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Sat 2nd Jan 2010

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qiliieun commented on Nintendo Chief Doesn't Care for the iPad:

i think nintendo could make an awsome 3d system but 3d gives some people health problems some people don't get those problems. so its like if sony made a smell feature that produces smells. some people would have alergies to the smell

i think the ipad isn't as bad as people think iwata really does need to understand that the dsi xl is just a bigger ds but everyone in this comment section needs to get one thing straight
how many times can you drop your ds and have it still work?
how many times can you drop your psp and have it still work?
the point is the bigger the tougher the dsi xl and the ipad are both more durable and the ds is the strongest cuz it protects the inside by closing it. i don't even have any apple stuff but i know how the ipad is an improvment... but it sounds like an apple tampon



qiliieun commented on Review: WarioWare: Snapped! (DSiWare):

wario is so cool this was probobly the only wario game to let me down (and i like master of disguise no matter what anyone says) he used to be my fav video game series until i heard about pikmin and metaknight



qiliieun commented on Wii Software Sales Outmuscle Xbox 360:

everyone in this stupid town thinks that ps3 is the best and i say nintendo wii is the best selling system like ever and they say "its just cuz ps3 wuz too expensive now that they lowered the price it will win" i wish everyone played a game besides halo,call of duty,or little big planet, but im suprised about that wii play being the best selling video game in the us but no one will belive me because the don't even know what an NES is probobly let alone think that its grandchild has the best selling game ever



qiliieun commented on New Play Control! Pikmin 2:

OMG i want this game soooooooooooooo bad its my fav game of all time ive even looked for hours on end looking for the collectable pikmin 2 figurines not sold in usa and cant belive how fun this game was im a pikmin 2 FANATIC! takes medication srry bout that



qiliieun commented on WarioWare Touched!:

i love the franchise warioware and i have every one in the series except for like 2 this one and the original on the gba



qiliieun commented on Wario: Master of Disguise:

i actually found this game to be good but it lacked a certain element that made it feel less like a wario game............ to bad i lost it