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Ski_Deuce commented on Review: Mario Party 9 (Wii):

Sounds interesting. I actually just got 8 for Christmas. I've only done some casual play with my sister, but 8 has some of the freshest takes on boards that I've seen. I've played 1,2 and 5 extensively, and after playing 5, 8 has been a breath of fresh air so far. 5 had tons of mini games that relied far too much on chance and stale boards with little variety. I've heard that the AI stinks in 8 though and can't provide much of a challenge. Out of all these, I'd still pick out the original as my favorite. The low point for me has been 5, but everything else has been solid. The franchise is still strong in my experience.



Ski_Deuce commented on Feature: Further Adventures in Scanlines: The ...:

For anyone who feels the images look worse with scanlines, you have to back away from the screen to see the difference as a whole. The pictures in the article are simply showing that the scanlines are applied. Older games were designed with scanlines in mind, so images do appear smoother on CRT televisions. The first time I played my SNES on an HDTV, even with the 4:3 aspect ratio, the difference in image quality was readily apparent.



Ski_Deuce commented on Feature: Luigi's Mansion 10th Anniversary:

Games can age poorly. Some games are on par with the expectations, limitations, imagination, etc. of their time, and their strengths whither as the genres they fall under are improved. Some things aren't as good when better things come around.



Ski_Deuce commented on NightSky Coming to 3DS eShop:

Just so you guys know, NightSky is published by Nicalis, not developed by him. It's developed by nifflas, who is a great developer in his own right. I interviewed him last year.



Ski_Deuce commented on Sega Teases Sonic Anniversary Announcement for...:

A good compilation I'd be interested in:
Rad Mobile (Sonic's first appearance is in this game)
Sonic's Genesis Titles (more for others than for myself, I have these)
Sonic's Game Gear titles (for history)
Sonic: The Fighters
Knuckles Chaotix
Sega Sonic the Hedgehog Arcade
Sonic Xtreme related stuff
Assorted video (commercials, interviews) and music

Sonic's GBA and DS games
Other Arcade Games Sonic has made appearances in



Ski_Deuce commented on Rayman 3D Rated by ESRB:

I'd hold back a bit on the excitement. This could easily be another release of Rayman 2. An amazing game, sure, but Ubisoft has re-released it a ton of times in the past.



Ski_Deuce commented on Features: NES Characters, Then and Now: Part One:

I've always felt that Luigi's depiction as comedic and scared was kind of jarring. He used to go on adventures side-by-side with Mario, and they both seemed adventurous, brave, and ready to fight the odds. Then, Luigi's Mansion came out. It works, but it feels like there's some character development left unexplained. When did he go from the adventurous, fun-loving brother, to having to fight through fears? There was an official Super Mario Bros. manga that depicted Luigi a lot like how we know him today, but nothing ever came up in the games until 2001.



Ski_Deuce commented on This Safe Sex Video Owes a Surprising Amount t...:

I'm not a fan of just assuming teens are going to have sex. That mindset can put more perceived pressure on teens from the adults around them. If an organization is concerned about the behavior of teens it should go to the root, not say, "You're going to do it anyway, so here's a way to try to prevent the consequences of your actions."



Ski_Deuce commented on Nab a Life-Size Samus Statue on eBay:

Actually, for lots of corporations it's against company policy to sell display merch after it is disassembled. I work for a department store in the Electronics area, and you'd be surprised how much awesome stuff gets thrown away. Working video game systems, controllers, specialty display stuff, the works.



Ski_Deuce commented on Yuji Naka Not Interested in Making Sonic Games:

Personally, I'm rooting for Sonic. He's still alive and kicking. His handheld outings like the Sonic Advance and Rush series have been solid, and although his 3d outings haven't been stellar in recent years, some have had hints of greatness. I think Secret Rings had a lot of missed potential as well as Unleashed. I also like how Sonic has progressed as a character. In the 90's it was just attitude, but with the cinematic side of things in recent games he's really been shown to have a serious and soft side. His character has more depth than a lot of video game stars.



