On the cusp of E3 we reported a rumour, from Japanese newspaper Nikkei, that Nintendo was planning to announce a bigger 3DS, which was subsequently denied by Nintendo. It wasn't the first time that talk of a 3DS redesign had surfaced, with previous rumours of an amended system that would include a second circle pad. Based on recent comments from Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview with IGN, and the absence of any announcements so far, it's conceivable that Nintendo will decide to stick with the current model in the foreseeable future.

When asked directly about whether a new 3DS model was in the works, Miyamoto was clear in his answer.

I really feel like I'm satisfied with the 3DS hardware as it is. I feel like it's the best for this generation. What we're thinking about right now is probably going to be for a future generation of handheld.

On the issue of whether a second circle pad is needed, Miyamoto pointed out that the gyroscope can provide the functionality needed for those controls: let's not forget the Circle Pad Pro, either. The fact that Shigeru Miyamoto denies the likelihood of a redesigned 3DS doesn't mean it's not secretly in Nintendo's plans, and the company is always thinking about future consoles and innovation.

If there's never a 3DS redesign, will the existing setup satisfy you for the handheld's whole lifespan?

[via uk.ign.com]