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Pachter: Nintendo Should Charge More for 3DS

Posted by James Newton

$250 is just too cheap

Industry analyst Michael Pachter's already thrown his weight behind 3DS to defeat Sony's forthcoming PSP2 in the next generation of the handheld wars, but he'd certainly feel happier about the machine if it were, you know, just a little more costly.

In an interview with Industry Gamers, Pachter stated he believes Nintendo is "leaving money on the table" by selling the console at less than $300 in North America.

I'm impressed that they had the confidence to charge $249; I think that they're going to regret it. It's going to sell out and they're leaving money on the table. I'm impressed that they're this consumer friendly – that really matters. So it's not shareholder friendly, but consumers are going to love the $249 price point. So $249 is a bargain, and I think this thing is going to be on eBay for $500 immediately

With European gamers paying a great deal more than their transatlantic counterparts, let's hope nobody at Nintendo takes Pachter's suggestion seriously.


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HipsterDashie said:

Thank goodness he's talking about the US price, I nearly flipped when I saw this.

EDIT: I just noticed an article on GamesRadar that claims the trade price of a 3DS in the UK to be £173.




OMG. Get outta my face with this trash foo!!!!!! /me throws this guy into a smexi Tingle island where he gets his mind changed immediately from kinky punishment.




Does Nintendo have a patronising explaination for this one? Y'know, like they patronised the EU Nintendo gaming community with there excuses about why it was so costly?



RyuZebian said:

Yeah, I'm sick of people treating the dollar as if it was even close to the value of the euro! One euro is really worth OVER 35% more than the dollar! I'm not asking them to rise the price in the states, but maybe try to lower the price for us?! I'm not very angry about this case in particular, but very much so over this in general!



Token_Girl said:

Seriously? This guy's a market analyst? He honestly doesn't understand the US market. An 8GB iTouch is $230 and has much more nongaming functionality out of the box (and I believe a faster processor). You can guarantee adding functionality to it (though apps) will be cheaper with a more diverse selection.

Any more than that, and honestly, the next gaming device people would buy for their kids would be the iPod Touch, since it's now the cheap option. Yes, there are a few Nintendo fanatics who would still get it at that price, but aren't they better off having massive launch sales numbers? If it's sold out everywhere, more people will think "it must be awesome" and want it. More people who buy it can tell more of their friend's it's a cool device and buy it. It will get press as the "next big thing" on news stations and websites - free advertising basically, if it sells out. If store shelves are stocked, on the other hand, it'll go the opposite way. Nintendo was smart to not price it at the $300 Japanese price.



Robo-goose said:

Oh, ho, ho! How clever! He's trying to trick us into thinking that $250 is a great deal! That way, those who think it's too expensive will re-consider their thoughts, and actually buy a 3DS! Well played, well played!

EDIT: Honestly, $250 sounds like a great price, especially when considering how high the chance that we'd be paying $300 for it was.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Yeah, this is foolish. How many failed consoles for exactly this reason does he need to see before he gets it?

You don't sell somebody an exorbitantly priced console.

You sell them a fairly priced console, and then you pile on games and downloads and accessories for the life of the machine.



theblackdragon said:

What Token said. That dude is out of his mind if he thinks consumers are going to be willing to fork over their hard-earned cash hand over fist for a 3DS when Apple stands ready with cheaper alternatives and much more functionality other than gaming available in a much more portable-friendly device (face it, trying to carry a DS/i around in a normal-sized pocket is annoying at best, and the 3DS doesn't stand to change that much -- and of course there's the crappy battery life to consider as well). $250 is do-able for most, but any more than that would be turning NA consumers off just as badly as it seems to be turning off EU (and possibly soon to be AUS) consumers. :/



JonWahlgren said:

1. He's not talking to gamers, he's talking to investors when he says these things. Investors like lots of money. A higher price tag for an item that will surely sell out this fiscal year is good for them.

2. He points out how surprised he is by how consumer-friendly Nintendo is being in this case. That's a nod to us and how not-quite-as-screwed we all are by the price.

I think $250 is pretty hefty, but it's no $300 like everyone expected it to be.

EDIT: And it won't be $250 forever. Early adopters always get screwed in every case, so if you have a serious problem with the price tag then don't buy it until it comes down.



rwq said:

+1 chickenbrutus. Its like the first rule of console pricing..



ianmage1 said:

Nintendo would never sell anything at a price that is not consumer friendly, that's Sony's job!