Ski_Deuce commented on Iwata: Blame Poor Games Not Poor Economy for S...:

Hm. I really wonder about this. As a general observation, companies seem to say they are successful whenever they expand, and whenever that doesn't happen, things are considered as going poorly or unhealthy. If things are "going poorly" enough, a company might compensate by making a section of its business smaller. While expansion is nice, I really think a better definition for success is making quality products, offering quality services, etc, and providing its current staff a high quality of living. I think this definition of unhealthy sales may really just be a symptom of having the wrong definition of success. Besides, does low mean unprofitable, or are sales being seen as unhealthy because sales growth didn't happen this year?



Ski_Deuce commented on Sega Pondering Bringing Adult Titles to 3DS:

I echo the same sentiment some other people are pointing out. I've never heard the phrase "adult titles" in any other context in the gaming world except when referring to games with certain amounts of sexual content.



Ski_Deuce commented on Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong:

This could be the best gaming news in some time. Personally, I'd love to see another game in the same vein as the DKC series, but DK64 was awesome as well. Man, it's been 11 years since the last proper adventure. Retro could revive DK Racing I suppose as well, but I'd be happy with a lot of ideas, as long as it turns out to be great and suck you in to the DK universe.



Ski_Deuce commented on Man Who Sold Modded Wiis Was In It for the Money:

Selling modified consoles I can understand, but games are something people can do on their own. I bought a pre-modded Saturn. Well worth it and not worth going to jail for. I bought it just a couple of years ago, so I highly doubt it's harming anyone. Modding opens up the world of imports and allows you to not have to buy copies of games over again. This guy definitely overstepped the boundary though.



Ski_Deuce commented on Donkey Kong Champ Reveals the Height of His Ob...:

I'm surprised that some of the reaction to this story is kind of negative. If you're going to chase a high score on an arcade game, which can't be paused in the first place, you're going to have to sacrifice something. Steve Wiebe certainly had to give up stuff, and I don't think he'd be getting comments that would be leaning towards "get a life". He'd probably have people cheering him on.

Also, @ Birdman13
Becoming an arcade game champion doesn't exactly make you famous. Maybe in Japan it could though.



Ski_Deuce commented on Review: Jet Grind Radio (Game Boy Advance):

The DC version was incredible. This version, while fun, couldn't help but lose some of the flair. The thing that really put the nail in the coffin for me (to stop playing) though was the different final boss. That portion of the game was pretty much impossible and infuriating.



Ski_Deuce commented on Trailer: Super Mario Galaxy 2 + Screenshots:

I'm sure SMG2 will deliver, but I'm also a little concerned about the precedent set by the game. Every Mario adventure title has always shaken up the formula and often shaken up the world of platforming games, and this is the first time where it seems that won't happen. If the Mario franchise is not reinvented in the next generation of consoles, that may be taken as evidence of the series hitting a plateau.



Ski_Deuce commented on Talking Point: Are Rereleases Killing the Retr...:

We do have a great group here, but every article that I can remember NintendoLife posting on the subject of piracy both in the official words of the article and in the words of the users responses have really come down hard on it. I've brought up the subject a couple of times, and while no one has shot me down, the general opinion towards piracy seems to be that it is morally reprehensible in any form. I've looked through my comment history and the articles which I responded to, and I feel confident in what I've stated.



Ski_Deuce commented on Mike Tyson Tops Nintendo-tastic Tree:

Despite Tyson's past, he is a star in some sense. Plus, Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! was awesome. You can think of him sitting on top of the tree as a metaphor for climbing the ranks in that classic boxing game of yore.



Ski_Deuce commented on Podcast: NLFM Episode 1 - Open For Business!:

Nice job Jonathan. Fun music. My college roommate actually has a CD by YMCK. There's a lot of reverb on your voice though. Is that the room you're in or is it an effect you applied? If it's an effect, I'd turn it down. It makes you sound further away. It it's the room, you might be able to do a little noise removal.



Ski_Deuce commented on Voice of Mario Wanted To Voice Link:

It would certainly be a change for Link to have a voice. Perhaps he has some grievances against Nintendo since he's always being forced to be mute. I feel a "reality" tv series coming on.



