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Nintendo Download: Flip Champs, Final Fantasy IV, Boulder Dash (US)

Posted by Damien McFerran

A quartet of games for you lucky North American people

A four-game salvo awaits North American gamers this week; Mighty Flip Champs we already knew about but Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is likely to be the pick of the bunch for most Nintendo fans.

The WiiWare release is set after the events of the fourth Final Fantasy game and promises the usual standard of Square Enix RPG greatness. It retails for 800 Wii points, although we've heard rumours that the game might come in as many as nine episodes, so this could end up being a pretty expensive game!

Mighty Flip Champs is arguably the biggest title to hit DSiWare yet; coming from our good friends at WayForward Technologies, this unique puzzle title showcases a gorgeous visual style and innovative gameplay. It will cost you 800 DSi points.

Elsewhere, we have Texas Hold'em Tournament on WiiWare and the C64 classic Boulder Dash on Virtual Console, clocking in at 500 Wii points a piece.

Naturally, our reviews will be going live for these titles shortly (with the obvious exception of Texas Hold'em Tournament and Boulder Dash, both of which we've already covered), so keep your eye peeled.


Mighty Flip Champs!™
Publisher: WayForward Technologies
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Mild Suggestive Themes
Price: 800 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: Are you ready to become a Mighty Flip Champ? Take control of Alta and page-flip through a series of action-packed mazes. The touch screen reflects a preview of the next chamber and shows Alta's projected destination within it. When it's time to flip, use Alta's Magical Warp Wand to replace her world with the next one. Will she land safely on solid ground or be crushed under it? By cycling endlessly through room after brain-busting room, you'll match wits with some of the most devious traps in puzzle/platforming history.


Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Alcohol Reference, Mild Fantasy Violence
Price: 800 Wii Points™
Description: FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS is the sequel to the hit RPG FINAL FANTASY IV. The story takes place many years after the original and centers on a young man named Ceodore, son of the paladin Cecil and the white mage Rosa, who, along with their loyal and steadfast friends, once saved the world from evil born of the second moon. Now, monsters are reappearing in a world that had finally attained peace. The second moon has returned anew. What tidings does this ominous harbinger bring? Familiar faces and new allies join the battle to save the Blue Planet once more.

Texas Hold'em Tournament
Publisher: Digital Leisure, Inc.
Players: 1-6
ESRB Rating: T (Teen) – Simulated Gambling
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: The deck is shuffled and the blinds are in – it's your move. Call, raise or even bluff your way "all in" with Texas Hold'em Tournament. You'll start off in the small Nevada gaming halls and work your way up to the Las Vegas Championship. Multi-round, no-limit hold'em game play ensures hours of serious poker action. Think you're the best poker player out there? Using broadband Internet access and Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, start climbing the worldwide rankings by winning online tournaments, and see how your poker skills stack up by viewing the online leaderboard. Texas Hold'em Tournament also lets you play multiplayer poker with up to five friends, and with full Mii™ character support, you can truly bring yourself to the table.

Virtual Console

Boulder Dash®
Original platform: Commodore 64
Publisher: Commodore Gaming
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: Originally released in 1984, Boulder Dash is one of the big computer-game classics. It is one of the very few computer games ever to be ported from home computers to arcades, not the other way around. The hero of the game is the brave prospector Rockford. He must dig through caves to collect diamonds while avoiding various types of dangerous creatures and obstacles such as falling rocks. He is in constant danger of being crushed or trapped by an avalanche or killed by an underground explosion. Strategy and planning are the keys to mastering Boulder Dash. Once enough jewels have been collected, the door to the mysterious escape tunnel is revealed and Rockford can explore another cave.

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User Comments (119)



sirgrim said:

Yay! Two game download day for me.


There. That's out of the way.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Great to finally see Boulder Dash come even if I would've liked to see it alongside another C64 game in the same update like Impossible Mission but then again, we all know how Nintendo has been acting lately with regards to VC releases.

To whomever gets FFIV:TAY, would you mind coming back and telling us what the options are on the Main Menu? I would like to know if they did go with the whole DLC thing or if they included it all in the same package. The Nintendo Channel could also shed some light.

Oh and now DSi-owners can stop complaining for a while now that MFC is finally here!