Stargazer said:

Well, when I put 8 of these bad boys on eBay for $800.00 a pop then maybe Nintendo will learn their lesson.



LordJumpMad said:

but it should be higher?
I don't know about that guy but. I do want money left over to buy games for it, and it looks like most 3DS game are going to be $40 bucks...



James said:

@lz Jon has the advantage of having sat behind Pachter during the 3DS conference. He probably whispered it in his ear



Nintendo-64 said:

Such a thinking of that stock market/investment bank criminals caused all the financial crisis in history but mankind will never learn out of it failures.
Just please the stock holders. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!



Token_Girl said:

That's the thing. I don't think the thing's going to sell out in the US if it's $300. Maybe the first couple weeks...but after that, they'll be extras sitting on the shelves until a price drop. I don't think there are that many people who would be willing to pay that for a portable device that only does gaming. If the console fails completely (or even only does as well as the PSP in comparison to how the DS did), than that's going to be worse for investors than a smaller profit per unit now.



James said:

@KeeperBVK Michael Pachter is an analyst at Wedbush Morgan. He regularly comments on the games industry and how he thinks it could be improved. Hope that helped!



RyuZebian said:

@ Chicken Brutus
What but Apple? They sell iPhones for huge amounts of money and then make even more by app sales! The problem is probably that Nintendo think that they can charge big, like Apple... I hope they follow their way of software licensing though, which would attract a lot of independent programmers! I mean, the iPhone has made Apple grow bigger than Microsoft!

PS. Nice avatar. The only thing that distracts me from my Nintendo games at the moment is New Vegas... <3



TrueWiiMaster said:

$250 is a good price. People keep mentioning ipods being cheaper, and saying they can do more, but what can they do that the 3DS can't? They both use wi-fi internet (no 3G ipods as far as I know), they both have browsers (even if the better browser isn't going to be out at launch for the 3DS), they both have mp3 players (though the ipod probably wins there...), they both have digital stores (with the 3DS having the better games), and they both have touch screens and motion sensing (assuming we're talking about the ipod touch). What else can the ipod do? The 3DS can play games in 3D, has two screens, and thousands of DS games available at launch, with 3DS games to follow, not to mention the guarantee that Nintendo will be making many of those games. Will someone please tell me why getting an ipod is a better value than the 3DS!?
I was just in a store when I was shocked to see a 64GB ipod touch selling for over $320. I know 64GB is a lot more than the packed-in 2 GB of the 3DS, but still, it costs almost $100 more! Just for storage! I could have a 32GB 3DS (which would pretty much have me covered for the life of the system and beyond) on launch day for about $300, and be able to enjoy the first ever portable gaming in 3D, not to mention the future portable 3D movies and numerous other features of the 3DS.

P.S.-If you compare it to the iphone, don't forget to mention the 2 year $50/month contract you have to sign to get that particular smartphone.



Slapshot said:

Jon pretty much summed up my thoughts. Pachter is is actually one of a very few, in the way of video games market analyst go. He can be wrong, it's not a problem, as long as he is close, and counter on another side of the market to balance him out, he is making millions for his investors.

His words either make investors jump in with everything, or proceed with caution. His comments aren't suppose to make any sense to the average gamer, and he doesn't care about brand loyalty, it's all about money to him. He is actually a interesting, and extremely hard working guy.



Objection said:

@odnetnin-i think thats what he was going for.
Pachter: you are wrong. not in your opinion, but in that you think NA would accept such a price point. If Ninty did that, they surely would have had to drop the price before summer and it would have looked really bad. Now the 3DS won't see a price drop for at least a year (when the Lite version comes out. (My predictions.)
@truewiimaster-what can the itouch/iphone do that the DSi/3DS can't? Play music (in a format people actually use,) play movies (already purchased for computer and/or that come for free with movies with "digital copies") and have some solid to great games usually for $1-5. That's actually 3 really important advantages to the system.



Slapshot said:

@OB... I disagree, I think if the console launched with a $300 price tag, the system would still sell completely out, and investors would get a much higher return on their money. Nintendo could then drop the price a few months after launch.

As a gamer, I like the $249 price point much better.



shenstra said:

You know, I'm with Pachter on this one. The man is often wrong, but that's just because he dares speak his mind. We can all make fun of him and his bad predictions, but he's the one rolling in money.