Ski_Deuce commented on Fatal Frame IV Fan Translation Almost Finished:

Point taken, but there are legitimate uses for piracy. Also, I'm sure you'll still be able to use a burned image when this patch comes out. I do like the fact that these guys are holding to a high standard though, and I'm sure Nintendo's public stance on modifying the Wii or its software (directly or indirectly) will still be a negative one. Still, I'm surprised that the users who bash people for utilizing homebrew and modifying their console are not, even on a lesser level, coming to aid the stance that illegal activities on a console are wrong and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.



Ski_Deuce commented on Fatal Frame IV Fan Translation Almost Finished:

I'm surprised there's very little backlash on this story considering the feedback on all the other homebrew stories on this site. Maybe people think it's ok to hack something as long as you're not adding the HBC to your Wii.

Interesting Note: If this patch will only work on a Japanese Wii, you can use the HBC to boot up imports. I just thought I'd make the topic a little more compelling.



Ski_Deuce commented on Review: Super Double Dragon (Super Nintendo):

Pretty good review, although in the conclusion you refer to the controls as button-mashy and then diverse. It's a bit confusing. Also, you called Street Fighter 2 a beat-em-up. Maybe I'm being a purist here, but as I understand the fighting game genre, SF2 is not a beat-em-up. That label kind of degrades the game into something its not.



Ski_Deuce commented on System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right an...:

"The update's major purpose was to remove the Homebrew Channel from consoles, as well as protect the Wii more robustly against piracy, but it appears it's had an unintended negative effect on legitimate gamers too."

I take issue with the whole "legitimate gamers" statement.



Ski_Deuce commented on Super Nintendo Review Fridays:

This is great news. I wish NintendoLife would hire me back. It's not like I'm the one who quit! Ah well. There are pros and cons to everything. I have more time to read reviews than to make them at least.



Ski_Deuce commented on First Bands Announced For MAGFest 8:

I went to MAGFest last year. Maybe it's smaller than PAX, but one of its main draws is all the music related stuff from panels to concerts. It's also the yearly gathering place for members of OCR. Not to under-describe it, it's also a general gaming convention. Anyway, it is awesome. Street Fighter 4 was there last year before it was even released.



Ski_Deuce commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

I feel that this game best represents what the series has become known for. A fighting game that blends skill and chance in order to give everyone an opportunity to win. I think that that formula, while it may or may not have been intentional the first time around, was best expressed in the original.



Ski_Deuce commented on Hackers Expand Wii Storage, Door Now Open To F...:

That is true in the sense that it could kill off a franchise or maybe even a developer. However, that doesn't make the audience smaller. I'm glad you see another side of the dice though. There are pros and cons to simply downloading content.

Here's an example where letting people download work for free has paid off financially. Radiohead's album, "In Rainbows", was offered to consumers for free (they could alternatively pay whatever amount of money they saw fit) for a few months when first released. This method bypassed record labels, and all the profits went directly to Radiohead during this period. The album generated more profit for Radiohead than their total sales for their previous album released through EMI. According to the Wikipedia article about the album, as many as 1/3 of people who downloaded the album paid nothing. Exapanded audience, more profit. When people don't have to pay, your work has a better chance of being circulated more.



Ski_Deuce commented on Hackers Expand Wii Storage, Door Now Open To F...:

I get tired sometimes of seeing people take one-dimensional views on this issue. Yes, piracy is illegal, and yes, it does hurt the industry, but not all the time. Considering the Wii is a current console, Nintendo and other game companies are looking to make money, so I don't think piracy is a good action on any consumer's part unless they do actually intend on backing up their owned copies of games.

However, there are many games out there now that no game company makes a dime on, because they are out of print and not on the market. People can sell the games online sure, but none of that money goes to the creators or businesses associated with the product. Would it be wrong to download those games? Doesn't all piracy do at this point is allow for appreciation for older material? On a related note, prices on older games can be considered a reason for supporting piracy. Let's say, someone keeps up with games but by a couple generations behind. They find a game they want to try and find that it costs more used than it did when it was originally released. Is it wrong to be a pirate then?