@evilralfwiggum: I'll bet! I saw your comment on the page and that was like since September of last year. You must be really happy to finally see it arrive!



thewiirocks said:

Yay! Mighty Flip Champs! I can't wait to get home and download it!

we've heard rumours that [FFIV:After Years] might come in as many as nine episodes

As long as they don't pull a Space Invaders: Get Even. e.g. Crystal Defenders didn't bother me too much, because at least you got a full game for your money with many hours of game-play. But if they're going to pull a $5 == 15 minutes stunt again, I won't be happy.



Terra said:

Nice, good week for North America.

we've heard rumours that the game might come in as many as nine episodes
It said nine on the official trailer for the game.



Egg_miester said:

i was hoping for a better update for e3 week and where the hell is swords and soldiers



irken004 said:

these games aren't available in my area yet =/ wtf when do they arrive in southern Indiana >.<



Syrek said:

FFIV: The After Years and Mighty Flip Champs is what I'll be downloading today. Not sure what to expect from the overall packages from both titles but I have a feeling I will not be disappointed. I'm hoping the FFIV:AY will have reasonable prices in regards to episodes so we won't feel shafted if the final product is only mediocure and we just shelled out over $30.

So far Nintendo is holding up with three Nintendo Downloads in a row that havn't down right sucked. Will Nintendo continue with this trend of good downloads? Only time will tell.



Jockolantern said:

Very much looking forward to The After Years and I'm actually jealous of DSi owners for the first time. I really like the look of Mighty Flip Champs and look forward very much to playing it whenever I actually get a DSi.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Will the authors of these articles please start mentioning when the games will actually be available in the articles again so questions about it don't pop up week after week? To answer your question, Irken004, the games are made available at 9am Pacific. Figure out your time zone from that. It's just over half an hour away as I type this, anyway.

So...the base price for After Years isn't bad at all, really. We'll still have to see how further episodes are handled. And now I need two Nintendo Point for each system (FINALLY...Mighty Flip Champs!).



Hardy83 said:

Damn you Nintendo! I wanted another clock download for my DSi! What the hell is wrong with you!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!!!!!



ReZon said:

Mighty Flip Champs is a definite.

After Years will depend on how the other episodes will be priced.



Knux said:

Why did they not release Final Fantasy IV before The After Years? Now I'm going to have to buy the DS version,darn! But,I will be buying The After Years,Texas Hold 'Em and Boulder Dash. This is an awesome update,keep giving us these kinds of updates Nintendo!!



Starwolf_UK said:

Why did they not release Final Fantasy IV before The After Years? Now I'm going to have to buy the DS version,darn!
You just said the reason. I'll be waiting to hear FFIV DLC info as well (well, being in Europe i've got till Friday to wait provided ONM can be trusted)



Metroid133 said:

Virtual Handheld will be announced tomorrow...hopefully.

Anyways I don't have points and its a good week. Oh well I'll go back go playing some ClayFighter, Punch-Out!!, and Star Parodier!

Also when the shop channel is updated I'm going to see if FFIV has that red wi-fi logo.



Syr said:

Woo, made it to comment 30 without someone complaining about about Smash Brothers and Earthbound, it must be a good week!

But how do you guys know whats coming out an hour before it does.. I get on here Mondays at 9 am usually and there are already like 50 comments..



KDR_11k said:

I wonder if Texas Hold'em will displace World of Goo in the US as it did here...



Pj1 said:

Not a bad update guys! Final Fantasy can't be bad is it? So Europe should get F.F Friday? Lets hope so, a down load for me (Maybe)



Chona said:

I still have to play the original Final Fantasy VI... at least i have it for DS, when finish it, i´ll sure download this expansion pack... yeah, is a expansion pack no matter the way you see it.



WarioFan63 said:

Why did they not release Final Fantasy IV before The After Years?
Because we haven't even gotten the first one yet. That has to come first.



Knux said:

@WarioFan63-Then here is a better question:Why did they not release any Final Fantasy VC game before The After Years!? Still,I'm going to buy The After Years.



longtimegamer said:

I wish I'd played FF4 first. It'd suck to wait to play the After yrs till after I finished the first, because I wasn't planning on getting FF4 yet. I'd rather the price go down first.



astarisborn94 said:

Here's my opinion on this update:

DSiWare: Mighty Flip Champs. Considering how everyone has been hyping this game, I'll jump the boat. If the reviews are good, I'll add it to my "DSiWare games I should buy" list.

