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Mega Man 9 Is Coming To WiiWare In Retro Style

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Time to rejoice! As you might remember, a while ago we mentioned that Mega Man 9 had received an OFLC rating. We did not know the platform at the time, but speculated it could very well be a WiiWare release due to Capcom's traditionally strong support of Nintendo. The upcoming issue of Nintendo Power confirms our suspicions - Mega Man 9 is indeed heading to WiiWare.

According to an interview in the magazine, the game will pretty much be a Mega Man fan's wet dream with 8-bit graphics, 8-bit music and sound effects and 8 Robot Masters. Basically, it's a whole new NES game and not a glossy Mega Man makeover!

The 8 Robot Masters appear to be:

  • Magma Man
  • Galaxy Man
  • Jewel Man
  • Concrete Man
  • Hornet Man
  • Plug Man
  • Tornado Man
  • Splash Woman (Yes, the first female Robot Master!)

Here are the Nintendo Power scans in low-res:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Check out the screenshots from the scan:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9
Screenshot 10

Here is a transcription of some of the article:

Dreams do come true. The new issue of Nintendo Power is hitting mailboxes, and inside is the scoop on what we've been waiting for: Solid, concrete proof of Mega Man 9.

While there is no confirmation yet of its existence as a game for Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network, at least we do now know that it will be a downloadable game in a place where it most makes sense: WiiWare.

Further, the rumors of an 8-bit artstyle were not only true, but quite literal: So far, this looks just like one of the NES games, rather than the later fare of Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, each of which has its fans and detractors.

So what's the story? Apparently the rumor of a more "standard" story holds true as well, as robots are on the rampage, and Dr. Wily is back; only this time, he says that the robot attacks are the fault of Mega Man's creator, Dr. Light. And so it falls to Mega Man to prove his creator's innocence.

So who are the bad boys of metal musculature causing this high-tech havoc? The roster reads thusly: Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Tornado Man, and Splash... Woman?

They each inhabit a trap-filled lair that reflects their respective themes, leading to Mega Man traversing molten material in Magma Man's domain, while Tornado Man's stage features spinning magnetic platforms which allow the Blue Bomber to defy gravity. And Plug Man's stage features certain walls that will force the Titanium Titan to square off against shadowy dopplegangers when he walks past.

And of course, when a Robot Master gets pwned, Mega Man will acquire their special weapons for his own personal arsenal, such as Galaxy Man's Black Hole Bombs, for which he'll have to find the next boss in line to whom it works against. Hmm, Black Hole Bomb? I bet Hornet Man might have a hard time escaping that...

The article also provides some insights from franchise mastermind Keiji Inafune of Capcom, who these days is perhaps better known for such fare as Onimusha, Dead Rising, and Lost Planet. According to Inafune, the simple fun of a classic Mega Man game "doesn't fit into the grandiose and expansive world that the consumer gaming industry has become, and so you have to make games that match the current expectations."

He goes on to say that if he did push to have a new game like the classic Mega Man made, it would be criticized for things like being simplistic, outdated, or too expensive, thus making it too difficult to bring it out in the current climate. And that's where programs like WiiWare come in, from which the popularity of retrogaming services such as the Virtual Console lead to the group to decide to make a new "NES" game.

The new game is being developed by Inti Creates, who have a wealth of experience in the Mega Man franchise with their creation of the Mega Man Zero and ZX titles, plus MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge. In addition, to celebrate Mega Man's 20th anniversary, Mega Man ZX Advent featured a mini game of three levels made in the NES Mega Man style.

For controlling the Blue Bomber, players will be able to hold the Wii Remote sideways in NES-style, with the control pad moving Mega Man and the two buttons set to Jump and Fire. Doesn't look like there will be any flashy shaking going on here.

But while he says there are no new mechanical devices for Mega Man to obtain, Inafune states that the robodog Rush makes a triumphant return, as they wanted to make sure some of the other classic characters are in.

The reason for the return to NES-style graphics is due to the desire to please longtime fans who wanted to play a new game that was like the originals. In addition, the popularity of retro graphics on things like t-shirts and other paraphernalia "made it seem like the right time" to bring out an oldschool game. Plus, they wanted to show what the upper-limits of 8-bit graphics could do.

But will we get to see an 8-bit Bass and Treble?

And in addition to the graphics, the music will be styled in an 8-bit fashion, as well as 8-bit styled cinema cutscenes. "I am sure when people see the opening scenes- new content with 8-bit graphics- they're going to be very excited."

In terms of difficulty, Inafune says they aren't holding back for players whose reflexes might have deteriorated over the years, but they will try to keep it as close to that of the NES games as possible. Sounds good to me.

While the "cycloptic monsters" (aka Devils) won't be in, Inafune promises lots of exciting new bosses, plus the return of mainstay series cannon-fodder such as Sniper Joes and Mets.

