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March's Club Nintendo Rewards Are Up Now

Posted by James Newton

Coins at the ready

It's 1st March, which means the North American Club Nintendo just updated with its new digital offerings.

Coin-holders can exchange their hard-earned currency for three downloadable games, which are:

Art Style: Cubello (WiiWare) — 100 Coins
Mario's Picross (3DS Virtual Console) — 100 Coins
Radar Mission (3DS Virtual Console) — 100 Coins

These new rewards are available until 31st March. Will you be grabbing them?

Thanks to Twitter follower Abujafer for the reminder!


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AbuJaffer said:

None of them appeal to me, sadly; maybe next month. Kid Icarus, anyone?

EDIT Thanks for the mention!

@Andrewroxsox Horrible mistake? They're not getting any money out of it, how is it a mistake? All they're getting is publicity for franchises that don't normally sell.



WolfRamHeart said:

Downloaded Mario's Picross. I was waiting for that one. Glad that I held off on buying it before.



Moonhillwat said:

Club Nintendo game rewards get more and more disappointing each month.

January: Dr. Mario Express (DSiWare) costs more coins than Dr. Mario RX (WiiWare), yet Express has limited modes and no online, while RX has more modes AND online.

February: Limited to only two choices.

March: Back to four choices, but all four games are unappealing.

Now I gotta wait one more month to see what they'll have. Damnit.

And no Kid Icarus. Man...



alLabouTandroiD said:

2 amazing and one seemingly decent title for you guys. Nice to see Ninty pushing Picross and CUbello.



Drewroxsox said:

No games for me... Nintendo will realize they made a horrible mistake when no one buys these games.



ouroborous said:

I guess bottom line, they are not going to put anything on NinClub Rewards that has had any kind of decent cash sales/downloads. It's sad, what kind of 'reward' is something that nobody wanted to begin with. Unfortunately, the first set of games was by far the best so far. I had expected the choices to improve, I really should have known better by now...



Caryslan said:


You do realize that they have offered LOZ:Majora's Mask, Super Mario Kart, Kirby's Dreamland, Dr. Mario Online RX, Mario Party 2, Mario & Donkey Kong: Mini's March again, and Fludity to Club Nintendo members. Most of those games are either titles that remain in top downloads list for their respective shops, or are fairly expensive games.

How are any of those games bad? If anything, Nintendo could have offered us Urban Champion and Game Boy Golf for our rewards and called it a day. I say getting those games that I listed is pretty sweet, especially since Nintendo has no obligation to offer anything to its customers.

Games like Majora's Mask. Dr. Mario Online RX, Super Mario Kart, and Mario Party 2 are games that have never left the top downloads list which means Nintendo is still making money off them. If they were really uncaring, there are plenty of other games they could have tossed our way.

Granted, not every game that has been offered is a AAA title but its not like Nintendo is throwing nothing but crap our way. The selection has been pretty good in my opinion.



Chariblaze said:

I already bought Picross a few months ago, but Art Style looks good. I'm a bit iffy on Radar Mission, but I'm a sucker for these promotions.



Dodger said:

Not the best month ever. Hopefully, this isn't the norm.

Mario's Picross sounds fun but if I get it then I probably won't have enough coins for something great next month if it happens. I have about 160/170 coins with only one game I really plan to get. Time will tell if I give in or wait another month.



shinesprite said:

I already have Cubello, so I think I'll sit this one out. Besides, it'll give me a chance to save up for Game and Watch Collection 2 and then the handbag.



Spoony_Tech said:

I actually think those are good choices. Picross for me and maybe radar mission! Well at least I don't have any of those unlike most months. I'm just glad we even get a choice! Be happy people. Nintendo doesn't even have to do this.



ejamer said:

LOL... you complainers don't know what you're missing. Cubello is great for 100 coins, and so is Picross.

If the games don't appeal to you then keep waiting, but I think that Nintendo is continuing to offer great (and often overlooked) games as rewards with this program. Nice work - especially when compared to the weak line up of downloadable games released today.



warioswoods said:

Ooh, I've been meaning to play Radar Mission for a while, so here's my chance.

Why? Because I love Steel Diver. That's right, haters, it's still one my favorite little gems on the 3DS, and I look forward to playing Nintendo's earlier attempt at a sub game, from which they drew certain ideas when making the recent game.



bezerker99 said:

I have Mario's Picross (wow, what an addictively awesome game!) and the Radar Mission game doesn't interest me. Maybe Cubello for 100 points???



Whopper744 said:

I guess I should have got Mario Party 2 on the Wii while I had the chance to get it for coins. No Wii downloads this month at all for Club Nintendo? Mario Picross is the only thing I may think about...but I don't know if I want to use my long saved coins on something I'm not sure about.



TeeJay said:

Seeing as it kept getting compared to Battleship, I got Radar Mission after seeing that it was up on Club Nintendo. (I used to have a lot of fun playing Battleship with my little sister some years ago.) Needless to say, I like the game a lot and don't know how I overlooked it when it was released. Good job bringing the title to my attention, Nintendo!



