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Sat 18th Dec 2010

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homerhomer commented on Pachter: Nintendo Should Charge More for 3DS:

Everything I've seen from this "Analyst" Patcher guy seems to be flame bait. I really don't like how these video game pundits come out and just talk crap, Just to cause a stir with a online community or forum. BTW - $250 is not exactly cheap! This is meant to be a toy! And if Nintendo sell out of product, then they will make more, that's the way it works.



homerhomer commented on Review: Black Tiger (Virtual Console / Virtual...:

This game rocks! I've played this game a lot and I think this game is way easier than ghost and goblins. I love how there is hidden stuff to find ( elephant on the first stage ) The enemies pretty much all have patterns and they are not too hard to learn. I really like how the level design is not just walking left to right and it really makes each level feel special. Probably the hardest part about this game is the jumping in the later stages, just to help ya out, You need to press diagonal up and right when you jump on one of the later stages.

I'll buy it, but I wish Capcom would just release there classics collection on the Wii



homerhomer commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

There's so much crappy shovel-ware, I think the a lot of are use to looking at reviews first. Cheaper would sell more consoles, but I think that Wii has pretty much saturated the market. How about making the Nintendo Seal of Quality really mean something? And the issues with EA is that last year's Madden game is going to be 9.99 and this year's is $49.99. I imagine that if I needed a football game I'd get last years.