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Tue 15th Sep 2009

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Meffaliss commented on Kokuga Publisher Believes The Shoot-em-‘up G...:

I personally believe that some reasons why the shoot-em-up genre isn't as profitable are that they try to one-up one another and that they just do the same thing and most of the time have boring patterns or poorly designed ones. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE shoot-em-ups and arcade games in general but the last few shoot-em-ups I played were just not that great (except for the PC only Jamestown, that one was very good). I was interested in kokuga at first when I heard about it but the more I saw about it, like the controls and scoring system, the less interested I became. Again, those are my own personal thoughts.



Meffaliss commented on Iwata: 3DS Games May Cost as Much as Wii Titles:

Personnaaly, i understand that people are sort of worried about this fact, even me. Because if i think about it, Nintendo wants me to pay for a system that could be more expensive than a DSi XL(199.99 US $), and expect me to buy games that are more expensive for the 3DS when it is still backward comppatible. I think it's kind of stupid, but yes making 3-D games is more expensive i understand, it's just that i don't think it's a good idea to make them have a higher price than before. :/
those are just my thoughts



Meffaliss commented on Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year:

I personaly don't like this idea of a DS2 so soon, well even though it came out in 2004, there was the DS, DSlite, last year the DSi and soon enough, the DSi XL. I think Nintendo is a bit "cashing in" now... And that,s my personal thoughts.



Meffaliss commented on We Pray - Coming To A Console Near You?:

...Obviously fake to me, it's so esy to spot ... XD
But, if it IS real,... WHAT ARE THEY THINING?!?
I'm going to play some Demon's Crest to recover myself from this fake/or not fake ad...



Meffaliss commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

even though this is a multiplayer game( and i do not have alot of friends to play with...) i still have to say that i love it... _
Great for parties i say.



Meffaliss commented on Review: Gradius (NES):

Well.....If you like shoot-em-ups, this one is deffinetly worth buying -
Unless you preffer one with more gradius 2: Gofer No Yabou -, or the others on the TG-16.



Meffaliss commented on Review: Final Fantasy (Virtual Console / NES):

Final Fantasy 1=
Dude" A vampire has atacked the city! Go kill him! "
Player".....ok......where did he go? "
Dude" I will not tell you! Go on and find him by yourself like a true hero! "
Player" .................thanks.............jerk "
the RPG that started it all, is not helpful -"
But heck, as long as you love RPG, you'll love the first FF -.



Meffaliss commented on Over a Third of Wii Games Go Unreviewed:

Ifi could review i would, but i can't so too bad...Most of the games that have never been reviewed are pretty much the games that are ranging from mediocre to horrible, there might be SOME that are good or ok, but...i don't see the point why....I only buy VC games because no wii games really appeal to me...



Meffaliss commented on Rare May Return to Nintendo Consoles:

Well, Just by seeing this...i can tell they know that their games just haven't be that great recently... Their DS games were pretty good, i agree with that. Well, all we can do right now is cross our fingers and hope they come back and work with nintendo.....Also, let's hope they make a true Banjo threeie*(lol). (not only banjo of course! -)



Meffaliss commented on Review: Thorium Wars (DSiWare):

At first glanced of the icon, i thought it was Tetris :/ lol
At least i know now that the game is pretty good. Let'S see if nintendo releases more of them like this one -



Meffaliss commented on Capcom Interested In Doing More Retro Games:

I loved Megaman 9 (Rockman 9) but i truely have no ideas of what game they should re-make....Well...maybe the G and G serie, i loved those games. But I think the one game i would REALLY love to see once again, burning in the demon world's flame, the famous Demon's Crest. This game should be remade....



Meffaliss commented on Starfox: To be, or not to be?:

If a new starfox game would be released for the wii, that would really help...'cause i'm sick of seeing "lumberjacks" or "firefighters" or even better..."Party babies" really....i'm gonna stay with VC for now...



Meffaliss commented on Review: Super Star Soldier (TG-16):

@Nintendork- You can't pass the first level??? It's so easy!

This game is pretty darn cool, extremely better than the original Star Soldier. This the second Star Soldier game i play, and i am not disappointed at all for spending 600 wii points for it :3



Meffaliss commented on DSiWare Going to Bullet Hell Soon:

Bullet hell for japan?!? How fair is that for me??? I want shmups here in america, but no, they're all in japan. I do not have the money to import all of them. So i guess i'll have to hope it comes out here SOON. I just hate nintendo now forreleasing games about half a year later.