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Nintendo Promises 3DS DLC for Next Year's Titles

Posted by James Newton

Will we see any this year?

The late November 3DS system update will add the ability for developers to release downloadable content for games in the 3DS eShop, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed there'll be no Nintendo DLC until 2012.

Speaking to investors after the semi-annual financial report, Iwata said:

Nintendo will also offer something like this for the titles Nintendo publishes next year, in a way that should be appreciated by our consumers.

That means we most likely won't see any extra cars or courses in Mario Kart 7 for example, but we could see additional stages offered in Luigi's Mansion 2.

As for when we might see third parties put out extra content on the eShop, Iwata said:

I also hear that some of the software publishers are intending to launch titles that incorporate this new structure of the Nintendo eShop from early next year.

Although the DLC function will land at the end of this month, it might be a longer wait until titles that support add-on content are released.


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Jgam said:

hope to see something for RE mercenaries DOA dimensions and something good for RE revelations and some new AR games too would be great



Hardy83 said:

You won't see DLC in any of this years games cause more then likely none of them are programmed to have DLC.

This is what happens when you add features AFTER the system is released.



komicturtle said:

Sucks that we might not see DLC for MK7 which is a perfect match but whatevs. I'm also hoping Heroes of Ruin is one of the games that will feature DLC as well

Revelations is bound to have it. Kid Icarus, unlikely as Sakurai would probably just move to Smash Bros immediately.

Then again, Nintendo could always consider getting back to MK7, release an update for it and we get new tracks there.



motang said:

Finally Nintendo is stating to catchup, but I though Iwata said that he didn't want to DLC for Nintendo games?



pikku said:

Luigi's Mansion, Mario Tennis 3D and Kid Icarus Uprising say hello



Skotski said:


Well he did say "something like this"... so maybe it won't be the DLC everyone's expecting - for Nintendo titles, at least.



Joko450 said:

@Sir_Dragoon DLC is the dumbest way to make extra $$$ I've ever seen. I was happy Nintendo didn't do DLC before, but now that they've started, this is their oppurtunity to remove content from the game and sell it back to you as DLC. Screw that.



LAA said:

How is dlc not confirmed for MK7?
They didnt exactly say that games they've made so far cant use dlc, they just said games they make in 2012 will have dlc.
But if I'm wrong, I do hope MK7 can use dlc, espicially since that would make that game even better! Imagine new tracks/car parts every few weeks. Mario land 3D would be cool for this feature also, new stages. Perhaps even new power ups? I think dlc can be a good feature for nintendo, so great games they make dont just end when you finish, they can be extended now at least. Now they just need to make these online services better and its at least comparable to vita in some way. Not that it matters to me, I want to get both



NintyMan said:

Kid Icaus: Uprising, Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario 3D, and Mario Tennis 3D ought to benefit nicely from this.



Haywired said:

Well I hope Nintendo themselves stick to their anti-DLC policy and they don't get sucked into it just because it's currently fashionable. I really don't like the idea of DLC. I'm sure it's great for people who want to be stuck playing one game forever, but for those who want to play more than one game it's an irritant. Plus for those of us who tend to look at a game as a work of art, DLC kind of cheapens it. Instead of a complete, finished piece of work it's just a load of bits and parts. It's also (as Joko450 said) an opportunity for developers to remove content from the game in order to sell it back to you as DLC.



bricabrac said:

I really can't understand why you all want DLCs. Paying for pseudo-extra content, which should be included in game at the moment of releasing is nothing good. I want to buy full games and not 'demos' upgradeable to full version by DLCs.



BigBluePanda said:

Why would there not be DLC for Mario Kart 7? Because it won't be available until next year?

I still think it could be a possibility.



brandonbwii said:

So many people seem excited for DLC and for good reason. Just don't forget the negative connotations too. I forsee A LOT of games that have the content already on the cart that you have to pay to unlock.

I'm personally a fan of episodic DLC and not item based micro-transactions.



Skotski said:

Nothing wrong with DLC, guys. It's how DLC's used that's wrong/right.

There right way to do DLC: Make a full game, release it - create expansions for the game to keep the adventure/fun going and release it as DLC.

The wrong way to do DLC: Release a half-a**ed game, wait for feedback from players (like beta), and release every necessary improvements to make it a full game in DLC-form.

