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Sat 12th Jun 2010

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bullet7105 commented on EA CEO Has Seen 3DS, Confirms It Is Cool:

personally, just saying "cool" worries me a little. but, I'm almost positive that it's amazing and he's just trying not to give too much away. We'll just have to see....CAN'T WAIT TILL TUESDAY!!!!



bullet7105 commented on E3 2010: Wii Predictions:

Obviously, Zelda is going to be HUGE!!! Metroid: Other M will be shown and I EXPECT to see Pikmin 3. There is 1 other big game nintendo is going to WOW us with. I dont think it will be a kid icarus title or another excite game. I'm thinkin probly a Star Fox!! As for wii party....not for me, but it will probly sell like Wii Fit. 3rd party titles I have my eye on: conduit 2, Grinder, and Sonic 4. Wouldn't it also be nice to get a true Resident Evil on the Wii?! (not a light gun shooter) I THINK YESS!!!! and finally...the vitality sensor....well, we'll just have to see what they show...