Here's another reason to consider piracy as beneficial. It expands audiences. More people get to try a product, which, if you're an artist, you care more about that than money anyway, but that's not the point. The point is that by increasing an audience for a product, there are more potential buyers. I've had personal experiences with this. I just graduated from college, and I was introduced to anime while there. I have some series that I don't have legit copies of yet, but these series that I have kept I fully intend on replacing before making any new purchases on new media (I've already started doing this). I may not have ever viewed these series otherwise. It's harder to spend money when you don't know what you're getting.

My main point here is that piracy, from a moral perspective, I think, is a complex issue. If you wanted to you could broaden the issue even more to include fangames and video game remixes. Many of those are illegal, and since the creators of those works don't own the copyright and operate without a license, you could consider downloading their works a form of piracy.



Ski_Deuce commented on Review: Art Style: Orbient (WiiWare):

I'm not sure how many people may notice this post or not, so I may put it in the forums too. I've finally completed this game at 100% (I've taken long breaks here and there). Originally, when I did my review I gave the game a 9 out of 10 (the editors changed it), but after completing the game, even though you could nitpick about a couple things, games don't come out very often that are so well realized based on their gameplay concepts alone. Orbient's a classic, and a supberb experience that's expertly designed.



Ski_Deuce commented on Review: Star Ocean (SNES):

I tried this game out last year, and I didn't like it. I think the gameplay has aged poorly. It's been so long though that I can't remember my big complaints with the gameplay. What I can pull out from my memory is that the graphics were among the best ever on the SNES (nothing ever topped the DKC series) but that the foundations for the battle system were on shaky ground. This game, if I remember correctly, came off as almost a button masher when the battle system was involved. The fact that there was voice acting was cool though. There's some good music in the game too.

Star Ocean 2 is much better. Unfortunately, it suffers from poorly scaled difficulty like many other JRPGs (aka, pretty good pacing with leveling until final boss).



Ski_Deuce commented on Japan to get the Classic Controller Pro:

There is still no good solution for N64 games, the d-pad is not good for fighters (the wii is getting more of those than any previous Nintendo system), the thumbsticks are still too close together and probably still raised too high, but there are 4 shoulder buttons. I don't know of any Wii games that could really use them yet, but if it was compatible with the Cube that would make playing NBA Street easier.

I just don't understand why Nintendo doesn't release a controller based off the N64's. It's got six face buttons (great for N64 games and 2d fighters), the d-pad could be based more on the circular type d-pad that has partially contributed to the Saturn controller's legendary status, the Z button could be where its supposed to be, and the thumbstick would be in its proper place. Plus, if you love Nintendo's cross-cut d-pad (which does offer more precision in some games that don't need all 8 directions), just create a mechanism that would allow for inhibiting the user from utilizing the other 4 sections of the d-pad. It's the best of all worlds for the VC.

My rant is done...for now.



Ski_Deuce commented on EA's Moore Perplexed by World of Goo Success:

I can understand Peter Moore's confusion. WiiWare games don't seem to get the kind of attention that many big name titles, like FIFA 09, do. People who keep track of the industry don't get the chance to play every game that comes out. World of Goo sold more on word of mouth, I think, than brand trust and marketing. There are tons of good and great games that fall by the wayside due to big name titles pushing their way into people's vision.



Ski_Deuce commented on Hori Announces New Classic Controller For Japan:

That's fine that you like it. I'm down with that. I just think Nintendo could have made something so much better that fulfilled the needs of all styles of games on the VC without feeling thrown together and cramped. I actually have a design idea I'm kinda hoping to pitch to someone at a games convention I'm attending in January to see what he thinks. I wish I had some CGI knowledge though. That would make the concept that much more real.



Ski_Deuce commented on Hori Announces New Classic Controller For Japan:

I think Nintendo's Classic Controller is one of the worst controller's the Big N has ever designed. This controller doesn't look like it has the type of layout that I'd like for a classic controller either. If it is compatible with Gamecube games then MAYBE I can see a few people picking it up.