...if Nintendo went with option 2, we'd be doomed. Let's hope they stick with option 1. If neither, we can always count on Nintendo's pseudo-DLC (Pokemon Black/White global link... Animal Crossing's Nintendo mail).



brandonbwii said:

From my understanding, Heroes of Ruin will have enough free DLC as it is through SpotPass. They don't need to offer premium content.



6ch6ris6 said:

animal crossing will definetly have dlc

too bad we have to wait till 2012 for that game



FonistofCruxis said:

Its disappointing that no games being released this year will have DLC as MK7 would've been a great fit for DLC but I look forward to seeing some of the DLC in Animal crossing 3DS as that game is bound to have it.



Thwiidscube said:

I thought they said DLC would be added to the eShop immediately after this month's update. I guess I heard it wrong... Oh well! A Nintendo handheld's finally getting DLC!



XCWarrior said:

I'm in the minority on this, but I hate DLC, unless its free. Why people are happy about Nintendo about to start nickel and diming us is beyond me.

Besides one time because it was bundled with a game for 80% of on Steam, I've never bought DLC, especially not stand alone. I don't expect that to change.




Hm, makes me a bit skeptical. Hope this doesn't turn into a method of sinking into our wallets/banks and sucking out our greenies. Other than that, way to offer DLC, now we can have longer replay times.



FriedSquid said:

You know, there actually could be DLC for Mario Kart 7. It will just be available in 2012, but it doesn't mean it will never happen.



Tare said:

DLC simply means that developers can fix bugs, or perhaps nerf certain things that could be considered as cheating.

I'd rather play one game that is completely perfect as opposed to a few meh-good games. DLC gives games more replayability

However as other have stated, it can be a complete waste of money as well. It's inevitable that some developers shell out half-******* DLC for ludicrous prices.

But, yo gotta take the good with the bad.



Mr_Reece said:

@Zaphod42 You're kidding, right? Have you seen Capcom's approach to DLC on the 360 and PS3? Charging extra for Resident Evil 5 multiplayer when it was already on the disc, for example.

I hope Capcom stay as far away from the eShop and 3DS DLC as is humanly possible, otherwise we'll be paying £30 for a 3DS game cartridge containing nothing but a title screen (DLC coming soon though!)



LuigiSucks said:

Dragon Quest IX and Mario vs Donkey Kong games have DLC on the game card. We don't need the eShop to do this on cartridges.



NintyMan said:

I think it could be beneficial if Nintendo does it right. I guess it's a matter of taste or frugality if people like or dislike DLC, but I think it could bring new life to games and keep things interesting.



wanderlustwarrior said:

When was the last time Nintendo (or anyone, really) launched a system launched a system without major firmware/software revisions to functionality after the fact?

More specifically, when was the last time Nintendo launched a service and actually ''supported it'' on their own product at launch.

It can't have been a complete surprise to all of their development teams that the console would eventually take DLC, nor would it have been too much of a leap to think that if it took it next year, they might know about it. Christmas stages in Kart, bug fixes (I haven't played any nintendo 3ds games, so I don't know if they need it), etc. It's a really bothersome mentality, that I think I'm noticing as a trend, of "we'll get it eventually".



Simmer_E said:

Is it sad that I'm super excited for this?!?!?!?!?!
I mean, I already experienced it with Xbox, but Nintendo's doing it lol



gamecubefan said:

How was the weekly challenge for MarioKartWii not "DLC" ?

The best video games will always be completed acts. why try to add more months after you make a game? $$$$$$$$$



golephish said:

my 3ds has been collecting dust. last game I got was pacman,. waiting on mario kart !



Sh00kst3r said:

Many people see it as "Who cares if they're adding on to it, they could've done that at launch," because they obviously aren't using their noodles (And obviously don't know what it's like to develop a game). If they actually thought about it, Option 1 DLC is the greatest thing since sliced bread.



wigglyjr said:

@37 Some DLC is just things in your game locked away and can only be used after you pay and that just cheap of them to do that.

Everyone, what about using play coins instead of money, i think they said something about that.Everybody here think its all paid DLC, they could choose for it to be free or use play coins, which it probably will be.



