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Wed 8th Apr 2009

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Chatham commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Game Boy:

I found an old brick-sized GB cleaning out a storage tent in my backyard. Most of the stuff had been damaged by rain/wind in a storm... And most of the clothes were molding (yuck)... And even though the GB was soaked, I took it inside, let it dry off, and gave it a fresh set of batteries... It worked!



Chatham commented on Dead Space Extracted From Wii?:

This, along with announcements for The Grinder (multi-plat) and No More Heroes Paradise (360/PS3 'sequel') marks the beginning of the end for the "Mature"/"Hardcore" titles on Wii save for a few first party offerings.

Sony's Gem/Wand (whatever it's called now) judging by the tech demos I've seen would work better than the Wiimote with this kind of title.



Chatham commented on Red Steel 2:

This game is looking more and more like Borderlands every time I see it demo'ed.

This game has been delayed 4 times now... Either they are having tech.content issues, or they have no confidence in this titles ability against any other half-decent title. (Last supposed US release was going to be Feb 15th, the day Aliens vs. Predator comes out on 360/PS3... Now they pushed it to March 23rd according to IGN)



Chatham commented on Review: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle (Wii):

Seems like somebody had fun trolling to day (reading comments).

Anyways, this game trounces the original in any way... And Classic Controller support is really nice for my poor Wii-induced wrist-cramps. But it definitely earns the 17+ rating... Then milks it for all its worth.

Be prepared for intentional chessiness out-the-aviary.



Chatham commented on Review: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Sta...:

Everyone should be hyped over this game... Do NOT let Tatsunoko franchise characters scare you off, I knew nothing of the characters... But then again, did anyone know the characters when they first played Street Fighter 2 or 3?! New characters with interesting abilities make a fighter great... The fact these ones have back-stories on Wikipedia makes it even better.



Chatham commented on Phoenix Wright May Still Appear in Tatsunoko V...:

I think you people are missing one big issue with this whole thing... Nintendo doesn't allow for title updates, and out-of-the-box TvC:UA-S does NOT support DLC in any form... Even if it DID, do you really think a character file could fit in with all of its textures/polygons/audio/move-sets/signature level could fit into Nintendo's ridiculous 40MB file-size limit?! It's POSSIBLE, but it would require ALOT of compression and it would be pretty bare-bones DLC. Nintendo will red-light this one... But maybe we'll see the homebrew community pump out some sick texture-mods like they did with SSBBrawl.



Chatham commented on Reggie: No New Console Successor Anytime Soon:

Great, now Nintendo can release the Wii in 30 more colors over the next 5 years and drop the retail price to less than $50 (fondly remembering Gamecube's slow-demise). I really think Nintendo does need at least a minor revision to this generations hardware... I mean, Sony launching the slim provided huge success... And we all know MS is quick on their way to copying the same buisiness move... So why not a Wii+? Simple, Nintendo is cheap, and they just don't care anymore. (rightfully so, if I printed money I wouldn't give two ... either)



Chatham commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

Nice, I already got this on my PS3... (Same disc situation) But it's nice to see Netflix going for EVERY major console! Hell, I might as well reserve a disc as well and see how it runs.



Chatham commented on Fatal Frame IV Fan Translation Almost Finished:

Lol, the hypocracy on these boards. People supporting this but not HBC is ridiculous.

Knowing Nintendo they will find a way to patch over all of this team's hard work just to be royal asses to their US consumers. (No Fatal Frame 4 for you! updates to 4.3)



Chatham commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

Always a workaround. But the brick risk to innocent customers is apparently VERY HIGH from what I'm hearing around the net. Alot of systems freeze, mid-update and force you to unplug the system, but since the system didn't finish the update... It's just BSOD for everyone.



Chatham commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

My reasons for Homebrew: Fatal Frame 4 and Disaster Day of Crisis (and currently TvC and Forever Blue 2)

BTW fanboys, there is a work-around already avbailible for hacking 4.2. Way to go Nintendo! You finally defeated homebrew (lol)!

This new hack is similar to the old Twilight Hack that Ninty squashed with 3.4, except it uses Smash Bros. Brawl! The only way that Ninty could beat homebrew is to release a system with an actual central OS, not an IOS system.

I do the same thing, the Wii's disc drive is crap and gives out way too easily with regualar play. A USB HDD is the way to go.



Chatham commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

BTW, you guys trashing the HBC without ever loading it up or seeing it have no grounds for argument. Stop being uber-fanboys and "bett-than-thou" gamers... It's really sickening... This is why I left NL in the first place.

And now I'm gone again.



Chatham commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

My Wii works just fine on 4.1U. I'm not going to buy into Nintendo's "behind the scenes" lie. I like playing DVDs, indie games, and the like. And customizing my menu to not hear the annoying "beep chimes" (and move my disc channel) is a must. If I update, Nintendo takes it all away. [Which would probably brick my Wii too!] I already updated my shop channel through a workaround, although I'm really tempted to not give Ninty any more download revenue, since they locked me out just for having HBC and Preloader.



Chatham commented on Review: Cursed Mountain (Wii):

I can't believe this review. I played this game when it leaked and it was terrible.

WTF is with the horrible "cut-scene" still image crap?! Seriously?! This isn't the PSP, there's no excuse.



Chatham commented on Toys R Us Get In On Wii Price Drop Shenanigans:

Get a PS3, even with the Wii's price drop... The tech you get for $200 bucks is laughable to what you get for $300 in a PS3 Slim.

Games also tend to be alot richer in content (not just graphics). Meaning more gameplay for you money and less cash spent overall.



Chatham commented on Nintendo are 'very impressed' with Monster Hun...:

Being someone who has played the game (and demo)... I have to say... This is THE BEST LOOKING WII GAME EVER (Just remember, this game was originally designed for PS3, then moved to Wii with very little shortcuts taken)



Chatham commented on Mirror's Edge Wii Concept Art Surfaces:

I had to test the original X360 build and found the game too easy and too short... And the "flash" inspired cut-scenes really threw me off, it seemed lazy not to render the cut-scene.

@Wanderlust Warrior
It's totally possible with homebrew. The Wii is capable of real-time playback of Flash 9 with soft-mods.

The Wii has had Flash 7 since 3.4, thanks.



Chatham commented on What Nintendo games do you want to see on the ...:

If hackerz can get these SNES games working on the Wii, Nintendo sure as hell can...

If you ever saw the beta or played the leaked .rom floating around the internet... Star Fox 2 for the SNES was far from finished and played like crap to boot.



Chatham commented on Review: Monster Lab (Wii):

Seriously, I agree with Corbie, Sean... You've made me go hunt down a bunch of games I missed out on! (Like Marvel Ultimate Alliance!)

Football Manager is the bane of my existance though (why do Europeans love that game so much?!?), so I refuse to give Eidos money for anything until I stop see "Dot Manager [insert year here]". The game is ALL MENUS AND DOTS!!!



Chatham commented on High Voltage Working on Conduit Glitches:

Now let's get Gaijin working on the Bit.Trip games.... BOTH of them have bugs in the US! (CORE freezes your Wii when using a bomb on the ending beats [rainbow] with a Mega multiplier in 'Discovery')

Me too...