WiiWare: Final Fanatsy IV: The After Years and Texas Hold'em Poker. As long as the price is reasonable and the length is long enough, I'll buy Final Fanatsy IV: The After Years. Texas Hold'em Poker is an another story thought, but I would recommend remaking the review to see your opinion of the patched up game.

Virtual Console: I was disappointed not to see Earthbound this week, but then again, we can't have everything we want. While it's nice to see another Commondore 64 game on the Virtual Console, the update once again sucks.

Reply to Syrek post 11#: I hate to be the bear of bad news, but they are continuing the bad one-game week trend, even with an good Commondore 64 game. In fact, it's still going downhill. I don't lower expectation on the Virtual Console and you better accept that. All I ask is a three-months of good weeks, and so far Nintendo of America doesn't look like they'll do it, especially with the horrrible one-game week we've been force to deal with. That's it! I'm sending them a letter about this one-game week issues and how it's not working at all!



Chipmunk777 said:

Woooo great update! I'd be excited for the first time about DSiWare if I had a DSi But, as exciting as FFIV: After Years is, i'm not going to get it until probably next week. I've just recently started playing a bunch of other things, and also I'm still playing Majora's Mask also, as someone in a previous comment stated But at any rate, good update!



Metroid133 said:

Its 300 Points per new episode. Just checked the operation manual at the screenshot. D:



SergeEXE said:

Ugh, Lame. I thought I might get it, but that price is fairly steep. $32 total? Forget it.



sirgrim said:

Bwahaha my little DSi buddies are filling the block with bubbles right now! Go you little fellas. Go. wipes tear



Twilight_Crow said:

So, another good update not getting anything just yet thou, I'm saving my points for Cave Story, but later on I'll download Boulder Dash for sure, I'on the fence at TAY, the "nine chapters" rumors put me off, lets see what the review says. Mighty Flip Champs is the first game to really call my attention on Dsiware, but not enough to get me to buy a $350 DSi.



Metroid133 said:

No wait the DLC isn't all out and one is 800 Points. There is a release schedule in the manual.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Thanks for checking that Metroid. That's quite a bit. Anyone still going straight into it soon? I'm wondering what the options are on the Main Menu. I'm actually more curious to know if the first episode lasts long...

edit: 800 points for one? Which one in particular? That's not very appealing... Then again, they are money-hoarders.



longtimegamer said:

32 dollars for the whole game huh? Better be good. That's just a little less than the price of a FF game for Ds. That doesn't seem right. I hope this doesn't start a trend with other developers.



ReZon said:

Staggered releases on the add-on content. 300 points each isn't all that bad, especially considering they are separate stories. I may decide to download it afterall.



Jockolantern said:

$32 for all of The After Years isn't exactly all that bad considering we're getting a complete game like Final Fantasy IV (which cost $40 during its DS remake debut) and it's a game created from the ground-up and not just a remake. I remember paying $50+ for SNES RPGs back in the day (the SEARS catalog even sold SMRPG and a few other games for a whopping $75 at the time), so if the whole of After Years costs $32, I've got no opposition to forking out the money as I'm sure it will be a very grand time of JRPG FFIV goodness.

I'm also a fan of how they've decided to release all the episodes through the course of the next few months, with the last one coming out in early September. Spaces out the $3 charges so that they don't hit us all at once and at least this way we can pick and choose which stories we want to play through and can opt out of others if we hear they're not as good as the better ones.

Not a bad deal at all... good grief, you people do nothing but complain and complain even when we actually get what we want from companies like Nintendo and Square-Enix. Ugh.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Thanks for the info. I'm debating if I should take the plunge or not.

In essence, it's kinda like a demo in a way. If you like it, continue to buy the rest. If not, then don't. If only the initial download was a bit less but that's okay.



SergeEXE said:

The game came out in 12 chapters for Mobile phone release, about a month apart. I'm guessing the same release schedule will follow here as well, just with 9 chapters, meaning that there will be more content per chapter for WiiWare...but still. $32 is too much for a game like that. I was looking forward to the whole game on day 1, considering how long they were working on it, for around 2000 Wii Points, but alas, my hopes were too high.

