiple SD cards to deal with memory storage issues. If the 3DS came with like 100GB built-in flash memory, or if it could hold a 100GB SD card, sure. But it's sort of pointless to download entire retail games if you just have to start carrying lots of SD cards.



hYdeks said:

digital downloads have ZERO resale value, so no, I won't be getting this digitally



Skotski said:

Eh. Getting both download and retail.
Retail somewhere down the line. Download asap.

Why? Because I like options. Some games are great for having options. A game like this? I think can benefit for playing in small bursts (download), but lovely to have a physical copy to return to generations later.



Skotski said:

@tvnewsguy Strangely, I'm actually looking for a reason to have multiple SD cards... I have a game case that has room for extra SD cards. But... I've nowhere near filled my limit on my 32gb one... and even with full-game digital downloads, I doubt I'd fill it anytime soon - as I most likely won't be buying more than two or three within a year (buying mostly physical).



NintyMan said:

No, I'm still sticking with retail. There's no rewards on Club Nintendo that interest me right now, and I'll be getting plenty of games in the future that will get me comfortably to platinum status once again.



cecesigue said:

Every time they talk about Club Nintendo is like a punch in the face; Why can´t we use at least the virtual coins here in Latin America ?!



RantingThespian said:

I'm going to grab the cartridge. I have always preferred physical media to digital media (CDs, Vinyl, Books, etc.).



Hardy83 said:

50 extra coins to but a digital game that's full price, can't be shared, has no trade-in value, and more importantly locked to a system and not an account making it hard to put on another system and if said sysem is broken or lost you're sol by losing the game too or having Nintendo fix it for around 100 bucks.
For 50 extra coins...



theblackdragon said:

i can see where this would be a bonus for those who had intended to purchase the game in the eShop anyway, but is it enough for me to choose digital? no... i'm much happier being able to share it with my husband after i'm done with it. :3



Gridatttack said:

Sucks for anyone who Club Nintendo isn't available on their region :/ (like me)
Anyway, I will buy a physical copy of it.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I like being able to switch the game around systems, trade it in if I ever tire of it, and I bet it take a good chunk of memory.



Freeon-Leon said:

No way José! We can't even get those coins here in Mexico, so... it'll be the cartridge for me. It's a lot more practical too.

@L4DYB4NSH33: "I'm trying to keep the box count en mi casa as low as possible...". En mi casa?



sinalefa said:


You have it easier than us. If you are a Latin American who does not live in Brazil or México, you can't even have access to virtual console games, or the Ambassador games on 3DS.

I really hope Nintendo of America someday realizes that there is a huge market south of Rio Bravo and starts opening up their promotions and eShop services to each and every country that allows their citizens to buy things online. Until that happens, I am buying everything retail.

And even for the US the promotion is not as awesome, as you need to buy the game during the first month in order to get the benefit.



Minny said:

For people complaining about the price of digital vs. physical: The reason is very simple. If Nintendo were to charge less for the digital, people would buy digital, and not retail. The retailers would get angry as they are not selling the product, and could therefore stop selling Nintendo merchandise all together.

The fact is that when you pay 40, 50, or 60 dollars for a game, roughly 12% of that price is physically making the game, shipping said game, and then the dollar or two the retail store makes off the item. Going digital essentially gives an extra 3 or 4 dollars to Nintendo, which needs it after posting their first annual loss in revenue in their 126 history.



grumblegrumble said:

In a word: Hell no. Ok, that's two words... Not only will a digital download take up a massive amount of space even on an SD card, but I want the dang box!



emiru69 said:

I'm not going to get the digital version because:
1) If I loose my 3DS I will loose my digital games. My account is linked to my 3DS therefore if my 3DS gets stolen for example Nintendo can't recover those games. If I loose a cartridge it will be fustrating but it's just one game.
2) If you are planning to buy a 3DS XL you might want to rethink your digital purchase. You will not be able to play the new Mario in your "old" 3DS and the "new" one. You will have to decide which 3DS will have that game and stick with it because you can't transfer titles more than 5 times. With cartridges that's not an issue, I can use that game in any of my 3DS or let my sister or my brother play with my copy.
3) After one or two generations you will not be able to download that digital copy. Nintendo is not going to have all their digital copies available forever. We already seeing this with some Virtual Console titles. Third parties are taking out their titles because they are not profitable anymore. With the physical copy I will have my game, the same way that my first NES titles still work.
4) There is no real economic value in a digital copy. If you have economic problems you can't sell your old games and get some money out of it in case of personal problems.
5) Yes, having digital copies is more convenient but it just takes me 3 seconds to to put a new game on my 3DS, are we really getting this lazy?



cheapogamer4life said:

Meh, I truly excited to be able to download Marios next adventure to my system, but think i'll have to pass on that now. Just not enough pros to having a digital copy vs hard copy of this game. 50 extra coins isn't a deciding factor when i could get roughly 1000 reward points plus an preorder gift if i buy and trade NSMB2 at Gamestop. Maybe next time Ninty.



lanabanana said:

I tend to let my friends or cousins borrow games often, or borrow from them , so digital won't work for me! But then again, my parents are always complaining about all my boxed games so they probably would like the idea of me buying games digitally instead of boxed. Also I always take my games when we go on vacation and sometimes I get afraid I might loose the cartridges cuz I'm a dumb and forgetful person XD. So i guess even though I hate the idea of buying games digitally , it could work for me... But for now I'm sticking to boxed games ^____^



TeeJay said:

If I get this, it'll be a download purchase. I still have so much room in my 32 GB SD card. n_n

Besides, I don't have anyone to share my 3DS with anyway.

