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The 3DS Circle Pad Expansion Comes in This Box

Posted by James Newton

Batteries not included

The 3DS Circle Pad Expansion might look like a beefy behemoth, but there's something appealingly dinky about the box it comes in, in Japan at least.

Amazon Japan has an image of the accessory's retail packaging along with a 10th December release date and price of ¥1,500.

The box's bottom-right corner also bears an important logo that will also appear on software that supports the expansion, recently called the "Slider Pad" by Nintendo UK.


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FubumblR said:

I assume this attachment feels pretty solid once hooked on? If it feels in the least jiggly, I'm not really for this. Still not sure about the placement of the second cycle pad, but, what else could they do?



zeeroid said:

Relax, it takes one AAA battery that will probably last for many dozens of hours. The device is practically a TV remote control! Those things last for months, even years. You all ought to invest in rechargeable batteries, they're invaluable.



J-Forest-Esq said:

The packaging doesn't heighten its' aesthetic beauty much, and the fact that it takes batteries is such a palaver.



SpaceKappa said:

I was skeptical of this at first, mostly because it gave me the impression that a new model was forthcoming. It's cheap enough that I'm not really worried about it, and hey, the box looks classy!



Dynetheous said:

two triple a's but ill probably get rechargeable batteries (learn the hard way after going through two packages of batteries to power my wii motes.)



AVahne said:

I was pretty sure it only takes ONE battery. And I think I'm the only one who likes the look of it.



Detective_TeeJay said:

Oh, they take two double AA's? Well that's a plus for me, as I still have my rechargeable batteries from when I had my Wii. Still skeptical about this thing, though.



DarkLloyd said:

take batteries shouldnt it be like the one in the 3DS only less powerfull as i dont see buttons being that demanding

p.s and nintendo is just going to make battery companies bit more happy not cool



FubumblR said:

Now if the right circle pad could have somehow clipped on a bit below and askew the B,A,Y,X buttons that would have been nice, even if it meant I would have to detach it so I could close the 3DS. Now that I think about it though, the right circle pad would be raised quite a bit.

I got it! Take a jig to my 3DS and cut out the proper depth, length and width so it will sit flush! I'm in the mood to void a warranty today!



Noire said:

petitions NoA to rename it the Your Portable Is No Longer Portable Add-on



zezhyrule said:

idgi, it'll still be portable. Just as much as a laptop is or whatever. It doesn't have to fit in your pocket to qualify as 'portable'



Kagamine said:

i think this will actually look good, if it will fit in my case i will be very happy



Corbs said:

Someone wake me up when the dual-stick 3DS model is released.



smileisles said:

In an ideal setting, in an alternate universe full of good things, the 2nd analog stick would've been included in the original 3DS model. However, since it wasn't....I must say I am very happy with this add-on. It eliminates the problems several key developers were having, it opens up the library to a larger variety of games, it takes away one of the PSVita's trump cards, and it's only 12 bucks. Nintendo is doing everything it can to make sure the 3DS succeeds, and I am so thrilled that they are. If it takes a bajillion addons, pricecuts and color swaps to ensure its' success, then I'm on board. I want to see this little system have the success the original DS had...I don't want to be stuck with a dead system. Keep it up Nintendo!



Tasuki said:

Ok honestly with these kind of things I never use the batteries that come with the item.



pixelman said:

I want this box, in English, with a "Compatible with Monster Hunter 3G" notice on the front.



coolvw93 said:

well its better than making your 3DS battery have a shorter battery life then it already does...

Does it really even matter if batteries come with it? when products come with batteries, its only saving you a couple dollars for a few weeks... or less, depending on how much you use it.



Blink said:

Sweet, my alien thumbs and fingers will have absolutely no problem with this.



Corbs said:

The decomposing cat I found under my porch this morning was prettier!