Rumors suggested that Mega Man's mysterious older brother, Proto Man, would be playable, but when asked of other playable characters, Inafune said that it's classified; "you'll have to wait and see."

With Mega Man 2 as the most highly regarded of the series, Inafune states that he'd like to surpass that with this game, and hopefully be able to make "a whole lot more."

And finally, to the Mega Man fans, he says: "The moment you've been waiting for is here! We're not just giving you Mega Man 9, we're giving you a new NES game. This is a game that brings back the fun of the old games, and I hope you all enjoy it!"

Be sure to check out The Mega Man Network for the other scans from the article and a peek at the included screens, and check out the new issue of Nintendo Power for the full interview.

This is really the type of game we hoped would show up on WiiWare. Consider us extremely excited!

Source: The Mega Man Network

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AlexSays said:

I just saw this on another site, and was wondering if WWW knew. But I guess you guys did.
Anyway, this is great news. Especially since us Americans don't have Mega Man on the Virtual Console.



MrPoo6321 said:

OMFG!!!!!! I can't believe it! This is so awesome. Finally something good from Megaman I can be excited about! AAAH!!!! It's a wet dream come true. Now if only NOA would get us Mega Man 1 and 2 on the VC...... bring it on!



Virus said:

Umm, I'm sorry, I see what they're trying to do with this NES format, but isn't a "new NES" game a step back? I think it would be more worth their time and ours if they made a game with current generation graphics, but hey, that's just me...



AlexSays said:

@ Virus- That's just you. Not every game has to have great, next-gen graphics.
NES style games are a lot more fun than most games made nowadays.



Dazza said:

This is more like it! Capcom have come to save the day!!



Virus said:

I guess I am alone with my opinion! I guess I'm just one of those poor suckers that yearns to see every game look like Super Mario Galaxy.

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see this game out (especially since we haven't got Mega Man 2 yet). I would just like to see games with graphics like LostWinds. But alas, graphics aren't everything (just don't tell that to the PS3 fans... ) But heck, if this game comes out with a NES price, it's a no-brainer for me.



pdrydia said:

Virus: Yes, it is a step back. But it'll make the oldbies happy. And it's kinda neat besides.



lockelocke said:

Is Capcom developing this? In any case, this is the kind of out of the box thinking that all WiiWare developers should aspire to. Great game ideas like this exist everywhere but are never fully realized or are never delivered to the consumer because there simply isn't a place for them in the retail market. Instead of a bunch of minigame-esque shovelware, I hope to see some more original ideas like this, that simply would not exist if it weren't for digital distribution.



BDPatVCR said:

I'm not a megaman fan but i can imagine if you are that this is great news ...
I hope this works out well and sells a lot ... maybe we'll see more "old and forgotten" franchises that don't warrant retail games at this moment get their moment in the sunlight too



andy836 said:

well it looks like their almost done. hopefully a release this summer in August or late July.



Rapadash6 said:

Freaking. Awesome. Sure it might be a HUGE step backwards on a technological level but this is a very nice tribute to all of us 20+ year olds who have spent much of thier childhood with these games. I just hope this game encourages Nintendo and Capcom to start releasing the other NES classics on the Virtual Console outside of Europe. What better way to build up hype than to remind us old timers why we got so excited at the prospect of new Mega Man games, way back when, in the first place? Can't wait to get this one!



Draygone said:

This actually makes me wanting to try out one of the older Mega Man games to find out just what the hype is about. Too bad we in the US don't have any of them on the VC, yet.



DarkLloyd said:

this would be first megaman game to own for my self. and i can tell it is going to be really fun. and doing it to a bunch of comments up there not using today's gen graphics on wiiware for this game would make it longer considering the memory it would take using gen today's graphics would make it short game due to alot addicted to great graphics. only a few would agree to this.



DarkLloyd said:

@draygone now that you mention it i now remember a megaman collection game 1 to 8 i think for 19 bucks. i may have to check it out at the mall at zellers after i pick up my copy of final fantasy A2 for ds and final fantasy 10-2 for ps2 to play on my ps3 at eb. i own a ds, wii and a ps3, getting a psp soon.



strade32 said:

i have never been a big mega man fan, but this is a great idea. i am tempted to buy this as it sounds like a lot of fun actually.



johndoe said:

awesome , capcom screw with us like 2dboy
8bit graphics for us, worse than any capcom game since ... ! and better looking game for ps360 !
what a great day to crush wiiware , congrats capcom and 2dboy !



breaderer said:

The only mega man game I've played is Dr.Wily's revenge. But I suppose if this one gets a good review score i'll get it



AlexSays said:

@ johndoe- are you serious...?
if so, congratulations on the most ignorant post of the day.