Purely from a economic perspective, I think the US price for the 3DS is lower than it should be. We pretty much know the product is going to be a success and that it's going to have long term support. It's going to sell well at launch, then sales will very slowly taper off until the inevitable price cut. Given Nintendo's popularity, the overwhelming success of their handhelds in the past and the hotness of glasses free 3D, I think they could easily sell a few million units at $300, drop to $250 a month or two before Christmas and keep it at $250 for at least a year. They could even have launched at $350, dropped to $300 before Christmas and dropped to $250 at the start of summer 2012.

Even if you only get an extra $50 for the first five million units sold, that's $250.000.000 extra income. If that leads to slightly slower market penetration, so be it. I don't think Nintendo is worried about that anyway. Sony's PSP2 is going to come too late, so for the first few months, the 3DS will pretty much just be competing with the DSi XL (Nintendo wins either way) and iProducts (which don't compete with dedicated handheld gaming devices nearly as directly as a lot of people (including Pachter) say).



theblackdragon said:

@Slappy: I think if it launched with a $300/+ price tag, there would be a lot of people doing like the EU crowd -- they're gonna sit and wait until the price drops before purchasing it, eventually getting it when it hits that $250-ish sweet spot anyway. Nintendo would stand to make a little more money at the outset from early adopters, but (especially with the PSP2 about to be revealed or whatever) they'd run the risk of losing a decent chunk of those people who otherwise would've been okay with dropping $250 immediately, as they might decide to keep saving their money for what the competition has to offer instead. It's a race to stay on top, and if they can't lock in those extra consumers from the jump, the 3DS won't perform as well as it possibly could with games, accessories, and downloadable content in the long run.



Slapshot said:

@TBD..... you might just be right. I'm no analyst that is for sure.

I was actually going to sit and wait on a price drop myself if it did indeed receive a $300 price tag. If I can swing the $250 though at launch, I will be buying day one.



warioswoods said:

Is that the cover of Dead Space: Extraction in the background? What?! I must be seeing things.

Edit: It is!


Dead Space and a one way sign? What?! Where the hell is he standing?



StuffyStuff said:

I tend to agree with this Patcher guy. The 3DS is such a unique item and with all the 3D craze lately, I think it would have easily sold for $300 bucks at launch. People were paying absurd amounts to get a Wii on ebay three years ago.



Ecto-1 said:

I can sort of see his point, although, being a consumer, I am glad the price point is lower. The higher price would please investors and possibly help prevent shortages like the Wii experienced early in its lifetime. Keep in mind that if a console sells out, it may help convince the consumer of its quality, but the consumer might also choose to settle for more readily available system. There has to be a balance between pricing for the consumer and pricing for investors. Personally, I think the $250 price point is a good starting price.

On a slightly related side note, Pachter says he thinks Nintendo has "blown it" with their second generation Wii strategy. Funny, I don't recall Nintendo ever saying they were going to make a second Wii.



aaronsullivan said:

First on topic: This guy is mostly right for the same reasons some have said above, but there are perception issues that Nintendo has to deal with here and iPod Touch and iPhone are becoming much closer competitors.

About the iPod Touch vs. the 3DS: If Nintendo didn't have it's 1st party games coming to the 3DS, I would personally dismiss it as an impressive gimmick, but never consider buying it. As it IS the bearer of Nintendo treasures, I can't WAIT to get my hands on it.

As for more iPod Touch advantages: it's much more portable with more app diversity. Indie market that brings fresh gaming ideas more quickly to market and at seriously low prices. If you share an account with family or friends you can buy a game once and share it across 5 devices simultaneously. Transferring to upgraded devices (which happens yearly) is effortless. Doesn't look like a toy. For $99 a year you can develop apps and games on it with a tiny fraction of the restrictions you might have when developing for the DS and full access to the exact development tools everyone else uses.

Of course there are big downsides if you want it purely for gaming,
namely the lack of traditional input (no control pad or physical buttons) and a less precise (but more sensitive) touch screen, i.e. you can't use a sharp stylus point on it.



andyutd97 said:

Relax Hes Just Worried Coz His precious PSP2 is gonna cost a arm and a leg for a console which is not a patch on the 3DS.



Balaclavab said:

No, i think the price should depend on how much Nintendo use the DS and the software- I paid £30 for Wii speak, but it was only compatible for 3 games!! What a waste, i used it once! But if it was for lots of games, then its a fair amount.

Same with the DSi
I think its waste- but only because Nintendo bought it out, and then forgot about it- there aren't many games on DSiware that are worth downloading etc. I should never have sold my Ds lite.

