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Nintendo Chief Doesn't Care for the iPad

Posted by Luke Westaway

Iwata unimpressed by Apple's device, bashes 3D gaming too

Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata has stated he is unimpressed by the recently revealed (and much hyped) Apple iPad - the tablet computing device that Steve Jobs showed the world for the first time on Wednesday.

Speaking about the iPad, Iwata stated: “There were no surprises for me,” and remarked that the device was simply a bigger version of the iPod Touch. According to reports he made no pretence at hiding that he was unimpressed with Apple's efforts.

Iwata also denied speculation that Nintendo were working on a high-definition console, or that the DS was soon to receive its own motion-wand, but confirmed that they would continue on their existing path of making games easier to play for a wider audience.

At a hotel in Tokyo the Nintendo leader went on to bash 3D-gaming, saying:

I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?

He went on to say that Nintendo would have to take a serious look at the long-term health risks of prolonged 3D gaming sessions.

Iwata's dislike for the iPad isn't a feeling shared by the development community - the iPhone and iPod touch have allowed developers to produce cheap downloadable games for a mass market. Nintendo will need to work hard to keep platforms like WiiWare and DSiWare appealing for third-parties, otherwise we could see the healthy stream of games drying up before too long.

What are your thoughts? Is Iwata right to be cautious of new technology, or is he leading Nintendo down a dangerous path by ignoring new technology that has most gamers excited?


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Feld0 said:

I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one who sees the iPad as a giant iPod Touch, and little more than that.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'd like to try 3D gaming, just to see what it's like, but yeah, as for long term effects if you play it too much I'd like to see the results too



axelay80 said:

I don't care about 3D gaming at all, but I find it ironic that a guy who loves the Wii bashes other gaming trends because they make people look weird while playing.



Golgo said:

for as long as nintendo keep printing money, iwata can afford to keep his head wedged up his butt. i think his response was alarmingly complacent and a bit silly, even tho i hav to admit i think the only positive about the ipad is that it'll keep muggers gainfully employed.

as for looking weird in 3d glasses: VIRTUALBOY, anyone?



Machu said:

"Iwata unimpressed by Apple's device"

I just got warm tingles, mmmm.

I'm not too sure why he felt the need to comment tho'



skywake said:

Its not surprise Nintendo are skeptical of 3D and concerned of health issues. As Golgo said, they still remember the Virtual Boy. I hope they still do it but I can understand why they are careful. They jumped into these waters before and it wasn't nice.

The iPad comments aren't a shock either. The iPad wasn't really surprising or revolutionary and it isn't anything other than a huge iPhone. I don't see how the iPad is going to be a bigger threat to the DS than the iPhone was by itself. I think most people, even Apple fans, were underwhelmed by it.

People seem to like to say that Nintendo are out-of-touch in terms of new tech. I don't think so. With this news and the previous news that they saw the tech that became Natal and turned it down I trust their instinct even more. Nintendo are making some REALLY smart moves here.



MekkaGodzilla said:

The main problem with DSiWare is the stupid 16MB or so limit. How are developers supposed to put out nice games with such a limit?
iPod/iPhone games on the other hand have no such limit.



Swiket said:

You wouldn't know this from reading the article, but Iwata is a Mac...



JimLad said:

It sounds like he's getting the overconfidence and ingnorance that his predecessor had, just before the fall from grace.
That's not good.
I know they like to play things close to the chest, but they're going to need something new soon (E3) to keep people interested in the Wii, especially with MS and Sony moving in on their casual/motion audience.



Edwin said:

He's concerned about how people look while wearing glasses? Oh well, I'm going to go flail my arms around holding a white wand while dancing on a white board...



KDR_11k said:

I'm not too sure why he felt the need to comment tho'

Analysts claiming that the iPad is a dangerous competitor to the DS (it doesn't look like it's meant for portable gaming but Pachter has never been stopped by facts), causing FUD among investors.



RonF said:

I am kind of excited about the iPad but not for playing games, as it is too big to be a portable and too small to replace my console. In the other hand, I am not interested at all at 3D gaming. After all, I have to leave Avatar after 20 minutes because I was getting really sick.



Sean_Aaron said:

I have to say a super-sized iPod Touch isn't what I was expecting from this. Even it had phone capabilities, not being able to fit it into my pocket would still rule it out as a purchase. What will be interesting is to see if this interface/design is used in future MacBooks. If the iPad ran standard OS X and had USB ports and an SD card slot I'd be more interested, but this just looks like a luxury item -- though I do like the price point.

