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ShopTo Lists Wii U at Speculative £280

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Games listed at under £40

Nintendo stated that it would not be unveiling the price or release date for Wii U at E3, and sure enough it steered away from those details. Lack of information never keeps online retailers down, however, as has posted product pages and estimated prices for Wii U and some of its biggest announced titles.

The retailer does, it must be said, state that all prices are subject to change and not eligible for a pre-order price guarantee. At the moment the Wii U console — including the black model not expected at launch — is listed at £279.85 ($433 USD), while major game releases such as Pikmin 3 would potentially cost £39.85. Until Nintendo announces concrete details, we're expecting to see plenty of speculation in the £250-300 range.

For its part, Nintendo has stated that it wants the launch price to represent good value, with Reggie Fils-Aime saying this to IGN.

The first thing I would say is we focus on value. So it's what you get for what you pay, in terms of that overall proposition. Second thing I would tell you is that Nintendo believes in being a mass-market product. Unlike our competitors, when they've launched historical systems, to maybe start at a really high price and work their way down, we don't believe in that. We want to launch at a price that is going to represent an ongoing great value.

You look at the Wii, we stayed at 250 dollars for a really long time. And so we're going to give that same level of thought to the Wii U. How do we launch at a value that we're going to be able to sustain for a long time? I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised, if you will, about the way we're managing the value equation.

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Silvervisiona said:

The only way for Nintendo to get away with no price cuts for years is if they indeed keep the price not only to represent value, but that is also competitive. Good luck Big N.



Rekiotsu said:

I think about 300 euros would be good. One thing is kind of annoying, the fact that when gaming console is 300 dollars in US for example, it turns out to be 300 euros in europe even it should be about 240 euros. So that means that things are more expensive in europe, which sucks.



Azooooz said:

So 280 euros is basically $350, therefore, in Kuwait, it will be 99 KWD, which is cheap for a high-end gaming console. Cool!



C7_ said:

I think consumers would be willing to shell out $300 or 250 euros for it, they may get away with $350 or 279 euros, but any more then that and they will see problems.



Chris720 said:

That's around the 3DS' launch asking price which doesn't actually sound all that bad. I would've expected over £300 though... I guess we'll see where Nintendo lands it soon enough.



BenAV said:

Best case scenario for us in Australia would be $400, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was $500+ (EB Games still has an estimated price of $598 and $108 for games). $400 or so would be awesome though, as I've already paid $300 so that'd only be $100 or so to go.The cheaper the console ends up being, the more games I can buy.



C-Olimar said:

Could go as low as £230 - looking great so far! And I can guarantee the games will be cheaper on Amazon.



Moshugan said:

50€ for games would be great! (roughly $60 or £40)
I can't see the console going lower than 300€ (around $350 or £240).



ThomasBW84 said:

@FinnGamer95 A fair point, but from what I understand many U.S. states have a sales tax that goes on top of the price. Not all 50 states have this I don't think, but those that do would charge $300 plus tax.

That's my understanding, but there are cases where some regions end up paying more than others, which is unfortunate.



rjejr said:

As I've been saying for the past year $300 (ok, $299.99). I don't think they can make it much cheaper than that w/ the Gamepad but any more than that it just isn't going to sell to holiday shopping parents. The hardware is barely better than the Xbox360 or PS3, both of which will be $200 or less, or $300 in Move/Kinect bundles so that is the competition, like it or not. I don't care if they are 5 years old.

A couple of caveats -
How much storage? I seem to be the only person who ever writes about this but a 4GB system like the Xbox360 is going to be a different price than a 160GB system and Nintnedo won't tell us anything. My guess here is 16GB, my $200 iPod Touch has 8GB, anything less than that I'ld be personally insulted.

Game pack in? I know we are all in agreement that NintnedoLand SHOULD be a pack in, so the price varies, with or without a pack-in game. I got 12 PS3 games this month w/ my $50 PS+, I think there will be more of this when the WiiU launches.

Additional controllers? Will there be a Controller Pro in the box? That's probably about a $50 value.

Add that, 64GB storage and NintendoLand and $350 might be palatable.



hYdeks said:

$433 for a Wii U? I'm interested and, so far, on board with getting a Wii U, but not for that price. $349.99 with nintendo land OR $299.99 without is what I'll buy it for, anything more will be asking too much in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I hate Sony and Microsoft but there systems are worth more at $249.99 than Wii U is a $433. If the Wii U is that much, people will just buy a PS3 or 360 instead



Qeuix said:

@ThomasBW84 The tax sales where I live is in the state of California it is really bad is 9.250% over there. So if it was $300 in North America it would cost me around $327-$329.70 something dollars.



Kirk said:

Anything above £250 is way too high imo.

I'd like Nintendo to come in at £199.

The price of the games sounds decent although imo games should just be much cheaper in general.



Jaz said:

£250 is way too high? It depends on the console's specs. £250 would be a brilliant launch price for a next-generation console. You shouldn't expect anything less.



Jaz said:

I'm personally hoping for £350 or under. I can barely afford that at the moment but I can save up pretty quickly, and I know that if Nintendo went for a price like that, it'd be worth it.



Raylax said:

£280 is probably about the upper limit of what I'm willing (or able) to pay for it.



LavaTwilight said:

The problem is, unfortunately Nintendo is a Japanese console so even buying PAL or US versions there would still be import charges on top and thats why it tends to be that much more expensive in UK. Unfortuantely in South Africa the price goes up in further which sucks! Maybe I'll get my parents to buy one in UK and then they can pay the import fees heh heh heh!
If not I'll still buy one!