So when they bring the 3DS out, im might wait to see what Nintendo actually do with it, and how they use it before I get one. That will make the difference between £250 and £300 I think



SuperLink said:

This dude needs to mind his own business. I mean yeah, he's a market analyst (which means it is his business, I guess) but he shouldn't be saying that we should pay MORE! He might give Nintendo ideas....




I've played games on apple devices before. Though fun, alternative-sh and interesting they were very, very unsatifying and in terms of raw gaminng - not that good....that is also for casual gaming btw...just didn't feel like a proper gaming device at all....just my opinion.



DrCruse said:

Since this guy has been wrong EVERY other time he has tried to predict the future of the market, I'm going to guess that the 3DS will sell poorly because of its high price.



Gamesake said:

Consumer friendly, huh? Nintendo charges 500 Wii points for 25 year old video games we've already bought from them once before. These people don't leave money on the table.



TrueWiiMaster said:

1. From what I've seen the 3DS will be able to play mp3 or aac music files. Maybe I heard wrong, but either way, all it takes is a click to change the format.
2. Nintendo has already said that the 3DS will be able to play movies later, even in 3D (which the ipod cannot do). We may not know the extent of that movie-playing ability, but we know it WILL be able to do so.
3. Though the ipod does have a very large collection of apps to choose from, many of them are junk (even moreso than on Nintendo's eshops). Of what remains after removing the trash, probably most are either organizational aids or VERY simple games. I know there are some good games on there too, but probably no more than there are on DSiware, which will be available on the 3DS. As for the price range of $1-5, there are many entertaining games that match or exceed the quality of the app store's games available on DSiware for just that, and, though nobody knows for sure, I expect the GB and GBC games to be along those prices as well. And then there's also the 3DSware to look forward to.
As I said before, what does the ipod do that the 3DS can't? I admit the ipod is better as an mp3 player, but personally I'm looking for something that plays games, and the 3DS wins that category hands-down. So what makes the ipod a better value?!
P.S.-I've actually had no problem fitting the bulky original DS in my pocket. I can see how it might be inconvenient if you were wearing tight pants or pants with particularly small pockets, but then the ipod touch isn't THAT much smaller. It would be less inconvenient but inconvenient nonetheless. Besides, there's also durability to consider. My experience with ipods hasn't been very good. Everyone I know who has had one has had problems with them if they fall. My DS, on the other hand, has survived several drops unhurt, and my brother's has survived more than several drops, sometimes on concrete, with only a few scratches. Nintendo is well-known for making very durable portables.



XCWarrior said:

Pachter can burn in hell. He needs to shut up and video game sites need to stop quoting him.



komicturtle said:

I hope those planning on selling 3DS' on Ebay for ridiculous prices get rejected. The audacity of some people to buy a console just to sell for a high price- that console could have gone to someone who was looking forward to getting one at the price the company originally marked it. Good luck on getting 3 or so systems. Hope it sells out by the time you try to get your 2nd. Karma can be a.. You know what.

Really pathetic how people think these days.

Anyways, I don't trust this guy. If it were $350, he'd say "It's too high."
There are a few instances where Patcher goes back on what he says and shows how lost the poor man is.



Objection said:

@truewiimaster-the music comment was based on DSi. I'm pretty sure they haven't yet confirmed all music details for 3DS.
-Keep in mind, I know about the movies (in 3D) eventually coming for 3DS. But if they are a seperate, full-priced deal, then the itouch is a better way to go since you get digital copies for free and they work on multiple devices (computer AND i-whatever.) 3DS movies will likely be full-priced and don't run on anything else, unlike DVDs and Digital Copies.
-Yes there is tons of junk on the app store. But there is more great games on it than the DSiWare shop. And no, most of the great DSiWare games do not fall in that cheap range, they are 500 to 1200 points (twice as much.) Still great deals for what they are, but not quite able to compete with App Store.

I, of course, would love for Nintendo to turn the table with this platform on all the points I am making. I WANT the 3DS to be amazing/the best. But so far, I'm not sold. Not just yet.



astarisborn94 said:

I know I'm doing this from a consumer perspective, but this is seriously the worst thing I've ever heard from Patcher. Nintendo raising the price to $300 would considerably hurt the initial audience and would force a price drop in less then twelve months. The fact that we only have to pay $250 is a fantastic deal for such a powerful hardware. I don't see how it makes a single sense to me.