DSiWare I think doesn't have as big a problem as say PSP because the DSi has a pretty large installed base which doesn't directly relate to the iPhone installed base so we are already seeing developers making games for iPhone/DSiWare side-by-side. I think Sony and mobile phone makers other than Apple are going to struggle to attract development because whilst many devs can do two platforms, taking on a 3rd -- especially one with a much smaller userbase -- isn't as compelling an option.

Iwata cannot afford to be complacent, but the iPhone/iPad and DSi are not the same device with the same audience and definitely not the same pricepoint so the threat is greatly overstated.

Besides from looking at the Japanese DSiWare offerings it looks like Nintendo is able to do enough on its own and with 2nd party developers that if they really had to they could go solo.



AVahne said:

well the iPhone was kinda nice, it finally managed to get some more respect. But the iPad is just simply a bigger iPod Touch. it has a little potential but it's expensive and it just doesn't have what DS and even PSP has: HUGE fanbases and HUGE support from many game companies. PSP is the multimedia system, and DS is the pure games system (seems to be becoming an RPG system mostly), but what will the iPad become?

3D gaming never seemed like a good idea to me. I'm already having to wear glasses, I don't want to wear another pair too. And i doubt anyone would want to wear 3D glasses to play games, might get some motion sickness or something



warioswoods said:

Unmentioned in the article above is the fact that Iwata has often spoken very highly of Apple, even going so far as to cite Apple's approach to tech design as one of the biggest influences on Nintendo's strategy over the past few years. He also, of course, has reason to speak of them in a competitive and critical manner, given Apple's insistence on trying to tap into the portable gaming market.



Mr_G said:

I cannot see a true gamer caring around a friggin laptop sized gaming device when they can get machines that fit in their pocket and for that price you can get both the DS and PSP and still have money left over for a wii. On the same root as the PSP go me thinks



Egg_miester said:

@millie i believe i heard it is just 499.

i am not really a apple fan i can see nice reason for people that want a tablet but the 3d games thing i am not impressed i don't like 3d movies never the less game its all gimmicky to me



Mr_G said:

LOL ummmm didnt you guys make the virtual boy. I dont think anyone wanted to be seen wearin that. kinda sounds like a contradiction to me ninty.



motang said:

3D gaming is dead in the water, as I see it. iPad didn't impress me either, not thing I am not thinking about getting as I am, but it is a bigger version of the iPod Touch.



Spaceboy said:

Let's ALL make a statement about how Iwata is a hypocrite! We're all so effing creative and original!! While we're on the topic though, and as far as I can see I'm the only one to make this point so far: Iwata isn't impressed with the iPad because it's just a bigger iPod Touch. DSi XL !??!? I hate my life.



bro2dragons said:

well of course he's not going to act impressed by the ipad. it's competition. not much of one, but it is. i really don't think the thing's going to sell very well. as EVERYONE has pointed out, poor choice of name. high price. nothing special. basically just ipod touch XL. he's not worried, and he doesn't have to be, but even if he were, why in the world would he say it???

second however, i think we all know that at some point Nintendo's gonna give 3D gaming a shot. i mean, come one, they made the virtual boy, and teased the world with the Nintendo On. at some point, they're going to unveil the technology that will make 3D gaming attractive and plausible for mass audiences, and once again, they'll run away with the world. until then, they're "not interested in 3D." if they "were," don't you think there would begin to be too many other peeping around in their offices or trying to create their own device before Ninty's aired? this was not the most informative interview.



skywake said:

@Mr G isn't that enough reason to be tentative about 3D now? Not contradictory, just cautious. They lost the last time they gambled on 3D so why would they jump in first again?

also... @Sean Aaron
"If the iPad ran standard OS X and had USB ports and an SD card slot I'd be more interested, but this just looks like a luxury item"
When I heard the Tablet rumours this is what I thought they'd be doing.... minus the SD card slot because Apple don't seem to like SD card slots. Then they came out with something that was closer to a huge iPhone and the hype was way more interesting than the actual product.