Edit: Alright, I have to clarify myself here. What they basically did was take the game from mobile phones and stuck it in Widescreen for the Wii. They could have released it all on Day 1, considering someone already said the first additional chapter is already out. It doesn't sound like they added any new content to the mix either, which is disappointing. $32 for a full RPG isn't too much, but considering we have the likes of Breath of Fire II on VC for $8...I just think SquEnix dropped the ball a bit here.



Starwolf_UK said:

Ugh, Lame. I thought I might get it, but that price is fairly steep. $32 total? Forget it.
I'm feeling the same way. I wouldn't pay more than 2000 points for it given what I've seen it feels too much like a fangame, right down to inconsistant graphical work e.g. Compare Mysidia and Baren looks better than the original the other looks worse (thanks to giant doors).



longtimegamer said:

Hopefully, they're really long storys. Like individual games in their own right and not a "to be continued thing."



ReZon said:

If $32 is too much, then don't buy it - or just don't buy the chapters you don't want to play. The DLC isn't required, nor does it appear that you have to purchase it in any particular order.



SergeEXE said:

@ReZon: They basically are required. Think of it like .hack if you've ever played those games. Yeah, they were released in chapters, but it was all 1 game. If you don't get everything, you don't get a full game.



Adam said:

@ Rezon
No, but considering this is basically an SNES game, it's a very steep price. So if you just get the base game, you're paying $8 for part of an SNES game. I'll be waiting for the review for this, I guess.



Objection said:

@ReZon-Well obviously no one knows for sure, but I have a feeling the original 800 points does not get you very much. And the base package should always feel complete. DLC is supposed to be there to add to a game,not give you what you already should have, SIGE failed at this, without all the DLC it wasn't worth getting. I hope this is not the case with After Years.
*Anyway, good update, though I won't get After Years until the DLC issue is settled and explored by others. And I still want my S&S!



Sean_Aaron said:

I'll be interested to see a review as well; if this precedes the FFIV release in Europe it will be only my second time playing a Final Fantasy game and I'm rather keen this time around.



SergeEXE said:

I'm waiting for Cave Story at this point, which I know will be much less expensive and yet FAR more enjoyable, and that's saying something considering Final Fantasy IV is my favorite FF game. But Cave Story looks too damn good.



Starwolf_UK said:

The DLC won't all be day 1 either. You get 1 pack in June (now), 3 in July, 3 in August and 1 in September. Also a very odd thing is the block size of them all but the last one range from 5 to 7 blocks with the last one being 17 blocks. Guess that means most of the data is in the main package with the DLC being event data or unlock keys (please don't be the latter).



A1234 said:

well, $32 is better than $72. I might buy the first episode, but that is it.

I am interested in the Texas Hold Em game, especially due to price and online play. I wonder if you win anything for the online tournaments?

Boulder Dash!!!!



Objection said:

The heck? I checked the Wii Shop Page and it says After Years is for 1 player only? I thought there was some kind of multiplayer?



ReZon said:

Everyone just seems to be jumping to conclusions a little quickly.

I honestly have no idea what the initial download contains, but I have a hard time believing that it won't be worth $8, and unless each additional story is ridiculously short, I again have a hard time believing that each one wouldn't be worth $3.

Like most of you though, I'll be looking forward to the review, but will likely be giving the After Years a download.



WolfRamHeart said:

I can't believe Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is 3700 points total! That is ridiculous! I thought they would at least release the episodes in bundles but the way SquareEnix is handling the DLC is a total rip-off! Don't be fooled by the misleading cost of "only" 800 Wii points! If you don't read the operations guide first you won't realize how huge of an investment this is! This is not optional DLC either; if you want to play the whole game you will need to invest in the entire package! They should have just released this on the DS instead! I was really looking forward to this one too; such a huge disappointment!



Terra said:

Wow, that DLC pricing makes SIGE look good. Not as bad as Lonpos though, which everyone seems to forget about



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Exactly! Lonpos is simply not worth it and much worse than this.