1takauchiha said:

I got all of them just because I was waiting months to get something new for my 3DS. I was hoping for some 3D Classics games, but these aren't that bad, Picross is definitely my favorite.
I really hate how picky people get for basically free stuff. You buy the games you want, get coins, and get this free extras Nintendo never had to give in the first place, but were kind enough to do so.
@Joshers744 Yeah, there's a Wii game. It's called Art Style: Cubello



millarrp said:

Too bad I bought Radar Mission a couple days ago. Still getting the other 2 though.



CharlieBravo said:

Last month's lineup was disappointing. This month's ain't much better, but I'll probably grab radar mission anyway. I guess I really shouldn't complain though, I've gotten a lot of good games with coins that I would have never downloaded otherwise.



Objection said:

Nothing of interest since January, poo. But to anyone who likes these, cool for you, at least.



zeeroid said:

Rad. Might check out Cubello. I want Mario's Picross but I'll probably save my coins. I'm pretty sure it only costs $3 or $4 anyway.



rjejr said:

Cubello looks ok, and it got a good review for being new and different, but that was 3 1/2 years ago, so I'm wondering how it holds up. 31/2 years is a long time in the video game industry.
Mario's Picross looks like Suduko backwards or something. Does it really make pictures of stuff? My wife just bought Puzzler World and it has a wide variety of gameplay including connecting numbered boxes to draw pictures. We've never been able to tell what a picture is supposed to be though and they never tell you.
Radar Mission is Battleship but it's only 1 player? The 3DS has numerous ways to play multiplayer so I don't get it. (Am seriously waiting for Batleship on the WiiU w/ online video chat. WiiU Play Together w/ videochat for Battleship, tic tac toe, Connect 4, Hangman, whatever. Nintendo could own the living room.)

Will have to think about these and discuss it with the 3DS owning family members. It was nice for Nintendo to make them all 100 points each though.



Mr-X9000 said:

i just got ripped off cause i got marios picross las thursday
atleat theres radar misson



Dodger said:

Decided to get Mario's Picross. Quite fun, actually. A good non-falling block puzzler type of game was missing from my 3DS library. I lost Brain Age: Sudoku because I couldn't transfer it from my DSi since I never actually downloaded it...I got a white DSi bundle with the brain age games, photo clock and Clubhouse Cardgames.

@rjejr Yes, it does make pictures of stuff and this version tells you what it was supposed to be.

I still have 100 coins left and I might have 150 by next month. I know I'll probably get Heroes of Ruin if it isn't completely terrible. That's 40 there so if there is a good 150 coin game next month then I'll just have to pull 10 coins out of nowhere.



brandonbwii said:

Just downloaded Cubello and Mario's Picross. This will be the first time I've ever played a picross title (outside of a store demo for Picross DS anyway).



geozeldadude said:

never understimate the ability of people to whine. have any of you people complaining there's nothing even played cubello?



BulbasaurusRex said:

I already have Radar Mission, and the other games don't interest me, but those are some good games to make up for the rotten set of new downloads today.

@rjejr It includes more options than regular Battleship, plus there's another gameplay mode that's like a primitive (yet decent) version of Steel Diver.



Undead_terror said:

got both the 3ds ones
radar mission=battleship
mario picross=picross
if these games didnt appeal to you then the loz 25 ann posters are back



MegaAdam said:

I played Picross for a solid 25 hours. If you like Sudoku, that's the game for you.



RR529 said:

Might pick up Mario's Picross. Never played Picross before, but I'm sure Mario can make it fun!



CaPPa said:

Picross is a great game, it's quite addictive and lasts for a good 20+ hours. I had never tried it before but I'm glad that I did and now I'm hoping for a new 3DS version in the future.

This month I might pick up Radar Mission, as it is the first game on Club Nintendo that I don't already own. I wouldn't complain about the selection though as it isn't like Nintendo owes me anything and I appreciate any freebies.



KryptoKrunch said:

Got Mario's Picross. At first I didn't want to spend money/3DS card points on this, but it's pretty addicting.



LittleIrves said:

Cubello is great! If anyone likes Art Style games and hasn't given this a try, I'd solidly recommend it. Hypnotic and different.



Wintendo said:

Hehe, they mentioned Nintendo Life on the Cubello page and Radar Mission's page. Anyways, I may get Picross, who knows.

And to all you who think we don't get anything good, IT'S FREE -_- Saying they haven't offered anything good is stupid. We got Majora's Mask, Super Mario Kart, Kirby's Dream Land, and others. Stop complaining.



Skitrules said:

i got them all and they are all great and you guys all know that when you download them you can still get coins back so pretty much you can get 30 free coins which is helpful to get more of these free games!



TrueWiiMaster said:

Arrgh. I'm conflicted about spending what coins I have left on Mario's Picross and/or Cubello, or saving them for next month. They're kinda cheap to start with at $4 and $6 respectively... I'd rather get a $10 game I want free, but those two will be sitting in the back of my mind all month...



sinalefa said:

Finally a game I was actually wanting! And yes, I am referring to Mario's Picross. Awesome news and downloading ASAP.


I also would love to see those two (specially Pushmo), but I don't see Nintendo releasing them for free yet, since they are kinda recent games. It is very possible that we may see them later on, the key is to be patient. And if you are not able to wait, then go ahead and buy them.

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