HaNks said:

the closer to £200 the better it will sell, i think £280 is a little steep to be garnering good sales in this economy. especially when the 360/ps3 can normally be had for under £150. £280 seems like a predictable price point, but i predict poorish sales if it launches for that.



ClockworkMario said:

Yeah, but remember that we also have 24% Value-Added Tax here in Finland so it's bound to cost more. There's really no point to buy Wii U here unless you order it from Åland.
On topic I think 300-350€ would be a good price.



TrueWiiMaster said:

After reading the IGN interview, I'm actually starting to think the Wii U will sell at $250. I always expected $300-350, but Reggie said we would be surprised by the value concerning price. I think just about everyone is expecting between $300-400, so a price point of $250 would definitely be a major surprise, and one most people would be happy with.



SullKid said:

I'll be happy to pay 2xx euros. Surprised if we get away with that.

Have to add that I still feel robbed by the original launch price of 3DS :S Never forget 25/3 2011, I guess.



Moshugan said:

Definitely with Nintendo Land bundled! I'm not paying 50€ for that thing.
And while we're talking money, I think NSMB.U should be an eShop title with max 20€ price tag.



randomlypikachu said:

i think the most realistic price point would be 350$ with a little luck though maby 300$ >.> worst case though its 400$. a miracle would be 250$. as for packing it with nintendo land.... i seriously doubt that happening, but then again who knows, it could happen.



Spoony_Tech said:

@ThomasBW84 Wait you guys don't pay sales tax?! I pay 6% in my state. Each state is different but everyone has a tax of some sort. Online is still up in the air thought as some states don't charge tax for online items bought. Of course mine does now.



Sonic_tails1 said:

The only problem is I can see Reggie's comment and see Nintendo thinking $400 USD is a great value for the tech, but I already know if it is $400 I'm waiting for a price drop. I'm hoping they learned their lesson with the 3DS and they keep the price affordable.



kyuubikid213 said:

Anyone asking for anything under $350 is dreaming. I would gladly pay $450 for the Wii U. Even though it will be more expensive than the PS3 and 360, it will be guaranteed cheaper than the PS4 and 720. I will go as high as $550 before saying, "Too expensive. Needs a price drop."



Obvious78 said:

I'd pay €350,- max for the console @ launch. But since the E3 didnt convinced me...I wont be buying it @ launch for now. Lets see if they can convince me (a hardocre gamer) at their nect shows



GamerZack87 said:

@BenAV The manager of my nearest EB Games told me that the rumour mill equates the Aussie Wii U price to be roughly $400, which is the same price I paid for my Wii back in 2007. If so, then that is very good news indeed! I wouldn't expect to pay more than $500, though. I wonder if it'll be out in November...if so, I may have to keep some of my birthday money to put towards it.



C-Olimar said:

@grimbldoo #17 Whenever I've bought games at launch they've almost always been cheaper on Amazon. I don't know what you mean by 'do the tax yourself'. Is that this 'sales tax' Americans have to pay? Because I'm in the UK



Moshugan said:

@sebman30 How do you mean? I didn't set any personal upper limit for the price.
I think 300-350€ would be realistic though. If anything, looks like I won't be buying any more NSMB. games any time soon. -.-



shake_zula said:

It's not a next-gen console, it's a current-gen console. It doesn't look to be as powerful as a PS3, and since it's been designed and manufactured seven years later the production cost of that level of technology should be far cheaper. A PS3 is under £200 now, the Wii U should cost under £250. The only excuse for it being any more expensive than a PS3 is the tablet controller.



Slapshot said:

@ThomasBW84 Yep, in the U.S., all states have additional sales tax that's addition to the MSRP. In my area, it's 10% in the city, and 7% outside of the city. A few states have even started adding sales tax to online purchases as well.

So that's roughly around USD $350 with one Gamepad + sales tax here. If true, that's still quite a bit for a current gen system.



SonyFACE said:

@Janett £280 is more than 400 USD, but it probably would cost less than that in the US, even if this is the price.



alLabouTandroiD said:

If it would be more than 299€ they'd have huge problems with the mainstream market imo. And that's with a good game included! We have yet to see something that justifies a higher price point imo.
The price for Pikmin 3 looks acceptable. If all the best games would be 50€ i could certainly live with it. Price less well-known games or ones that have fewer content lower to a point where they could even reach the magical 20€ mark and you could see some pretty good sales numbers imo.



SKTTR said:

250€ please. because i need to buy pikmin 3 and mario at launch as well.



MeloMan said:

Honestly, I can't see the system being $433 USD. Considering what the system will have, the tablet, and the likely packed in tech demo game, $350, or in retail terms, an MSRP of $349.99 seems not only feasible, but reasonable to the consumer. I'm sure Nintendo wants to steer away from the system costing near as much as the Xbox 360 did and nowhere near what the PS3 launched with, but this is all just imo., we'll see...



Molotov said:

280/300 Euros In Europe And 300 Dollars In The US.
Its Gonna Be 20GB Or Less With 1 Wii U Controller And One Game In Europe And Without Any Games In Japan.



SPEtheridge said:

It really does need to be £200 or less maybe some between £200-£250 at a push the PS3 and XBOX are just too cheap now, and when new hardware from SONY and MICROSOFT hit there'll have a nice cheap price point to distract people from picking up them.



ElementalChaos said:

I'm paying a maximum of $350 USD. I'm thinking that's gonna be the price, too. If it's anything more then I'm out.

$350 is a little steep for a Nintendo console, honestly. I mean, part of the reason the Wii sold so well was because it was cheaper than competing consoles, and therefore more appealing to families on a budget...

$249-$299 would be really nice if it happened, though.

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