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Miyamoto Keen On New Zelda Based on Link to the Past

Posted by James Newton

So are we

Last year, Shigeru Miyamoto talked about Link to the Past on 3DS, and he's been at it again on a recent press trip to Paris.

Speaking to Edge, Miyamoto said he's still interested in bringing Link's 16-bit adventure to the 3D Classics range, but he has something else in mind:

I think the answer would be the same if we're talking about just porting, but I think I'd be even more interested in creating something new maybe based on, or starting from, A Link To The Past. I think it's important to bring some really new software.

A revamped revisit of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past would be a dream come true for many gamers, but Miyamoto's not sure the timing is right, as many of his most trusted game directors are busy with other projects. It's OK; over 20 years after Link to the Past, there's no rush for a direct sequel.


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Jamix012 said:

Your comments make it sound like a sequel but I interpreted it as a remake in a similar vein to Metroid: Zero Mission (but perhaps even more developed).



Expa0 said:

Not a big fan of any zelda outside Wind Waker, but if correctly inplemented the two alternate worlds thing would be nice to see again. It's still saddening that only Link to the Past and Metroid Prime 2 have managed to pull that off succesfully.



James said:

@Jamix012 You're right, he doesn't say sequel, just my interpretation of 'really new software' based on LttP. Have edited the story to reflect that now



EvilLink said:

I'm not fussed as long I get a 'Link to the Past' type title on my 3ds It's one of my favourite it not THE favourite Zelda title I've played.



Malkeor said:

It could be a new game based on the style that the past game had .It's interesting though.
I still think they'll do a 3D port, or hey even an updated version of the game would be just plain cool.

Gah...I wanna know T-T



Whopper744 said:

Zelda is the best game series there is in my opinion. It's just plain epic.
My favorite has to be Ocarina of Time. Other greats for me would be Twilight Princess (I definitely like this game more than most people it actually competes with Ocarina at times)., and Skyward Sword would probably be up there too I guess.
I think, that he should just bring out a new one. If he wants to base it off of A Link to the Past, that could be cool, just make it a new title preferably....I wonder what a 3d version of that game would be like (not top down Ocarina for instance)



SKTTR said:

There was this unofficial MMO-Adventure ZELDA ONLINE with the tilesets and graphics from A Link to the Past. I think Nintendo put a lawsuit against it because it became increasingly popular. 15 years later and still no official MMO-Zelda SNES-style. It was fun seeing all the other players going into/leaving dungeons, messing about, and fighting with them, throwing bombs and pots, shooting arrows etc. It was just fun strolling around and kill other Links.

Imagine playing A Link to the Past but seeing all players online and interact with them and you get a good picture of what it was about. At times a crazy mayhem. I miss it. It was very fun.



CanisWolfred said:

Remake? No thank you. But a sequel? Now you have my interest, Mr. Miyamoto.

Edit: New IP would also be good, too. Maybe even better, then you don't have to worry about the already confusing Zelda canon.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

If its a remake OR a sequel ill be happy :3 but if its a remake I want it in a toon link style I could just picture link to the past in a toon link style ^_^



Nintendo3DSLife said:

Wow,this is interesting .Seeing the legend of zelda a link to a past in a new way would be great for me since this classic game is one of my best fav. game which I really enjoyed .But im interested more on having majora's mask on 3ds than this game for now so ya.



Expa0 said:

As for the remake. No thanks. Even if I did like the game I don't see any point since you can already play the game on both a tv and a portable system. At least Ocarina of time wasn't available on handheld before. Also I don't see any way how LttP would benefit from the 3d gimmick or the touch screen.



seronja said:

sequel for a link to the past, remake of majora's mask, sequel to four swords adventure, a zelda game that looks like wind waker... what ever they would do it will be awesome!



ueI said:

This is good. I thought Nintendo had forgotten that Zelda could be in 2D.



Yoshifan523 said:

maybe a revamped version of the game with graphics in the style of skyward sword and a third person perspective instead of a top-down look



Nanoline said:

Either way I'd be very happy, just so long as it's not another Four Swords entry. Link to the Past 3D is my preference, because it's still my favorite game ever (grew up watching older brothers play it and reading the rather awesome history-book-like players guide, before finally playing myself), but a new 2D Zelda in the same vein as it would be great. And NO STYLUS ON TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL.