Warioware said:

I hate DLC. I preferred the days when we just bought a game we wanted, took it home and played it. Now the full game is only possible after downloading patches, extra levels and costumes and stuff. I always think that I may want to go back and play some of my old games in 10 years or something and that's going to be harder if bits of them are missing due to not having the downloaded stuff or valid unlock keys / saved harddrive installs etc. anymore. One of the reasons I love the Wii is because you get what you pay for with the games at the outset.



SarcasticWisdom said:

I think DLC is good. Gives game creators chances to fix bugs and things. Also i love getting extra things



Capt_N said:

@Skotski: #18 I agree.
@Tare: #29 I agree

Hopefully Nintendo will choose the right path for dlc. @ the very least, hopefully Nintendo themselves will, even if others don't.



ecco6t9 said:

I'd rather have complete games, also "DLC" features leads to patches for glitches.

Imagine if Famicom/NES games could be patched the Konami Kode might not even exist!



chiptoon said:

DLC ant Trophies are the two things I would rather not have on Nintendo platforms.



Tare said:

@ 46 I agree.

DLC doesn't really unlock things already on the cartridge or disk, it adds to it by saving something (that can be used by a cartridge or disk) somewhere in memory. Like your SD card.
It makes sense that good developers wouldn't be able to fit everything they want on a cartridge, they aren't super big after all.



Samholy said:

DLC is fun, but will it also feature full retail games as a downloadable version ? DLgames are somewhat cheaper than physical copies, and this will mean closer to what i expect to be a fair price to a 3ds game.



Rapadash6 said:

Not a fan of most DLC so excuse me if I'm not on the edge of my seat waiting for Nintendo to jump on that wagon. When I pay $40 to $60 for a game that should be the end of it.



brandonbwii said:

That kind of DLC is already common on Nintendo platforms though, so I figured they must be talking about a premium approach.



Jgam said:

Ok then then i can sell them and get some new games just for some DLC...... great



Cr0ssbows said:

Alot of you are saying "why should I pay more for something that should have been there in the first place?" Well heres my answer to that... What if the game developer didn't think about adding it to the game before releasing it???



wigglyjr said:

@54 Some DLC is locked away on the game until you pay for it, and some is new to the game that actually was made after it was released , or was made before the release and chosen to be sold as extra content. It just depends if the game makers like its players enough to make a little extra money off them or not.



Warioware said:

Read a few of the defences of DLC on here and I'm still not convinced. I'd rather they made a game then moved on to the next one rather than constantly adding to things. These days as well it seems like DLC is announced for many games before they're even released and certainly where Blu Ray is concerned they could fit them on the initial disc. All just seems to be to make more money and then follow it up with the inevitable (complete) Game Of The Year Version. I know it's a business but as a consumer, to me, it's a rip-off and the games industry seems to be going the same way as the movie industry with endless special editions, director's cuts etc.



StarDust4Ever said:

An extra cup or two would be great DLC for Mario Kart. Ditto for extra levels in SM3DL.

However, I would have to draw the line when it comes to things that would give players who bought the DLC an unfair advantage, such as custom kart upgrades that non-paid customers don't have access to.



Kage_88 said:

@11 - That's the big thing when it comes to DLC - that fine line between releasing meaningful and great value new content as opposed to the cynical practice of siphoning more cash from the gamers. Unfortunately, 99% of the time it's the latter...DLC and the over-reliance on patches have simply spiraled out of control on the HD consoles; it's sickening. Almost every game now has content deliberately locked away on the disc that can only be accessed by online codes or simply paying more money (and don't get me started on the whole shameful 'pre-order' market today). On top of that, many developers don't even bother to released a finished game...

Unlike most people, I was happy that the Wii shied away from DLC because it forced developers to release the WHOLE GAME - y'know, like they're supposed to in the first place.

I have no doubt greedy publishers will abuse the 3DS DLC system (Capcom, EA, Activision, etc) - but I have faith in Nintendo to do the right thing. The creative branch of the company (Miyamoto, et al) have a lot of integrity when it comes to offering the consumer the best value; not to mention that they're passionate about their games and likely will not want them 'tarnished' by shoddy DLC.

Still, we can only wait and see.



I-U said:

It'd be silly for this new function to not receive the proper execution and attention. That said, Nintendo's icon needs to receive DLC in all of his titles. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 need to have DLC early next year, otherwise they'll be starting off their move to DLC with two missed opportunities.

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