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Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong

Posted by James Newton

Maybe he's finally coming back to kick some tail

Most famous for its Metroid Prime series of course, Retro Studios has been rather quiet since completing work on Samus's first person odyssey, with nary a snifter of information slipping from its Texan headquarters. Here's an intriguing rumour courtesy of IGN, however: the studio is working on bringing Donkey Kong back to Wii.

Although the ape has made two appearances on Wii so far in the form of Jungle Beat and Barrel Blast, neither were conceived as Wii titles, the former falling under the New Play Control banner and the latter originally developed for GameCube before making the leap to motion controls.

Under the direction of Retro we could see a completely different outing for DK, though colour us very surprised if it comes out as a first-person shooter. We'll know more on Tuesday, or not, as the case may be.


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Xkhaoz said:

I trust Retro and all, but all they've made are FPSs and FPAs. I don't see you Donkey Kong would work in first person.



Ryon said:

I was never really a fan of DK, especially in brawl those bastards.

but in anycase if DK gets a new side scrolling game similar to Donkey Kong Country, i'd definately get it.

To me thats where he shined the most.



bro2dragons said:

i've been hoping for a while this was the case. the way they reinvented the metroid franchise and brought it to the forefront of Nintendo's library after a console-long hiatus was amazing. if they could do the same with DK after he's totally failed on the console front (having a flagship character whose entire series is controlled by a gimmicky peripheral is not really the way to treat a 30-year-old mascot), i'd be STOKED. another DKC or DK64 would be incredible and finally the return to form the big lug needs.



kevohki said:

I was hoping Retro was working on either Star Fox or Kid Icarus. Bummer.



Machu said:

Dammit! I too had told myself Retro were working on Starfox. Oh well, this is still good news.



edhe said:

Ooh, Chimpanzee that MONKEY NEWS!

Nintendo's DK related games have been generally niche since they took back development from RARE, but as long as it isn't a Racing game, as long as it isn't a puzzle game and as long as it isn't a bongo game, I'll look forward to the news when it comes.



vdallos said:

@7. Machu: Yes StarFox was a loud calling....but DK is very good...hoping for side scrolling, the FPS in Metroid are master pieces but the jungle of DK should be seen in other point of view according to me.



Pegasus said:

Hm. A DK FPS? Not sure I could handle all that poo-flinging. =P

Seeing how Retro has been quiet for almost three years now they better have something (anything) to show soon.



Conker3000 said:

I really hope people are joking about the DK FPS stuff.

I know Retro is known for Metroid FPS, but before Metroid Prime games, they were working on Raven Blade, a car combat game, and a football game. The idea that Retro can't handle anything but FPS games is retarded, plain and simple.



tassakos said:

If this happens i'll definately jizz in my pants.. I'm hoping that they stick to Rare's Donkey Kong Country model though.. and forget about all the spin offs of donkey kong as a climber which sucked.



maka said:

Hope they don't look at DK64 for inspiration as that game was so boring, but I'm curious at what they can do with it. I loved Jungle Beat as a GC game. It was an excellent 2d platformer with a great control system. I'm sure the experience is not as good on the wii without the phisical feel of the bongos...

Anyway, I too was hoping they were working on something else... a good Starfox game would be excellent. I also want a new F-Zero although I'd rather Nintendo do it themselves this time



Aenaida said:

I've actually been replaying DK64 over the past few days. I wouldn't classify it as a terrible game, but like maka said, it's just boring.

Here's hoping Retro can do much better (if this rumour is true).



Philip_J_Reed said:

"I trust Retro and all, but all they've made are FPSs and FPAs. I don't see you Donkey Kong would work in first person."

When I try to think about how DK would work as a first-person game (not that I'm saying that's what they'll do...but for sake of argument...) I picture something like Mirror's Edge, but instead of parkour-ing it up along rooftops and office buildings, swinging from vines and leaping/rolling through natural hazards and enemies.

And the more I think about that, the more I wish I hadn't, because it won't be happening and I want to play it.



odd69 said:

I highly doubt it would be a FPS lol, but I'm with DK going back to platform gaming.



Chris720 said:

As long as its like DKC. DKC series is awesome! If this does come true, I'd like to see a DKC 4...

Great fan of DK. But FPS DK sounds... Retarded to say the least...



Supermegaman said:

Maybe give us a Donkey Kong Country Collection while your at it...?
But anyway, this is great news! Retro has shown to be very capable, and Donkey Kong desperatly needs some time in the spotlight again! This is one rumor I hope is true!



xAlias said:

Donkey Kong: Banana Bash

-Play as every member of the Kong family as you plunder seaside villages (for bananas, of course!) and hold skirmishes locally and online using Wi-Fi Connection.