To contradict Steve Jobs netbooks can do more than an iPhone so its fairly safe to assume that netbooks can do more than the iPad. Unless they can prove me otherwise I remain unconvinced. Oh, reading books on an LCD screen is a joke, so that's not proof.



longtimegamer said:

I'd love to see some sort of 3d gaming. Either that or you could just were those special glasses to play games on so it might feel even more like you're in the game.
The comment about the sillyness is kinda ignorant. Can't be any worse than sticking your hear in a virtualboy anyways (not that i didn't like it).

You know I dont think that we necessarilly need 3d glasses to achieve a 3d effect. They should come up with a way for you to either see it straight from the tv or some other setup other than those. Also....what about holographic technology? I think there some pretty good looking hologram pictures nowadays, right?



Sean_Aaron said:

I share his scepticism about 3D gaming and the long-term effects are a concern -- hell some 3D games start to make me feel weird after awhile (notably Heracles Chariot Racing) and that's without using glasses to create some weird effect! The only 3D tv I'd be interested in is where the "TV" is a holographic projector without my having to wear anything or be viewing from a particular angle.

TVC15=YES; Sony "3DTV" = NO!



Junior117 said:

Wow... this has got me thinking...

Iwata, he is right... and wrong

Right because... well... mainly Nintendo doesn't want to go back to the good, but dangerous Virtual Boy.

But, wrong (sorta) because... well 3D was supposed to be just for movie theatres but now there ending up in TVs, non-theatres, and even on all 3 home consoles (the Wii actually has one 3D game... which name escapes me.

But... what if 3D flops for gaming... just like the Virtual Boy? It may be successful for a while... but soon it may get major problems in people's health... boy I don't to be one of those people :/

Now with the iPad... I'm impressed and unimpressed at the same time. Impressed because of the screen, the fact that they re-wrote some apps to take advantage of the device, and the iBook and iWork app. Unimpressed at the design, the fact that it's using the same iPhone OS, and... well it's pretty much a big iPod Touch :/ I don't see why we SHOULD be exicted about this. As a Apple fan (along with a Nintendo and Google fan)... I'm not entirely happy about the device. Put in a modified Mac OS X Snow Leopard, built-in SD Card, USB ports, and an iSight camera and I'm sold... but I'll skip this... for now.



LztheQuack said:

I wasn't impressed with the iPad at all.

The iPad cannot hope to compete with the DS because Nintendo has dominated the handheld market since the Game Boy.



longtimegamer said:

I think it's smart to be careful about they approach 3d gaming. Though the VB was cool the red might have messed with your eyes after awhile.
He could just be bluffing though. I bet someday they'll get into 3d gaming again.
One thing they need to do is at least have a way so that it's not just you playing alone. Have a way for others to watch (even if THEY can't see the 3d if they're not playing. like one player games or games where you take turns). Sometimes people play games and others watch or watch while they're waiting to play.
Need to make it so that it CAN be a more social experience, not just another way to close youself off from others.

@lz2010: That's dangerous thinking. Ever heard the saying pride cometh before the fall? Nintendo would be wise not to take that attitude. Could be their undoing if they think nobody can touch them. They just need to keep working to be one step ahead and keep thinking of ways to stand out from the competition.



Hardy83 said:

Yeah well people thought it would be retarded to wave your hands around at games or stand on a white board.
From someone who is president of a company the is suppose to innovate, I find the comments he made about 3D gaming incredibly ironic. I think there is a lot of potential for 3D gaming being used as a mechanic in the hands of smart devs, obviously I'm not interested, but I see the potential.

As for the Ipad, well...uhh.....DSi XL. That's all.

I think he's just jelous that other companies can innovate too, except Apple, they are innovating back in time.



LztheQuack said:

I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that Nintendo has always been successful in the handheld market because of their brilliant strategies: cheap, effective handhelds without the need for excessive technology.

Then again I hope Nintendo doesn't make that mistake like Sony did.



longtimegamer said:

@Hardy: I think he's just doing what others are doing with the Wii. He's trying to make it not seem like a big deal. Probably a strategy.



Ch3p3 said:

@y2josh: wisdome word th 3d games have been so hyped that im getting sick about that...

seriously its a bad idea i dont want to play a racing videogame with glasses all the f*cking time, its weird....



the_shpydar said:

And once again, Iwata speaks and i find myself wondering how he stole my thoughts.

By the way, has anyone realized that the "how is that going to look to other people" comment may more likely be referring to "how is THE GAME going to look to other people"? Iwata has said many times (particualrly with resepct to NSBWii) about how watching a game is part of that whole "playing together" philosophy that Ninty has -- like someone who never played Mario before will watch their friend play, then be able to jump in and play too.

