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Rumour: Nintendo Japan Celebrating Mario's Birthday with Super Mario Collection

Posted by James Newton

Super Mario All-Stars may be Wii-bound after all

It's a source of constant frustration to Virtual Console fans that Super Mario All-Stars isn't available on the download platform: the inability to enjoy some of Mario's greatest adventures with improved Super NES graphics and sound has annoyed many, but fear not, for an end to the frustration may be in sight.

Nintendo of Japan held a retailer briefing recently, giving release dates for upcoming titles such as Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Kirby's Epic Yarn, but the most tantalising tidbit of information was the revelation of Super Mario Collection Special Pack for Wii, a revival of the Super Famicom's Super Mario Collection which was of course known as Super Mario All-Stars abroad.

Accompanying the game – details of which are currently thin on the ground – will be a booklet detailing Mario's 25 years of gaming history, as well as a soundtrack CD featuring samples from the original Super Mario Bros. right up to Super Mario Galaxy 2.

According to sources, Super Mario Collection Special Pack is set for release on October 21st priced at ¥2,500 – roughly $30 or £20. We'll have more information as it reaches us.


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timp29 said:

Yeah, definitely one for the collectors! Also very sneaky because anyone who has ponied up the $$'s for VC releases will probably end up buying this anyway if it is priced cheaply enough.



Bass_X0 said:

I would prefer the NES games to be remade in 3D graphics but play EXACTLY as they originally did rather than a port of Super Mario All Stars. Feel free to use New Super Mario Bros Wii's graphics. Even if it is a port of the SNES game, I hope this gets released outside of Japan.

I'd also quite like Super Mario Land 1 & 2 to be added and updated the same way. Use existing graphics if necessary. Say, SMB3's graphics for SML1 and Super Mario World's graphics for SML 2. I would also like the e-reader levels to be included for Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Vs. stages from GBC Super Mario Bros. DX. Just go wild Nintendo, cram as much retro content in the game as possible.



Jon2 said:

If this doesn't come to Europe I will get me a Japanese Wii.



Golgo said:

re-release of a compendium re-release that has already been broken up for individual re-releases? did i get that right? happy birthday.



mecoy said:

this is amazing i still think i might get the original cartridge for christmas through



Wolfcoyote said:

@Bass X0: You're kinda asking a lot for a console that has one foot in the grave by now. Then again, SMW and SMW2 re-drawn using NSMB's engine would be INSANE. However, only experienced old-school gamers would purchase it due to the nostalgia factor unless the control scheme is the same as NSMB.

You know what? I purchased SMB, SMB3 and SMW for Virtual Console already but should this package be released in NA I'm still going to grab it. I loved playing All-Stars back in the mid-90s (I was late to the SNES party as I was a Genesis/CD/32X owner); that compilation was so fun that it inspired me to go searching for more SNES games before they were cleared from shelves. It's because of All-Stars that my new N64, refurbished Saturn and all of my old Sega junk gathered dust.



Kirk said:

It needs to be the version with Super Mario World included and if they were being really nice they would include Yoshi's Island too.



DrCruse said:

The only problem is that Super Mario All Stars on the SNES lacked the control, sound and graphical quality of the NES games. I would much rather play on the NES carts than All Stars.



NeoRausch said:

i dont want to destroy everything but...the guys over at NeoGAF translated the japanese text which seems to say it's going to be a very limited print.



NintyMan said:

I've had good memories of playing this as a kid, but I still have that main cartridge and I prefer playing the 8-bit originals. I wouldn't mind if it came over here though.



DiggerandIndy said:

Ha! I've had the cart for a while, so I'm not worried. I still think this game's better than the NES game. ;-P



Mario_maniac said:

How awesome would it be if the games had NSMBW-style graphics? But um, I doubt that. = (

Here's hoping it reaches everywhere, and really, Nintendo would be stupid to crush that dream.



Bass_X0 said:

However, only experienced old-school gamers would purchase it due to the nostalgia factor unless the control scheme is the same as NSMB.

Perhaps there could be two play controls - original and new (complete with wall jumps, ground pound and other new techniques added to recent Mario games. Maybe the games could be zoomed out to fill a screen the size of NSMBW with perhaps four players playing at the same time as a new feature?



FonistofCruxis said:

I hope they're NSMB style remakes and not just a port of super mario all-stars. BTW Am I the only one who counts this as Mario's 29th birthday?



LittleIrves said:

@mariofanatic128: Hey, I just turned 29! But I bet no one wants a special Collection of me...
Um, anyway. The most excited part of this rumor is the soundtrack. Compilation of Mario tunes throughout the entire series? I'd import it for the CD alone.
(and I also sort of prefer the NES versions to the All-Star remakes, even though the ability to play 1-3 + lost levels on one cart is phenomenal)



Objection said:

VC release would be nice, as a disc release seems pointless unless there's some serious upgrades, features, etc. I do hope it finds its way here in one form or another though.



bro2dragons said:

if it comes to the states, i'll be a weird form of ticked off and excited. i'll get it for sure.. but i'll be upset i spent $5 on Super Mario Bros. 2, when i could have gotten Blaster Master or Ninja Gaiden or any number of other things instead and just had this to satisfy my turnip throwing needs.