And besides, noone said you had to buy all of the episodes. Looking forward to hearing impressions on the base game.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Gotta find an unsecure wireless access point to snag me some Flip Champs. I'll be interested to see what other people here make of it in the meantime.



longtimegamer said:

@Terranigma - Yea, but people probably weren't waiting with bated breath for that game, either, probably.
I bet some people feel it's worse with Squareenix because people look forword to their games so much and square is using this to their advantage. It's almost like when your charged a really high price for a medication you really need (Can't do without?) Though not quite as serious.



Knux said:

Well,it's better to pay $3 for every episode (except one) then $8. But still,I think Square Enix is ripping people off...but I'm still going to buy all DLC!



Terra said:

I do wonder whether people will have to buy the episodes in order. I imagine so as that could cause problems with the story otherwise.



longtimegamer said:

@KnucklesSonic - I'd like a good reason to get this game. Hopefully it's worth the price. Can't wait for the review, but I know it will take awhile for it. Good thing I just got my game The Suffering: The Ties That Bind recently.

Anyone going to play FF4 the After years before they play FF4? I'm tempted if it ends up being worth the price.



mariofan5000 said:

i'm not even intrested in Final Fantasy IV:The After Years. but still 3700 Points for all the chapters? holy cow! that is a rip off!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Well if I get it, I will be getting TAY before FFIV since I have no intention of getting FFIV in the first place.

And yeah, I hope its worth it too. I'm waiting until I get home from work so I can see some impressions on it and watch NintenDaan's upcoming video. Honestly, I wasn't bent on getting this game to begin with but I'm sure I can probably be swayed otherwise if I hear good stuff about the base game.



Syr said:

I just finished up the first chapter of flip champs... and it kicks ass! Finally a full game on the DSi (well, that appeals to non-football fans).

@sirgrim: boobies. hehehe. I really wasn't expecting all the cleavage shots, but can't complain.



Pj1 said:

Would Nintendo be allowed to release VC versions of F.F? Or do Sony own Square Soft, Correct me if I'm wrong Final Fantasy didn't appear on many Nintendo systems? Only the NES and the SNES. Any one on this forum can correct me! (If I'm wrong)

Also I've seen the screen shots and it looks a little bit retro Am I right?



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

I was playing MFC for the past 80 minutes. It's without a doubt, the best DSiWare game so far. It's sometimes challenging, but that's part of the fun. I'd give it a 9/10.



Kevin said:

I kinda figured they'd release FF 1 or 4 today with after years. $37 bucks? Better be worth it. I'm waiting for the review.



Pj1 said:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Nintendo to announce a VC for DS!!!
It'll be interesting hearing what Nintendo has to say...

Hopefully this fantastic site will keep us informed!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Pj: Well, Final Fantasy has been confirmed to be coming so who knows what other VC games they could release from the FF series.

I've been playing Boulder Dash for roughly half an hour now and so far it's not bad. I need to spend more time with it though. I hope that as time goes on I can appreciate it a bit more because thus far, Tower Toppler is still my best C64 purchase (Boulder Dash is my second). It definite is a game for short bursts, though.



pixelman said:

Pass. $37 for a WiiWare game? Lmao, nice try Square.

I'll be waiting for FF4. (SE announced it )




A great DL update, but if this is a taste of what's to come this Friday for Europe its a major "MEH" for me personally



thewiirocks said:

You know what bizarre thing I just realized? Nintendo isn't using the term "Nintendo Points" in their press releases! Instead, they separately say, "Wii Points" and "Nintendo DSi Points".

I wonder if the lack of unified naming (as had originally been intended) is due to the lack of a unified points pool? It sucks as-is that your DSi Points and Wii Points can't be moved back and forth. Nintendo probably doesn't want to draw attention to the fact and make their jobs even harder.



KDR_11k said:

Well, Europe will probably end up with FF but I hope the other game will be Water Warfare. Or at least I hope that there will be a second WW game.



Pj1 said:

According to the Official Nintendo Magazine (website) Final Fantasy will be released on Friday (5 June) but If I'm wrong Please don't shoot the messenger!



Starwolf_UK said:

So far it seems like the base game is going to be a full game. With the DLC being side stories for different characters. Loving it so far.
The only required parts are the base package and the last download package from what i've been told. So not quite the whole game since you don't get the end

That probably epxlains why the required parts (to see an ending) total to 1600 points.

What also explains them is the fact the base package is 3 episodes and the final package two episodes...if I'm not mistaken. You get more content so you'll char us more. Eh, in Space invaders we got less content but were charged the same...