As for me, i personally have no desire for 3D gaming (or 3D-TV for that matter) until the Holodeck is developed.



Sean_Aaron said:

@shpydar: Very good point. Nintendo is clearly focused on group play in the lounge, which isn't terribly compatible with 3D gaming if that technology requires the user and the audience to wear apparatus. I really don't get why Sony is pushing this technology, it just looks doomed to fail.

Again, with regard to the iPad, I think it's pretty clear that neither that nor the iPhone are competition for the DSi or really intended to be. They're far more expensive and have contracts attached to them so most young people won't be pataking.

It's clear the App store has become a big money maker for Apple though and has brought a ton of software developers into the Apple tent many of whom were tired of trying to make applications for multiple platforms in the mobile space. Analysts like to get press, so saying Apple is taking on Nintendo is a way to do that, but really Apple is doing its own thing and I won't see it directly competing with Nintendo until they release a much lower-cost device -- not terribly likely.



Crunc said:

It seems obvious that Nintendo would deny working on an HD console until the last minute. If they announce an HD console long before it's ready, all that would do is dry up Wii sales. Of course they are working on an HD console. The question is only when it will be released. Next year? Year after? I can't imagine it being much longer then that, though.



The_Fox said:

3D gaming is an interesting concept, but to be honest I think we're talking years before it you can even consider it a legitimate approach.



Caliko said:

Is Iwata turning Nintendo into the new Sony??

I don't like the trash talk. I've never seen this from Nintendo.



jangonov said:

personally, I don't like the Ipad. first, It sounds like a hygiene product for women, and second, I agree with Iwata. It is just a big Ipod touch. I know it has its place, and will sell well, but I personally do not see the appeal.



Miyabi273 said:

I just heard about the iPad yesterday so I'd have no opinion on the matter. As for 3D gaming I still want a Virtual Boy. Call me crazy but I think it'd be cool but 3D tends to hurt my eyes after a few hours, though Avatar was worth it. I would like to see how this all unfolds.



3230ru said:

iPad, iLad wtf is that))) and why are we even discussing it here? OK I think that Nintendo should find the way to make download able games available for all regions at once. I tell You it will kill 3d gaming, apple and sony and even me... Come on Nintendo do it!



Magicpegasus said:

I think Nintendo has been burned by developing 3-d tech that had such a narrow appeal. They will probably wait until 3-d television is the standard, and then make games for it.



JakobG said:

Although I disagree in narrow opinions to new technology, I am with Nintendo at this one. 3D-gaming has been implemented in the 90s, and failed.
Bad thing is that nowadays, technology can actually be hyped (look at Blu-Ray, expensive reader and expensive disc just for a little bit of sharper quality) until succeed.
If you would publish those 3D-glasses 15 years ago, you'd go bankrupt.

I have to disagree at the iPad on the other side.
Okay, it's a big iPod Touch, but why not?
If you install a full PC-OS on a 10-inch Laptop, you waste a lot of resources because you can't use a Netbook as good as a Desktop-PC.
Considering you have the largest handheld-screen ever, are able to play all iPod Touch-games and additional software, better hardware, multi-touchscreen, W-LAN, additional features, larger disk space and a accelerometer, this could be a dangerous competitor indeed.



Adam said:

Wearing 3D glasses looks goofy, Iwata? Good point. Now let me get back to waving this ridiculous controller of yours in the air. That looks perfectly normal.



BlueKirby said:

the ipad is a horrible name. i thought when i read the news, they just made a typo.



KyubiStewie said:

I think Apple is starting to run out of ideas, the iPad is typically a giant iPhon/iPod Touch and besides, it runs on the iPhone OS.



Donatello said:

I disagree with his 3D comment....imagine the possibilites in depth ic can achieve ect? I dont care if i'm wearing glasses while gaming, people swinging around a wii remote dont exactly look cool either, or do they? what does it matter it's all about the experience damnit.

Anyways, Iwata didn't rip the 3D technology itself, he ripped on wearing the glasses...
I could care less if I had to wear glasses, 3D gaming has tons of potential and is verrryyy exciting if you ask me.
But this is a sign that nintendo most likely wont go 3D next gen which is very dissapointing



mushroomer said:

I heard Apple is coming out with a new device that will destroy Nintendo before the end of the year. They are calling it the iWata



Donatello said:

@JacobG...why do so many people compare the new 3D technology to the old 3D technology back in the day? you do realise that these are new shutter glasses which create full 1080p in each eye, AND these new 2010 HDTVS have the new 3D tech built inside them since they were designed for these new particular shutter glasses and 3DBluray.

