Industry analyst Michael Pachter's already thrown his weight behind 3DS to defeat Sony's forthcoming PSP2 in the next generation of the handheld wars, but he'd certainly feel happier about the machine if it were, you know, just a little more costly.

In an interview with Industry Gamers, Pachter stated he believes Nintendo is "leaving money on the table" by selling the console at less than $300 in North America.

I'm impressed that they had the confidence to charge $249; I think that they're going to regret it. It's going to sell out and they're leaving money on the table. I'm impressed that they're this consumer friendly – that really matters. So it's not shareholder friendly, but consumers are going to love the $249 price point. So $249 is a bargain, and I think this thing is going to be on eBay for $500 immediately

With European gamers paying a great deal more than their transatlantic counterparts, let's hope nobody at Nintendo takes Pachter's suggestion seriously.