Pj1 said:

I hope it won't be too expensive to buy the other episodes, it could spoil the fun of it!

So will there be two more episodes of the game, it's not a bad move on Square's part but I'm hoping Nintendo won't charge too much for it.



Kevin said:

Yeah You also gotta wait until september to complete the entire game (After Years) which is kinda weak if you ask me.



MrPinguy said:

Wow i actually pissed of by the idea of having FF4:After by 800 each episode. But it's not that.
Not perfect but better that my first idea...



IAmNotWill said:

@87, Pixelman.
Lol, Couldnt have said it better myself. I don't even need a review for MFC. Instant buy, literally. everything else doesnt look to interesting to me.

EDIT: @ post 78- OMG Monkey Island looks epic!



marktheshark said:

Quite a mediocre update, at least for WiiWare.

Where is Fatal Fury Special? Sure, I can get FFBA Vol.1 for $15, but besides FFS, all of the games on there are kinda lame.



MickEiA said:

@m arktheshark

You haven't played Texas Hold'em Tournament so after you read a review don't just say it's medicore it is actually a good game (except the graphics) in my mind a 7 or higher



Olimar_91 said:

"Pass. $37 for a WiiWare game? Lmao, nice try Square."

I'm guessing you didn't download Strong Bad?



CanisWolfred said:

Boulder Dash looks interesting, but I'm still adament against FF4: After Years, and I'm not a fan of poker games that don't have any stripping involved, so I'll pass on Texas Hold 'em.

All-in-all, this was a pretty blase week.



SwerdMurd said:


On level one, I definitely wtf-ed (seemed so unbelievably easy), but when I actually managed to get stuck for a few minutes on level this game is the second coming of Mohammad.



Spoony_Bard said:

Played a couple of hours of FF4/AY, and so far it seems pretty good. $37 won't be too bad if it 24+ hours of game play like the original. Really helps to have played FF4 already.



Kid_A said:

I've never played a Final Fantasy game so I might check that out, but i just DL'd Majora's Mask so between that, Punch-Out, and Excitebots, I'll be busy for awhile.



abe8812 said:

I'm downloading After Years right now. Too bad I'm 100 points short for any DLC stuff.



Corbs said:

I can't wait to tackle FF4: After Years, but I have to finish up the review for Mighty Flip Champs first.



Draygone said:

I'm not looking at it as $32 for a WiiWare game. I see it as more $32 for a classic, full-length Japanese RPG. Brand new. I don't know why the game's being released in episodic content, but I don't see it being that big a deal considering what we're getting. Besides, outside of the Virtual Console, how many epic RPGs do we get for only $15 or less?



Kenji510 said:

Cool update for this week and im gonna download Mighty Flip Champs and Final Fantasy IV too!



ShivanDrgn said:

I downloaded Final Fantasy IV and am quite happy with it. Old school RPG goodness. I did notice that you can assign characters to different controllers and play with others which is also cool. Two language settings English and French. Worth the 800 pts!



Bendover83 said:

I kinda still think we might get more games, because at GDC we got some on Monday than on Wednesday. If not I'm still happy with FFIV:TAY and Mighty Flip Champs



0-Watt said:

Cheaper than I thought it was going to be, to be honest. Cheaper to begin, and cheaper for each episode. However, I was right about what they were going to do with the DLC style. Hehe. If you all are complaining about this, then why don't you complain about other episodic games like Strong Bad or what not? This game was an episodic game on cell phones, and it'll be episodic here. Episodic games don't have perfect completion at each episode; you have to buy them all for the full game. Using that logic, Strong Bad is 50 dollars; did you all not buy any episode because of that? In essence, this game is cheaper than it could have been, trust me. It'll last longer than SI:GE, that's for sure.



Ricardo91 said:

Wonderful week for America! Boulderdash is a definite purchase for me, as is Mighty Flip Champs whenever I get a DSi.
I'm a little iffy about FFIV: TAY cuz of the pricing, but if it gets a great review I'll definitely get it.



Draygone said:

Last I checked, each episode of Strong Bad was one-shot, and you didn't need to play one to enjoy the others. FFIV-2 is more a continuous story, or so that's the impression everyone seems to be under.

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