. People can knock this new technology all they want, but none of them have yet to see it for themselves, unless you were at CES. people just love to give out their useless negative nit picking opinions, but people need to realise, this 3D is even better than the stufff you see at Imax3D. Hell, even one of IGN's gear heads was amazed by these new shutter glasses with the new 3D 2010 HDTVS. he watched a new trailer of avatar with the 3D and it beat the crap out the Imax 3D version in theatres. it's fantastic stuff. after, all it's all about depth and that's something that videogames would defiinitly benifit from. it would be simply put amazing, more exciting than advanced motion controls if you ask me.

The PS3 demonstrated Sardust 3D using this techonology, but it was very simple 3D, but still very effective. i for one cant wait, and if nintendo makes the stupid decision to not use it for next gen then i'll just get a PS4 to go along with my Wii2(whatever it's going to be called)

And finally, i'm just really amazed by how close minded people are when it comes to this new 3D tech. I say shut up and wait to experience it for yourselves. I'll take IGN's word and the stuff is truly fantastic when done right of course. It's the next step in film, and the next needed step in gaming(along with head tracking...smell...but it's all going to lead down to Virtual reality so hehe)



aaronsullivan said:

I have tremendous respect for Iwata, and a bit of a bitter reaction so soon after the announcement is to be expected. Certainly, many techy people have had similar reactions.

The App Store for the iPhone devices swept into a place where Nintendo should have been far ahead of Apple. Iwata knows this and has been playing catch up with the DSi ever since.

The iPad will take a while to grow in popularity because it's a device you will need to handle and experience to really appreciate. While people are accustomed to the instant success of the iPhone, it took awhile for people to warm to the idea of the iPod.

Whatever your opinion of the iPad in general, the potential for gaming on the iPad is huge and it is huge in the same way that the Wii has become huge. It will broaden the audience for gaming. Just like the Wii, it won't be the best place for games that you'd normally control via a traditional gamepad. It will be for lounging, for sharing a game at a table, for dealing with the screen in a more intuitive and direct way while you play. It erases the barrier between the player and the screen in a similar way that the DS has, but you won't have to hunch over, squint, and cramp your hands to use it.

Furthermore, the article is correct in pointing out that the development community huddled around the iPhone is pretty excited about the iPad. As much as there is a metric ton of shovelware -- and bits don't weigh much -- there are many unique, fresh, and fun games birthed on the iPhone. The iPad gives a place for those to live without the same obvious drawbacks the DS has -- A tiny screen for touching which is necessary for pocketability(tm), but not conducive to interactivity and immersion.

Nintendo will always be able to bring me back to the DS style portables with their big franchises, though and the iPad doesn't replace console gaming in any way.



Morpheel said:

yeah, because releasing larger versions of already existing hardware is very unoriginal and nintendo would never do that.



astarisborn94 said:

I also don't care for the IPad, I don't care for cell phones anyway.

And for 3D gaming (WIth glasses), how about Nintendo make an console that does 4D? That would be revolutionary!

But we all know Nintendo is working on an HD console, they said it that there next console would be HD.



Donatello said:

I understand Iwata's concern with pro long health risks regarding 3D, but still his opinion about having to wear 3D glasses is stupid. I wouldn't mind wearing them at all. As for the IPad, i could care less. I dont give a damn about all of these fancy aardvark cell phones and so on anyways. There's nothing i hate more than obnoxious teenyboppers who text on their blackberries all days and their Iphones...It gets to the point where they're so into it that they ignore everything around them and become totaly unsocial with the people or person they're hanging out with...

teenagers + Blackberries / IPhones + Movie theatre = AWFUL Experience.



yoshdude64 said:

No no no. You bash it for being a bigger iTouch? Excuse me? Is the DSiXL not just a bigger DSi?