@Jon Wahlgren: As we obviously agree on, higher prices =/= more money for investors. As a matter of fact, higher prices usually turn people away from such products and if it gets high enough, will backfire on investors. Look at the PS3 launch price ($499 for 20 GB model and $599 for the 60 GB model). Extremely expensive, many gamers could not afford it, and I would imagine that many investors for Sony lost a ton of money with the PS3 and moved on with Nintendo, Microsoft and/or other companies that allowed investors.



SuperSonic said:

What's with this guy?! I also think the 3DS is WORTH $300, but it's great that Nintendo priced it $250! If he thinks this is TOO consumer friendly, Nintendo could earn their money at a slower rate (because of the 3DS's manufacturing price) cuz they're filthy rich! Nintendo could just expensively price their next awesome system to catch up to their rate's original state!



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

,-, Trade-ins at Gamestop, could help gamers, ya know. I'm saving up credit like crazy to get the 4 things I want in March. Okamiden, Pokemon Black & White, and the 3DS. Its going to be the most expensive month of this year for me. (On a side note. I hope the PSP2 is UMD compatible. I was so looking forward to the PSPGo till I found out it didn't have a UMD drive. Sony better not disappoint me again!)



TrueWiiMaster said:

I just checked, and unless my source is wrong, the 3DS can indeed play both mp3 and aac music files.
As you said, we don't know much about the 3DS movie service. That said, I doubt Nintendo will follow in the footsteps of the GBA videos and PSP UMD's (both of which pretty much failed) by releasing hard copies of the movies specifically for the 3DS. I'd say it's more likely there will be some sort of rental service or streaming. Personally I hope they use netflix, if possible. Such a feature would compound the value of the 3DS significantly (and be really, really awesome). It also wouldn't be out of place. I'm pretty sure Netflix releasing on the Wii proved to very profitable.
According to a list I found, there are 222 DSiware games currently available in the US for $2-5. I know many of these games are junk, but there some good ones; enough to keep me happy anyway. There are 10 electroplankton minis for $2 each, for example. There are also 9 Game 'n' Watch games for $2 each. Moving into the $5 range, there are 7 art style games. In addition to these are many other great, cheap games like Earthworm Jim, Brain Age sudoku, and Chronos Twins. And all of the games available came to be in less than 2 years. The 3DS starts with all that, plus the virtual console (which I still think will be an excellent source of high-quality cheap games), plus the 3DSware.



nmozdzier said:

Good lord Mr. Person, you have to think about the logistics too, is it reasonable to sell a handheld for 300? Is it nice to sell for that much? What about in the long run, with that pricepoint, sure you'll get all of the hardcore gamers to buy it in the beginning, and I'm sure they'll sell every one of those 4 million 3DSs to the world. But when does the fountain of hardcore gamers run out, and casual gamers want in, will they spend that much?



Peznaze said:

He really isn't wrong. The 3DS is cheaper in NA than anywhere else. VERY consumer-friendly. They should do what always has been done - soak the early adopters and drop the price in time for the holidays. That makes everybody angry! heh



SteveW said:

Love $249? well... maybe if the screens weren't so small. I was shocked at the high price of $249...



Elxar said:

I thought the if price will be $200 then it will sell like the Wii did. Anymore than the initial price of the Wii would be ludicurous.



Capt_N said:

Part of me feels that he was paid by Nintendo to say that, making people accept the $250 price. Even though he's a financial adviser, I still get the feeling this was advertising for N. Then again, I could be wrong. I wouldn't be surprised either way.



RandomMan85 said:

In my opinion he's not wrong. That's a good deal you guys have. It's europe that's getting a raw deal, as usual. It's going to cost £230 in England. If you convert that into dollars that's roughly $365! Out of curiosity, how may of you would be willing to pay $365 for one?



zane said:

What the are you americans complaining about? The 3ds in europe will sell for the americand price times 2 meaning it will sell for bloody 470 bucks!? Be effin glad that you get it for free because it is us who pay the price for you getting it so cheap. Blargh....

oh 376 dollars my bad... But still bloody expensive and you have the nerve to complain. Hilarious and vile



Kirk said:

Man, some people don't have a clue.

$250 is already too expensive...and in the UK it's around £230!