-Experience 20 different types of Banana Blasters, including the Poo Shooter and Diddy Kong's trademark Peanut Gun.

This product is not a representation of Nintendo's opinions, nor is it an actual game.



LordJumpMad said:

Donkey Kong 64 mixs with Donkey Kong Jungle Beat's fast fighting stye.

and The Comedy stye of Donkey Kong Country.

that sounds good



TheBaconator said:

I'm always glad to see the Big Ape getting some reconition, but if it turns out to be a true Donkey Kong Country, it will have to work its ass off to reach Mario Galaxy platformer standards.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Here's hoping it's true, and if it isn't, that Retro reveals what game it has been working on for Nintendo...



Link79 said:

Maybe a new Star fox is coming.
Maybe a new Kid Icarus is coming.
Maybe a new Kirby is coming.
Maybe Maybe Maybe.
Shouldn't we get a confirmation before writing up a news story about something that maybe is a hoax? I don't want rumors. I want facts. It's not nice to toy with peoples emotions. There hasn't been a good DK game since DK 64. I'd love to see DK get his grand comeback but until there's undeniable proof I'll file this under whoop de doo.



retro_player_22 said:

C'mon just because Retro Studio is going to handle the game doesn't mean it will be in first person. If we look back at all the games they originally were going to made for the GameCube, not all of them were first person. Heck, even Metroid Prime itself in beta form wasn't even in first person and Metroid Prime being first person is not because of Retro Studio, it's because of Nintendo. If anything it would be wise to bring Donkey Kong back to his 2D side-scrolling goodness. That I would pay to play.



Kenji510 said:

They should make a remake of Donkey Kong Country but 3D style, that would be cool!



James said:

Hey, @Link79. We only post rumours if we think they're interesting and pertinent to our readership. Often it's not possible to confirm these rumours as we just get a "Nintendo does not comment on rumours or speculation" response.

If we report on a rumour we will always clearly denote it as such. These stories often come from other, bigger sites who tend to be better connected, and if they're not true then the blame lies at their door not ours. We're just passing on all the information we have at the time if we believe it's interesting to readers.



JimLad said:

Jungle Beat, Barrel Blast and Donkey Konga are not Donkey Kong games imo. They are concepts with the DK brand plastered on them.
The Donkey Kong we all love died with Rare, DK64 being the last proper game in the series. That was 11 years ago now.
Nintendo really need to pass all these absent franchises on to 2nd or 3rd parties if they have no plans to rejuvenate them. Otherwise they are effectively flushing their legacy (the one they always brag about) down the toilet.



Klapaucius said:

Back in the Gamecube days Retro was working on an RPG and a racing game before Nintendo made them concentrate on Metroid Prime. I'm sure if they put their mind to it they could create a brilliant game in any genre. Really looking forward to seeing what they do next (after three Metroid games). A new Donkey Kong adventure would be awesome, but I'm not holding my breath.



YoshiSage said:

'Bout freaking time. They haven't made a good DK game since DK64. Now with Retro doing the next game, I can't wait to see how this will turn out.



citizenerased said:

"They haven't made a good DK game since DK64."

No love for Jungle Beat, which was created by SMG's team, huh?



Ski_Deuce said:

This could be the best gaming news in some time. Personally, I'd love to see another game in the same vein as the DKC series, but DK64 was awesome as well. Man, it's been 11 years since the last proper adventure. Retro could revive DK Racing I suppose as well, but I'd be happy with a lot of ideas, as long as it turns out to be great and suck you in to the DK universe.



Boonehams said:

Jungle Beat was a great game, but was too short. I know some here say it was gimmicky with the Bongo Drum peripheral, but if you play the New Play Control version, it doesn't feel gimmicky at all. It's a great, fun game... that could have stood to be longer.

Donkey Kong 64 was a good game, but suffered for the exact opposite reason. There was so much fetch-questing and item collecting and characters that it got to be too large for its own good and was borderline boring because of it. Crystal coconuts, golden bananas, several character-specific items, Boss Keys and so on....

If Retro really is making a proper DK game and can find a way to combine the best elements of both of those games, I'd be a happy camper.



RetroNL said:

DK is still one of the characters on console that has appeared in great games, lets hope they will change things soon. Because after the N64 it has been a bit cheapish.



ToastyYogurt said:

How about a game where Samus and DK team up to destroy Mother Brain and that evil lizard king guy?

Okay maybe not, but that would be awesome! And if you use that, Retro, I want credit!



Klapaucius said:

It's true!
And its a 2d-sidecrolling platformer.
I was initially very disappointed, then I watched the trailer they showed and it looks awesome.

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