Also, no boxes = less evidence.

@emiru69 About your last's not really about being too lazy to insert a game card as much as it is not wanting to have to either carry a bunch of game cards with you, or pick and choose which ones to take with you wherever you may be going.



Edge_Diest said:

@L4DYB4NSH33 Yeah, and don't forget the fact that once you've bought it, there's no way to "lose" it. If you want to delete it, you can always download it again later. The only problem though would be buying for the same price as we would if we got the boxed game, since we wouldn't be paying for any kind of materials, just the game itself



gamecubefan said:

What if you buy both the download and the physical cartridge. Will Club Nintendo acknowledge both games (for a total of 150 coins)??? That would be pretty lame if they pull that "already registered this game, can't get coins" stuff.



gamecubefan said:

BTW what is the Gamestop pre-order bonus? I don't think it is official Nintendo pre-order prize because Nintendo is not advertising it (and obviously pushing the digitial download). The pre-order for Super Mario 3d Land was sweet (mario raccoon suit keychain) and was Official Nintendo.



theblackdragon said:

@emiru69: regarding 'laziness' — I remember back in ye olden times we had to wait forever for programs to load from disks or tapes into a computer's RAM so that we could play games, do word processing, etc. and so forth. Now we just install our stuff from discs onto hard drives and access them as we please. granted, there are other aspects of the digital vs. physical argument that deserve consideration, but in that particular respect, this is merely evolution.



gundam00 said:

@emiru69 - I didn't know about the transfer limit between 3DS's, I think that's something that should be talked about more.



AcesHigh said:

Thay're going the wrong way. They're now offering less? Since when do we Americans want LESS than everyone else?! LOL! Sorry, self depricating joke there. JK... But no, really... Definitely getting the boxed version.



AcesHigh said:

That's right! I'm right there with you Dragon! And don't forget, we also had to walk 2 miles to school... in the snow... up hill... BOTH ways! Thanks for the blast from the past. I'll forever miss you Commadore 64! <tear>



RedYoshi999 said:

This is quite a weak offer compared to Japan's and it won't entice anyone to buy digital over physical. It will only reward the people who already chose to go digital. I hope Nintendo Australia can offer something better (probably the same as whatever Nintendo Europe offers) as they may be able to entice me with a proper reward.



dimi said:

This presentation gives an example for a retail price of $49.99.
Retail price - $49.99 per unit.
Wholesale price - $32 per unit.
Retailers get approximately $17 per unit.
Here the retailer is getting 35% of the retail price.
The wholesale price is 64% of the retail price.
Source: Neil Robinson. ATI Research.



Marioman64 said:

"can i try your new game?"
"no it's stuck on my 3ds and i'm playing something else right now"
... retail plz



rjejr said:

With three 3DS in our house I think you can guess our view on this
And that "we can't charge less for digital b/c the retailers will get mad" is a crapload of excuse. Every major retailer will have this on sale week one, with a free bobble head stylus thrown in. If they want to sell this digitally include a BOGO offer on the game. Coins may be a nice extra but it is not even remotely an incentive.



gamecubefan said:

Anyone know if they will give you ClubNintendo coins for both purchases (so a total of 150 coins)?



hendie001 said:

i love my games and the cases they came in so for me i will be buying the retail copy. i think the digital copy is cool but for me i have three 3ds s and plan on getting an xl so i need the physical game card.



player310 said:

If some of you are getting both for the coins (???), I think it would be easier to just pick up club Nintendo stuff on an auction site...



Firejonie said:

I already pre ordered the retail version at GameStop. Not going to buy digital anyway, I like my games on a shelf.



Samholy said:

ill stay with a physical copy. i will probably end up buying the 3ds XL in 2013 to replace my current 3DS after 2 years of good service. that old pal will be my daughter's pal then, and she will probably want to play this game too. physical copy is the best solution.

and club nintendo didnt give me much things i really want, i still have all my coins and never spent them in years.



Curt said:

I like having a physical copy of my games, and so I'll probably get a retail copy of this game.



AlphaUmbreon said:

I'm going to get the physical copy, but I don't think that the downloadable idea is bad. Kids can spend their allowance on eShop cards, so, say their mom isn't home to take them to the store after seeing a cool commercial for a 3DS game, they can just charge it off their eShop cards and start playing it! I certainly hope they'll port some of the older 3DS games as downloads for ease of access.

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