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Phoenix Wright May Still Appear in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

Posted by Luke Westaway

The Ace Attorney and other characters may arrive as DLC

Capcom fans disappointed at Phoenix Wright's exclusion from upcoming brawler Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars may have reason to get their hopes up again, as Destructoid reports that producer Ryota Niitsuma claimed if Nintendo would allow it then extra characters may be added to the game as downloadable content.

The much-hyped fighter has gamers excited, and the promise of extra content to boost the game's longevity can only be a good thing, especially if it means laying the smack down with gaming's greatest defense attorney.

From the sound of things, if Nintendo give the green light this could well be a possibility, so here's hoping the Big N pull their finger out and give Capcom some freedom to expand the game as they see fit. After all, keeping third-party developers sweet is vital to the Wii's future success – even more so than maintaining a "hardcore" fanbase.

Plus, shouting "Objection!" into Mega Man's face will likely never get old.


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Aenaida said:

If the Samurai Pizza Cats are ever included, this game will become a must buy.



Boonehams said:

So getting Speed Racer, The Samurai Pizza Cats, Dante (Devil May Cry) and Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins) in this game is still a possibility? Shinji's Evangelion might be able to finally fight Jin's Blodia Cyberbot?

...I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're listening Superman, please make this a reality.



Bass_X0 said:

Evangelion is not a Tatsunoko franchise although Tatsunoko did animate the series. Wanting Evangelion in this game is like wanting Rare to make a Donkey Kong Country game on the XBOX 360.



Boonehams said:

Your statement is accurate, clear and concise... which is why I hate you for making it. My dream died before it had a chance to live! [openly sobs]

I'm actually glad that Hakushon Daimao didn't make the cut, and I'll tell you why. It would be like if they made a fighting game with the Hannah-Barbera license: Naturally, they go with Space Ghost, Birdman, The Galaxy Trio, The Herculoids, Samson & Goliath and other adventure-based characters, but in the middle of it, they throw in Yogi Bear.
Hakushon Daimao was goofy and too "cartoonish" and didn't gel with the rest of the cast... which is what some may like about him, but I personally found him distracting.

Also, he was overpowered and spammed his throws and falling projectile.



Sabrewing said:

... The game comes out tomorrow. Isn't it a bit late for this kind of news? Especially since no reviews have mentioned anything regarding a download option in the online mode menu.



KDR_11k said:

Doesn't the game have to be set up for that beforehand? Unlike the 360 the Wii does not have a game-independent DLC menu so there would be no way to download it.



JayArr said:

I refuse to get the game w/o Phoenix Wright. Yeah, it's that important Capcom....



Starwolf_UK said:

@KDR_11k. Yes. I have a feeling the producer was trying to make peace about those characters not being in the game and came up with this on the spot. Destructiod have the video interview up now. It feels very much like he was saying: "Those characters were considered but as we got busy and they fell down the list of priorities. Maybe if we receive enough death threats we'll see if anything is possible. I think Nintendo has to be in charge".

Sorry to dash anyones hopes but it won't be happening without a re-issue or yet another version of the game coming out. Either that or Nintendo making drastic changes to the system menu and how games are executed (as the Fatal Frame 4 fan translation shows you can make the Wii read data off an SD card in substitute for data files on the disc).



Porky said:

Will the japan version have DLC if NA and UK gets it too? Curious because japan has had the game December 2008.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeah...I agree that this sadly probably CAN'T happen. But if it COULD, Feenie would be enough to convince me to give the game a try. Otherwise, I'm not too sure I'm interested.



darklinkinfinite said:

Well, if DLC does somehow become possible then I'll still blindly hold out hope for Samurai Pizza Cat characters and maybe the Supreme Catatonic as another oversized character



fortius54 said:

While it may be a stretch as some have pointed out, this could be the bone everyone was waiting to be tossed. Imagine, Capcom gets third party support ,and we as the gamer get the satifaction of having a game with some playability after the fact. Imagine the stable of characters Capcom has to pull from.

Sadly, I do not see this happening, and it may not be all Nintendo's fault. I just do not see Capcom doing this. They have nt in the past. They have always just mase another game.