ToastyYogurt said:

This is probably a collection of the Super Mario games with new graphics, considering you can already buy SMB games on VC. Do want!



bezerker99 said:

I'm glad this game MIGHT see the light of day, however - I was never a fan of updated sound and graphics. Give me the original NES ones any day o' the week.



TKOWL said:

Please, please, PLEASE HAPPEN. I'm a HUGE Mario Fan, and that would be a dream come true.



motang said:

I say too many remakes, but I am sucker and will most likely buy it if it came out in the US.



Earendel68 said:

I really don't think this will happen; the games from the NES platform would be left aside. Nintendo won't allow that...



Digiki said:

NSMB has poor art direction, and is ugly in comparison to the 2D games, not sure why anyone would want the games uglified...



super-nintendo said:

YES!!!!!!!!! I NEEED THIS IN MY NINTY COLLECTION!!! Plese Nintendo bring it to the USA A.S.A.P. The CD alone or the book alone I would pay $30 for but all together with the games on a Wii Disc (probably with advanced saving data)? Golden value.



OldBoy said:

I get the sneaking suspision that this will be a Club Nintendo type thing.Probably costing a bazillion stars ,if it is released in Europe though as a retail disc then I will be buying it Day one.



XD375 said:

No, ArmoredGoomba, I want to be able to get this without buying tons of shovelware in order to get Nintendo coins.



Token_Girl said:

Ugh. I spent $28 already on the games on VC. Hopefully this will come out in NA around the same time as the 3DS. If it looks like this gen won't get a transfer solution I may pick it up for posterity.



James said:

Seems Nplus is going off the same source as our story. We'll see what evolves on this one and keep you all informed!



MeloMan said:

Just give me SMA + World on the VC, 1000 Wii Points, and we're even Nintendo.



Capt_N said:

Maybe the cd portion of it is just a compilation of the Mario cds that have already been available in Japan for years now. As for the games' graphics, & nostalgia, I always have been, & still am of the opinion, that the original Nes graphics are better for the SMB games. Same for World, & Yoshi's Island keeping their original SNes style. I think it'd be cool if much like All-Stars button switching/mapping, you could also switch the graphics.

I'm guessing however, that the highlight of this collection will be the sound cds. & that some of the cds will be, like I already said, remix cds that are already available in Japan.



MetalMario said:


I dont care if I already have 3 copies of each one of those this is awesome!!



Knux said:

Sounds awesome, but I need more information from Nintendo before I buy it. Hopefully, it will be more than just a simple port of Super Mario All-Stars.



Don said:

Come on, need a release in the US and EU! Nintendo, if you are reading this, you know what to do.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I could not imagine why Nintendo would not release it world wide (U.S. included). I know I would buy it in a heart beat.

I still have not downloaded any of the 8 bit Mario games because I have been holding out for Super Mario All Stars. It looks like my wait will soon come to an end.



JDesensitized said:

Mario 64 remade in Galaxy's engine would be a great extra (too bad it'll never happen), but I already own All Stars, so this doesn't really appeal to me.



Pj1 said:

In the UK at the moment Nintendo are still advertsing Mario Kart- Wii, New Super Mario bros and Galaxy 2. At the end of the advert a voice over says 'Mario Part of the family for 25 years' I wondered the other day (dreaming is a better word for it) I wonder how will Nintendo celebrate Mario's birthday, will they release a Mario All stars type game that has the Mario collection games on it, Mario 64, Mario sunshine and or maybe Galaxy 1. Then I felt that we should all get the Mario All stars game on VC, reading that it's being considered for Japan is really exciting for me. When I was 13 I traded in my Mega drive for a SNES and the pack the guy gave me was Mario All Stars, I really love that game, I had played Mario World before I bought a SNES and had played Mario bros but I prefared the All star games to the Nes ones. I totally appricate that if it hadn't been for the nes games Mario might not had ever exsisted....... that and if Shigeru Miyamoto had never went to work for Nintendo.

Also I hope Nintendo treat us in the UK (Europe), North America and Japan equally, i.e I hope we can get a Mario soundtrack here and it won't just appear on e-bay for silly prices. Oh and I'm happy to pay 2500 points for the game...



rwq said:

It should be on vc should it not? Being a SNES creation an all.



StarDust4Ever said:

Drool. Japan always gets better stuff than us. They should bundle SNES All Stars + Super Mario World (and give us a menu option to select either classic SNES sprites or 3D New Mario Bros style sprites) with an enhanced resolution Mario 64, Mario 64 "Lost Levels" (aka Mario 128) and a New Play Control version of Sunshine, all on one Wii disc, and please release it in N.A + PAL territories for good measure



NintendoWorld1 said:

It's not a rumour a certain Asian site is taking pre-orders! I've ordered it because it will be rare at some point!

Just hope we get a PAL version and they do one in NTSC...

I'd rather get it than Mario Party.....

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