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Wed 27th Oct 2010

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xPOTATOx commented on DJ Hero 3D:

Well, looks like we won't be getting this anymore.
R.I.P Guitar Hero - DJ Hero.



xPOTATOx commented on Pachter: Nintendo Should Charge More for 3DS:

250$ is just a good price for the 3DS. Does he not understand that when you buy a handheld, you not only need the handheld itself, you need games, which are now gonna cost 40$. Accessories, like cases, and what not. Sometimes points for the DSiWare Shop and stuff. He doesn't understand this either:
An 8gb iPod Touch is only up to about 240$, and includes a fast processor, and cheap apps to go along with it, with music, videos, and internet - touch screen (obviously), but iTunes Cards are only 15 - 25$ (depending on how much of itunes money you want).

But 250$ for the 3DS, with probably atleast 2 or 3 games to go along with it, which would be 100$ or higher. Not just gonna buy the handheld without any games. O_o

I think he just says this to make us mad, its a good thing hes not head of Nintendo. xD



xPOTATOx commented on Paper Mario:

Oh my god! I already have a million must buys for the 3DS... better start saving my money!



xPOTATOx commented on Nintendogs + Cats:

I enjoyed the first Nintendogs game, but that was years ago on the NDS, now a Nintendogs + Cats + MIIS???? Awesome! I just hope this game has alot of features and things to do, unlike the other Nintendogs.



xPOTATOx commented on Mario Kart:

How about some wifi updates?
Maybe you can have a friend join you and you can both search for a game? How about a little more customization.. more karts and characters? maybe new tracks for the history of Mario Kart? we'll have to wait and see. I have high expectations for this game.



xPOTATOx commented on Music On: Drums:

Looks stupid, unless the trailer is messed up, because you don't even hit on an actual looking drum set! Was waiting for a Music On: Drums, but this looks absolutely awful.



xPOTATOx commented on Review: Tetris Party Live (DSiWare):

This game was awesome at first, but then got very repetitive. The wifi isn't all you think it is, but when you do local play, you can actually chat in between games using the DSi Mic. It is a waste of 500 points, should be 200.

& sort of agree with Scribblenaut2000 up there.
But if you want tetris, then whatever, waste your money.



xPOTATOx commented on Review: LEGO Rock Band (DS):

The songlist is very weak, but the game itself looks fun. Considering buying this. Does anyone know if you use the touch screen for the notes?



xPOTATOx commented on Review: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (DS):

Just got this game hours ago and have been playing it since. This game is awesome, they really did do an amazing job. The wifi is very cool. The game is HIGHLY better than Mario Kart DS, it seems as if they took Mario Kart and took everything out of it that made the game bad, and added better features. Mario Kart is 35 bucks, and this game is even better with a price of only 18 bucks!!! What a great deal! If your thinking about this game, buy it. AWESOME. By the way, this should be rated 9, not 8. Mario Kart DS should be 8 instead of 9.



xPOTATOx commented on Review: Sonic Classic Collection (DS):

I got this and didn't really like it at all. I was looking forward to it, and when I first popped it in, every button I clicked, all I could hear was that annoying: "Seeeegaaaaaaaaa"! & holy cow, does that drive you crazy. & half of the games you don't even have to play them, you could just let go of your DS and it will play for you automatically. Theres no multiplayer, there are so many frame issues and bugs, and the game runs so terribly. This is not worth its price, just get Sonic Colors for a few dollars more!



xPOTATOx commented on Review: WarioWare: Snapped! (DSiWare):

This game is very fun....until you take an hour to find a good lighting adjustment to actually start the game. Once you beat a course/(coaster), its pretty funny to see what they do with the camera. I think it should be worth 200 points though, not 500, but if your looking for fun with the camera and have the time to move around your house for the lighting adjustment to agree with your surroundings, then buy it.



xPOTATOx commented on Review: Arcade Hoops Basketball (DSiWare):

This game is worth the 200 points, it is fun to just pull out and play on the go. I don't necessarily recommend it over other games you can get, but if you wanna shoot hoops on your DSi, then get this.



xPOTATOx commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd November 2010 (North A...:

I bought this game right when it came out and its one of the best DSiWares I own... If you have another household family member, and they have the same game, you can do a voice chat in between lobbys of the Tetris game. There are 2 online game modes, duel space, and a regular tetris battle. They're is also single player. Avatars, Backgrounds, and everything you could ask for a 500 point game. But seriously, buy this. You won't regret! _



xPOTATOx commented on A New Appointment With the Brain Training Seri...:

Wow.. I hate how now there are actually discussions about games being on 3DS or DS. I just bought my DSi XL! I don't have the money for a dang 3DS. You kidding? 3DS should just use the same game card so it works with all DS systems. Not just one. IOh, riots, here we come.



xPOTATOx commented on Crafting Mama:

This looks like a fun game for people who are into crafting and such. My sister really thinks she will enjoy this. When she buys it I will see how it is. Doesn't look half bad.



xPOTATOx commented on Rytmik: Rock Edition Just 200 Points in North ...:

I have been looking DSiWare all over to find a decent 200 point game. I already have Army Defender and all the other decent ones, and I was thinking about spending 10$ on 1000 points just to get this. Now come its only 200 points?! AWESOME! Will be sold the first day, hahaha.



xPOTATOx commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops (DS):

Ehh, looks like a huge improvement from the last CoD games on DS. This game has better controls and graphics, but don't expect anything newer. Looks great, though. Good Review!