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Fri 23rd Jan 2009

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abe8812 commented on Nintendo Download: Ninjas, Picture Books, Slot...:

Nice Update. There are now more Sega published games than Nintendo published with 66 Sega games for and 65 Nintendo for VC but now Nintendo ties with Hudson with having the most Wiiware games with 11 games each.



abe8812 commented on Nintendo Download: Fantasies, Fishing, Warfare...:

I hope there's one good game next week so that I can buy a points card and download it along with the 3 FFIV: After Years stories that will be available next week and Rydia's Tale(which I have not download yet).



abe8812 commented on Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories H...:

Man I hope NOA doesn't use Europe as a guinea pig to see how well this game sells like they did with Disaster: Day of Crisis. But then again this is a Touch Generation game so maybe this game has a chance for a NA release regardless of sales.



abe8812 commented on Final Fantasy Finally Coming to VC:

That's pretty cool. I'll probably only get the first Final Fantasy since it's in 8bit compared to the 16bit of its sequels which I own the GBA versions of.

Europeans might have to wait until the second Hanabi Festival of this year to get the 3 American FF games since Japan gets them on May and usually NA and EU gets RPG VC games a few months after Japan does(Remember with Super Mario RPG?).



abe8812 commented on Final Fantasy IV:

Funny how today I decided to play Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls and IV for the GBA only to find out today that the original versions are coming to the VC.



abe8812 commented on Final Fantasy:

I may get this game even though I already have the GBA version of it.