Shworange said:

Is it going to match the color of all 3ds'? I don't want a black one on my red 3ds. I would like it to have as little a "Frankenstein" look as possible. With that said, perhaps it will add a bit to the console's comfort
Level. Holding the perfect rectangle hasn't felt very ergonomic.



chronicler said:

I keep saying I'm going to hold out for a "Lite" version of the 3DS to come out and trade in my DSi (so I'll have 3DS and a 3DS II) but because it's so cheap, I may just spring for it anyway and use it. I'm just worried it may feel a little to loose like the charging cradle (which in all fairness is meant to not exactly cling or stay attached to the 3DS, so we can pick it up).



BlazeX said:

Atleast I hope this piece of junk stays as an optional add on cause I wouldn't want to have to replace my nice crystal case for this.



Supremeist said:

Thanks for the batteries! No, but really, that's a little stupid that it uses battery's. I'd rather it use the 3DS battery life. Batteries aren't cheap.



the_shpydar said:

I will continue to ignore the existence of this thing until there is actually a game that i care about that requires it. Which i doubt is a day that will ever come.



Nadroc516 said:

Honestly, the way the 3DS has "flourished" since it's release makes me wish I never spent $250. Literally for what? Ocarina of time and star fox 64 again? Then nintendo decides to REWARD impulsive buyers by giving us games they are probably quite sure, based on our loyalty to the N, we already own. SERIOUSLY when you try to shut the system off, it throws up a screen trying to convince you not to.

Maybe I stand alone with my argument, but there are many days I look at my 3DCrap in it's cheesy charging station, shrug, and romantically remenise about the days of pictochat.



Nadroc516 said:

Also sometimes me and my toilet compete by taking beautiful pictures of scenery, waterfalls and baby animals at the zoo. I use my 3DS camera and toilet uses nothing to take pictures with.

Toilet's pictures always look better than mine.



Detective_TeeJay said:

Oh please, Hero10x, don't be such a drama queen. You know, not everyone nowadays has been around long enough to have been able to play NES games, and the pictures aren't that bad.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I can't really read Kanji, but the Katakana スライドパッド on the box definitely says "Slider Pad".



Luffymcduck said:

This sould have been part of the 3DS from the start. That´s like 5th time I´ve said that.



Machu said:

I love Ninty but this thing is just pure fail.

They could have asked me during the development phase "does it need 2 analogues?", I would have replied "durgh, of course".



MasterBlue said:

Honestly I really don't need a 2nd circle pad for the 3DS. I I've played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and the camera and other things work just fine by just pushing the buttons. So in my eyes this is kind of a waste of time and money on Nintendo's behalf



NESguy94 said:

I honestly wonder what they were thinking when they decided to use a AAA battery. Why not include an an extra battery that can charge your system while you play. Nyko, Madcats, please use this idea!



bezerker99 said:

i'll just get one for work and one to keep at home - no need luggin' that thing in my pocket everywhere i go!



rjejr said:

What Mikau94 said, just don't know why it took until comment #60 to say it. Sure it would be expensive, BUT the extra battery life would get some people to buy it, which would make companies actually, ya know, make games for it. Longer battery life is always better for a handheld gaming system. Or cell phone. Or tablet. Missed opportunity. And a very obvious one at that.



NintendoN8 said:

@62 "Missed Opportunity" seems to be a theme for the 3DS.

@60 That would be great

I think that the price is right for this add-on. As stupid as it sounds, I like the idea of the system being a little bit bigger - my hands feel cramped after playing for very long (especially when using the d-pad).



TheGreenSpiny said:

@60, 62 & 63: That would drive the price of this thing through the roof. And since nobody is going to buy it anyway...



Zelda35 said:

i wonder if they will make console games from PS xbox or wii to work with the slider



carson said:

why didnt they just have another circle pad in the huge space between the B button and the Power Button??



CreaterCurator said:

I wonder if they have an aqua blue one cause a black extension circle pad on an aqua blue 3ds would look dorky



pntjr said:

I'll buy it. Even if i'll never use it, i'll buy it just in case. Why are you people ranting and raving about this? Do you want Monster Hunter or COD? No? Then don't buy it! If you do, then sucks for you!
The internet is fun to watch. o3o



Thwiidscube said:

@1: I know, right?

"Hey beautiful..."
Beautiful? That doesn't look too beautiful or special to me....

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