LinktotheFuture said:

I am sure they could get it to work in a similar fashion as DLC works in Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

It would be cool if you could download extra characters.



WolfRamHeart said:

Having Phoenix Wright in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom would be absolutely incredible but I have serious doubts about it ever happening. I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing. I am still getting this game with or without Feenie.



dizzy_boy said:

if something miraculous did hapoen to allow for DLC. i wonder, would capcom charge wii points for each charecter.
also, extra backgrounds and in game music would be nice too.



WAM2 said:

Speed Racer doesn't come with the game?! (Sorry, I was only mildly interested in this game, so I wasn't keeping up with all the info) If this DLC actually happened (which unfortunetaly seems unlikely) I would have a blast having Phoenix objecting Speed Racer to death.



RADE said:

Where's Captain Commando?? He would be a perfect fit don't you think?



siavm said:

Since nintendo already allows dlc this is could happen, but if the game is not made for dlc than it can't happen. That is not a pay to play logo on the box so unless capcom is giving this dlc away for free, (and knowing capcom they wouldn't) their is probably a mistake in the translation from the directer.



Noire said:

I'm glad some of you would be more receptive to this title if I was in it.

Oh wait, the other Feenie. My bad.

I'd love to see Mr. Wright in this game as well. Throw in Speed Racer on the Tatsunoko side and this is a must-buy instead of a semi-must-buy.

Feenie and Speed...



Sean_Aaron said:

@Ezekiel: This is a new edition of the game and Japan is getting this one as well so they'll have two to choose from, actually not an unusual situation since they seem to have a larger appetite for sequels and special editions historically.



47drift said:

I was already ready to buy this, but having Nick would make it get an even higher grade.

And Speed Racer would make it game of the year.



OverlordMao said:

still, no plans for a Tatsunoko DLC character?
I mean, I never played the Pheonix Wright games so I don't really care.



Aviator said:

They could do it through the Shop Channel. Have you download something, insert the disc into the wii and launch the new channel, installing Wrighty boy!



TwilightV said:

Having Nick in the game would be alright, but having Detective Gumshoe, or Tron Bonne... <3



Vinsanity said:

Man, WHY OH WHY did Ubi Soft have to drop NMH2 the same week as Tatsunoko VS Capcom!?! Stupid publishers; I can only get one! And I'm going with Mr. Touchdown!

Oh well, at least it's nice to hear that they'll keep supporting it. Should keep interest up post launch. I'll pick it up eventually; hopefully sooner rather than later...



BlueFlameBat said:

I'd be more interested in Sakura, but attacking someone by pointing and shouting does sound appealing ... for 250 points, no more!!



Viper6391 said:

I so have to get this game tomorrow! However, No More Heroes 2 comes out tomorrow and I want that game as well. AAAAHHHH TOO MANY GOOD GAMES ARE COMING OUT THIS YEAR THAT I'M GOING TO BE BROKE!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@melvin2898: Well for me, it's really more like I'm SORT of interested, but can't afford it right now and would care a lot more with Phoenix Wright included.

@FeenieSage: I saw that one coming!

@TwilightV: Yeah, Tron Bonne! She's so great in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.



Kaeobais said:

I suck at fighters, but for whatever reason, I'm really hyped over this game :/



Gameday said:

time to get your combo on , i don't care who's in this lol i love phoenix tho and ill throw the book at you if you don't , but its a game that's been long awaited... its time my friend i got that fighting spirit once again



Chatham said:

I think you people are missing one big issue with this whole thing... Nintendo doesn't allow for title updates, and out-of-the-box TvC:UA-S does NOT support DLC in any form... Even if it DID, do you really think a character file could fit in with all of its textures/polygons/audio/move-sets/signature level could fit into Nintendo's ridiculous 40MB file-size limit?! It's POSSIBLE, but it would require ALOT of compression and it would be pretty bare-bones DLC. Nintendo will red-light this one... But maybe we'll see the homebrew community pump out some sick texture-mods like they did with SSBBrawl.



Nintendude92 said:

53 is right somewhat, any game with DLC already has a feature. I don't see how they could add anyone- maybe the person wasn't aware.

Not that I don't want it to happen!

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