It's a joke!



theblackdragon said:

@zane: it's more expensive in Europe, so we shouldn't complain? by that logic, no one on earth should complain about the price of anything, not food and drink nor clothing nor shelter just because it's more expensive in some other country. an expensive product is an expensive product, and something taking this big a bite out of everyone's budget is bound to have people on all sides complaining.

also, how is NoE going to 'carry' everyone else? They've already sold their product to the stores, they've already made their money, same as NoA, NoAUS, and NoJ. last i checked they weren't the ones tacking on exorbitant markups and taxes afterthefact :/

and what are we getting for free? i must've missed that part... ?



AVahne said:

This guy seriously doesn't know who Nintendo is if he thinks they'll charge more for a game system.



Hardy83 said:

One of the rare times I disagree with him. I think it should be LOWER.

He would agree that Apple is competition, and their 199 4th gen Ipod Touch will probably say a lot of parents looking at their wallet.
Heck the PSP now stands at a pretty cheap price point.

I expect it to sell but there's a lot more competition out there then when the DS was released.



NassaDane said:

Whats dumb about this article is the thing says nothing about who this person is. He probably is just a friend of the writers.



James said:

@NassaDane Yep, me and Michael Pachter are best friends. Why, just the other day we went for a hot dog and then fed the ducks.

Michael Pachter is an analyst at Wedbush Morgan. He regularly comments on the games industry and how he thinks it could be improved. Hope that helped!



StarDust4Ever said:

That is the biggest load of doo I've ever heard. Nintendo would be a fool to raise it any higher.

The launch prices on nintendo handhelds:
Original Game Boy (phat) - US $89.99
Virtual Boy - US $149.99 [epic fail]
Game Boy Color - US $79.99
Game Boy Advance - US $99.99
DS (phat) - US $149.99
3DS - US $249.99 wtf

Notice that all of Nintendo's handhelds were successful, excluding Virtual Boy. For comparison's sake, compare the launch price of Game Boy to it's competitors:

Original Game Boy (phat) - US $89.99 [win]
Atari Lynx - US $189.99 [fail]
Game Gear - US $149.99 [lackluster sales]

Both Game Boy's competitors had full color active matrix screens (which also ate batteries like Pacman eats pellets), but the main reason they flopped was price. 3DS is getting dangerously high at the US $250 launch price. Had it been $300, another measly 50 bucks, and I would have went to Gamestop and canceled my preorder. Also compare Wii to PS3 at launch:

Wii - US $249.99
PS3 - US $499.99 or US $599.99

PS3 was twice as expensive, and it lost the console war. PS3s were sitting on store shelves collecting dust while the Wii was sold out for nearly two years - And don't get me started on Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death

Michael Pachter can take his money stats and shove them in a furnace!



xPOTATOx said:

250$ is just a good price for the 3DS. Does he not understand that when you buy a handheld, you not only need the handheld itself, you need games, which are now gonna cost 40$. Accessories, like cases, and what not. Sometimes points for the DSiWare Shop and stuff. He doesn't understand this either:
An 8gb iPod Touch is only up to about 240$, and includes a fast processor, and cheap apps to go along with it, with music, videos, and internet - touch screen (obviously), but iTunes Cards are only 15 - 25$ (depending on how much of itunes money you want).

But 250$ for the 3DS, with probably atleast 2 or 3 games to go along with it, which would be 100$ or higher. Not just gonna buy the handheld without any games. O_o

I think he just says this to make us mad, its a good thing hes not head of Nintendo. xD



X-145 said:

Europeans are geting a crappy deal. If my calculator was working right, then the Euro equivalent to the US price would be about 190 Euros. But still, look at all the features that are packed into this device. Street and Spot pass, improved online, astonishing graphics, and, hell,
3D EFFECTS WITHOUT THOSE SUCKISH GLASSES. Less whinny, more spendy. its not like your going to buy DOZENS of these things for THOUSANDS of USD/Euros (to make a point for each sided). So put your differances aside and enjoy the 3DS before the
3DSi Lite XL, comes out (Not to mention Nintendo's competition's next system)!



homerhomer said:

Everything I've seen from this "Analyst" Patcher guy seems to be flame bait. I really don't like how these video game pundits come out and just talk crap, Just to cause a stir with a online community or forum. BTW - $250 is not exactly cheap! This is meant to be a toy! And if Nintendo sell out of product, then they will make more, that's the way it works.



zeldafan42 said:

ok this guy needs to calm down, nintendo is really being nice here, i mean if you think about the tech going into the device, it's outsanding! i mean who cares what the price is, i mean if sony or microsoft had and used this tech the way nintenod did we would easily be paying over 350$ for that!

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