Donatello said:

But the DSi XL isn't being treated like a next gen product or a HUGE deal compared to the iPAD.



qiliieun said:

i think nintendo could make an awsome 3d system but 3d gives some people health problems some people don't get those problems. so its like if sony made a smell feature that produces smells. some people would have alergies to the smell

i think the ipad isn't as bad as people think iwata really does need to understand that the dsi xl is just a bigger ds but everyone in this comment section needs to get one thing straight
how many times can you drop your ds and have it still work?
how many times can you drop your psp and have it still work?
the point is the bigger the tougher the dsi xl and the ipad are both more durable and the ds is the strongest cuz it protects the inside by closing it. i don't even have any apple stuff but i know how the ipad is an improvment... but it sounds like an apple tampon



Sean_Aaron said:

@BlueFlameBat: Well I can see him not being impressed with this; a lot of people aren't including people who are fans of Apple products. And I'm sorry there is no way this is cannibalising handheld game sales. The DSi price point is a fraction, plus parents get the "music player+game" in one package for the kiddies.

On 3D tech I think the main barrier isn't looking like a doofus (as people seem to be bizarrely focusing on), but simply having to wear anything at all simply to use the display. Are you handing out glasses to a roomful of people over to watch a flick? Ditto for players of "party" games. Unless the display can be viewed sans spectacles I just don't see it gaining widespread acceptance no matter how good the quality is. Not because it looks lame, but because it's cumbersome.



Nightsky071 said:

So hold on, am I hearing this right. What the hell make Iwata think that he can joke this starfruit when the wii is pretty much a white gamecube. Seriously. if theres anything he should be unimpressed with its the doorknob wii console.

Poor graphics, terrible demo service, sunflower games (Wiiware and disc), poor online service. Even the dsi isn't even that impresssive, sure flip nnote is nice ooooh whatever. The little peice of seafoam isn't even worth 170 when you see the the games it has and what the shop channel offers, seriously, mario clock, animal crossing calculator. crap.

I feel that Iwata should shut up and not alk badly about one product when theres is pretty much snow-drop.



LztheQuack said:

What some people don't seem to understand is that the DSi XL was supposed to just be a bigger DSi. The iPad is supposed to be some revolution and the next step for technology (or something like that) when in reality it's simply a bigger iTouch with a few extra features



mastersworddude said:

@Nightsky071: If you hate Nintendo so much why did you sign up to "Nintendo Life"?
@Iwata: "I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?
I'm guessing no different than pretending to slice a sword in the air with wiimote.




Read up on the iPad. Doesn't sound essential at all. Sounds like an advanced sanitary towel if anything. iPad and iPhone, no thank you! The iPad is a glorified iPhone.

@Nightsky .... why r the nintendo wii or dsi so successful then? A fact that probably grates at you, hence you being on this site eh.



colmtheperson said:

Free ipad for all iphone owners

Just hold the iphone closer to your face!!!

Also works with ipod touch



Meffaliss said:

...meh...Yes 'cause 3D is cool , but no because 3D games in the past were barely playable....



Token_Girl said:

His comments seem reasonable to me. The iPad is just a giant iPod Touch. It's just about the size of a Kindle, so it's really more of a threat to Kindle, because the larger screen would make it a better reader. I also think having a 10 inch tablet to hold would be awkward for a lot of the app store's games, especially one with a motion sensor.

Also, Iwata didn't rule out 3D gaming, he just said not enough is known about the health effects of long term gaming sessions. Some people get motion sickness from 3D, and people with epilepsy may have more severe problems. I think it's reasonable to do more research. I've had days with nothing to do when i've become completely immersed in a game for hours, people aren't going to want to do that if it's uncomfortable. At any rate, it would probably be too expensive to incorporate in Nintendo's next generation console if it actually comes out in 2011/2012. It also wouldn't really be worth it, because the 3D TV install base would probably still be lower than the HD install base when the Wii came out, seeing as it's just this year compatible TVs are coming to market. Lots of people just dropped a thousand plus dollars on an HDTV, most will wait to make sure 3D TV will be a success and there's enough programming to make it worthwhile before they make that kind of investment again. Doesn't make sense to be in Nintendo's next gen console given it's strategy to make gaming accessible (and affordable) for the masses.



Kid_A said:

What do you mean his sentiments towards the iPad aren't shared by other members of the community? Everybody's bashing the iPad. And I think 3D gaming is, quite frankly, a silly idea.



NotEnoughGolds said:

The fact that it runs on iPhone OS means that:

  • It won't support Java
  • It won't support Flash
  • You can't download any programs that are not iApplications
  • You can't maintain a filesystem
  • You can't move your work onto another system


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