19Robb92 said:

Anything A Link to the Pat related, PLEASE! My favorite Zelda game ever, they NEED to make this happen.



OldBoy said:

I'd like a 3D Classics remake and an all new top down 3D Zelda please!
not that I'm greedy or anything.



Dodger said:

I would love to see a new 16 bit Zelda game on the Eshop. Seems like the perfect place to do it. Would also love to see another 8 or 16 bit Mario game that combines the graphics of older Mario games with new Mario ideas like wall jumps and ground pounds.



HaNks said:

either an expanded port or all out new game based on the style would be amazing!!!!

lttp is my favourite zelda title and my fondest memories from the SNES, along with mario world



RR529 said:

I'd like them to release the original as a 3D Classic on the eShop. Then release a new top down style Zelda in the same style as ALttP as retail (possibly a true sequel). I love 3D Zelda, but it's been so long since we had a true 2D entry (No, the DS games and FSAnniversary don't count).



TimboBaggins said:

This is what I want!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Finally a sequel/remake to the greatest Zelda ever



Geonjaha said:

^ I very much disagree; but what would you expect from the most controversial Zelda game ever made. A remake would be seen as an amazing opertunity and also a huge waste of time on the worst title so far in a pretty even split of Zelda fans.

On topic; truth be told if they released ALTTP as a 3D Classic everyone would buy it anyway.



Henmii said:

I never was a big fan of Alttp, because of the slippery controls. And graphics-wise it looked to much like Mario world. Links awakening was the first top-down Zelda that got everything right: A very pleasing art-style, good controls and cool puzzles.

If they would do a sequel to Alttp, I hope it would get a different artstyle. Maybe the awesome style from the Minish cap? Or a totally new style? I even liked the style of Four swords adventures more (Alttp graphics, with a cool paint-effect over it and Windwaker effects). Cool puzzles and nice controls are a given in this time and age I guess, so I don't have to worry about that!



SkywardLink98 said:

What about a remake that expanded upon it? Like after you beat the first part, you play as Link after he leaves Hyrule and goes off on the adventure that lead up to Link's Awakening?



HaNks said:

there hasn't actually been a graphically superior 2D Zelda on a handheld yet. the GBA lttp release had inferior graphics and sound to the SNES original. i'd love something as rich and colourful, without touch screen controls, without the nonsense. just pure zelda 2d goodness.



NintyMan said:

True, the series has taken many elements from ALTTP since its release, but the idea of a sequel taking place after the events of the game would be a good idea. What might be considered refreshing for some is that Miyamoto is more interested in making a sequel rather than another remake, as people have been getting weary of remakes lately.

Whatever Miyamoto decides to do, it's a given that it should contiue to make the series good while adding some fresh, new ideas in as it goes.



TheN64Dude said:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What about Spirit Tracks? What about Toon Link? What about Link & Zelda? What about SPIRIT TRACKS!?



SamsonCat said:

A link to the past is probably my favorite Zelda game. Like it more than Ocarina of Time and the NES one.



KittyKatMeow said:

@SkywardLink98 They have that story covered already. It's called Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Which I would love to see released on the 3DS virtual console.

But really, A Link to the Past already has more direct sequels than any other game in the series. And if he means a new game in the spirit of the SNES classic, don't they have several of them as well? And by that I mean, all of them after 1992? Don't get me wrong, I will love it whatever they do, but I find this a little strange (and if he's just talking about a remake, I'd much prefer Majora's Mask 3D). Oh well, I hope we get some good solid news soon about what they are planning to give us, I'm tired of all these hints and vague "I'd like to do ___" comments.



Dodger said:

@PlatinumGamerX Not sure if you are joking or not but I seriously would love to see a 3D Wind Waker style game set in the world of New Hyrule either before or after the events of Spirit Tracks. Might be interesting.

Anyways, I haven't actually played ALLTP yet. Always a game I want more. I would get a 3D classics version but a new 2D Zelda game would be really great. Haven't played through Spirit Tracks but I love Phantom Hourglass. The controls are fantastic, the characters are loveable and the dungeons are the perfect length for a handheld. It isn't 2D Zelda though. Completely different from every other 2D Zelda game. If Mario can have New Super Mario Bros. then it seems possible that Link could visit his past.



drumsandperc92 said:

i can see this going one of six or seven ways.
1. Direct remake of ALTTP for the 3DS in a full 3D world, think console zelda games n64 and up. (Could also have dungeons in full 3d, but overworld in the style of the original, but that to me sounds like a bad idea. But they could mix it up though as far as camera angles from top down and 3rd person, i think they could make it work.)
2. Direct remake of ALTTP for 3DS built from ground up but still 100% top down perspective, albeit new graphics and animations and what not, but keeping layouts of maps and dungeons the same from the original game.
3. Direct remake of ALTTP for the Wii U in a full 3D world. Wouldn't make any sense to include any top down perspective.
4. Direct sequel to ALTTP for 3DS in 3rd person 3d world, either 100% or mixed with top down. Could possibly be 100% top down, but now that we've tasted OoT on 3DS I'm sure they'll want to do some sort of 3rd person view.
5. Direct sequel to ALTTP for Wii U, 100% 3rd person 3d world.
6. See #4 and #5, but instead of sequel, prequel.

Personally, because I don't own a 3DS, and I will definitely own a Wii U, I would like to see #3, #5 or #5 as a prequel. I think the tone and story of ALTTP could really benefit from the kind of art style we saw in the Zelda HD demo. Realistic, mature, and beautiful. And with the amount of small detail they could include in an HD wii U game, Nintendo could really throw long time Zelda fans lots of little tie-ins to the original, lots of nods and easter eggs so-to-speak. It could also help tie together a ton of the Zelda lore that Skyward Sword sort of tried to help sort out, but didn't really do a fantastic job.



efaulk84 said:

I have 3D Dot Games Heroes for my PS3 this is quite the love letter to Zelda. I like how I can swap out my item with a quick shoulder button and not have to go to a menu to change from hook shot to bombs. I also like that you can customize your hero for the game. I wish that we get a new 2D Zelda and not a 3D Zelda. I also want a non Motion Control Zelda. Maybe this is a little too much to ask for but it is worth a try. Oh and a 3D version of Link to the Past would be Ocarina of Time.



FluttershyGuy said:

I don't care what form it takes. Remake, sequel... if it's linked to A Link to the Past, it floats my boat. With all due respect, Miyamoto-san (and I have infinite respect for you), please stop talking about this and DO IT! Those other projects? That's what they make back-burners for.



KAI7321 said:

If they do remake it, they have to treat certain elements of the original game with respect like the Kid Icarus: Uprising team did. For example, the original music composition stays, enemies are the same (just updated a little) etc

What was great about Link to the Past was funnily enough the atmosphere of the game. Other Zelda games just don't feel as "dark" as that game when your in the Dark World - Seeing the people of the Light World have their lives devastated and destroyed in the Dark World was a big factor to the overall atmosphere of that game.

If it's a sequel, I would still like to see the elements of A Link to the Past there. I wouldn't like a "Wind Waker" designed Link running about in it, the design is just not my cup of tea.



JimLad said:

If he keeps this up, they're gonna have to make something.
Link to the Past is an excellent game. I can see how 3D would make multi-leveled rooms that much better. The parts where you're running around on walkways upstairs but can see monsters in the rooms below.



hYdeks said:

Dear Nintendo: It's 2012, not 1991....getting really sick of u re-releasing games, and making new games look like old games etc. etc. JUST RELEASE A NEW GAME WITH RECENT LOOKING GRAPHICS!!! ><



Ren said:

Controversial?! I've never heard of any controversial. In fact from what I've read LTTP may be the LEAST controversial of them in terms of a consensus that is one of the best overall. All of them have yanked from that since then. This is the first I've heard of anyone that doesn't like that one; weird.



EqualLink said:

A LTTP style LoZ would look awsome on 3DS. Heck it looked 3D on the SNES? Maybe it could be in the Toon Link games like the ones on the DS.



RetroSpecs said:

Oooohhh... this would be flipping amazing. I've been doing an annual playthrough of LttP around the Christmas holidays for some time now. But playing it in 3-D, more immersive and so on - that will be amazing.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Sounds great.
Just the other day I was thinking how there was never another Zelda game on the SNES to follow Link to the Past, and now my prayers have been answered.

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