Corbs said:

I love the Mega Man series and can't wait for this title to hit WiiWare. It's great to see WiiWare getting some high profile titles.

Now someone needs to develop an new SNES RPG. Then I'll truly be happy. At least for awhile until I think of something else I want.



Peznaze said:

Now, see, THIS is what Virtual Console is all about. All the glory of the 8-bit pinnacle of gaming with all new gameplay! So, of course, it can't be VC, but WiiWare, since it's "new" old. Going to be amazing, can't wait.. want now..



Drake said:

No, Bass, Capcom has stated that Mega Man 9 will not have anything related to X.



Terra said:

Very interesting style of choice for the game. I Will download this



Ian_Daemon said:

I'm excited to see what they do with all of the 'new' series stuff in the 'old' format. Good news. Good news.



Bass_X0 said:

D'oh... For most of the last decade, I imagined Megaman 9 to be the final part to the original 20XX Megaman games and would set up the events of Megaman X at the end. Well, at least they're making it finally. I hope Bass is in. He's cool.



Yatesy said:

This is just wonderful news! Here's hoping that more developers join the bandwagon and make sequels to other classic NES games! And SNES and Mega Drive games too!!



pApEr_y0sh said:

ive never played megaman so ill probably get this. looks pretty good. ive always wanted to try one



Corbs said:

No speculation on a release time table so far. At least not one mentioned anywhere I've seen. With the way Nintendo wings it with the WiiWare releases, there's really no telling. Especially with a fairly large back catalog of upcoming releases still to go.



Knux said:

I have never played a Mega Man game before,but this sounds like a good way to start!



ToneDeath said:

Excellent! I was wandering if they'd ever make new games for the old consoles with the VC, but didn't expect it to actually happen. It'll be even cooler if it goes for 500 points.

I'd like to see new SNES games too (but would they be allowed to use that Sony sound chip?). Developers in the 16bit era were really ambitious; always pushing the boundaries of what you could achieve with sprites, and it would be interesting to see if a modern developer could push the hardware even further (SuperFX chip would be cheating, but it'd be nice to see that again too).



strade32 said:

i could use another SNES RPG. if it is even half as good as Earthbound, it will be my trop priority.



Pegasus said:

Cool. Capcom is definitely daring to be bold by keeping it 8-bit. The only thing they need to do is drop the stupid number.

I'll definitely get this, especially since it doesn't look like we'll ever see the original Mega Man games on the NA VC.



lockelocke said:

Wow! It looks like a whole lotta Megaman virgins are about to get they're cherry popped. Have fun with that, kiddies.

I think the most exciting part about this is that it opens the door to new games being developed for old hardware, or the release of games that were finished but scrapped before release (cough) Starfox 2 (cough)

Maybe even the fabled Socks The Cat Rocks The Hill for SNES and Genesis.



DJ_Philanegro said:

Whoops, I forgot to comment when I first saw this! (Too busy showing everyone the news lol) Man, it's basically what I've been dreaming of - stop reading my mind, Capcom! Seriously, this game will be purchased the moment it's on the Wii Shop. =)



Objection said:

Forgive me but I am a spoiled gamer brought up in the late 90s and so this has no appeal to me. My point is (trying to be objective) that while I respect the choice for the graphics to be old-school, I do want some new-school elements in this. What I mean is something that makes it wiiware, not Virtual Con-Imeanitsanewgamepleasebuyitwemadeit-CAPCOM. And this comes from a loyal (post-Megaman) CAPCOM fan.



Lylvia said:

This is freakin awesome news! I love mega man games, this game is gonna rule!



Demonic_St33V said:

Very nice....
A must download for me and a title I'll definitely be gifting to some of my friends.



michinmuri said:

Makes me wish I hadn't given my TV to my soon-to-be ex-wife, even if it is 10 years old.



strade32 said:

dude, here is how it goes in divorce. give as little as you can, as much as you can.



Chipmunk777 said:

Holy crap man, that is freaking awesome. That's super cool of Capcom, it's good to see they appreciate those of us who love old-school games, instead of those young whipper-snappers!



AtTheDriveIn92 said:


haha kidding, Capcom is smart, one of those game companies you can't help but love.



Link79 said:

Wow I never thought it would happen. Finally Mega man 9 is coming!
I almost would have prefered it to be 16 bit or like Mega man 8 on PS1 but since they are paying tribute to the series it would make more sense to have 8 bit graphics just like the original games.
It's amazing that they are actually making a brand new NES game. What a cool idea! It proves that everything doesn't always have to be 3-D and fancy. 8-bit will always have a special place for me and many others who grew up with NES.



ttplayer92 said:

Wow why the hell did you put up an entire page of the article for? I can understand reporting about the game with screenshots but takinga page out the magazine is stupid.



ttplayer92 said:

As for the the actual story. I never played a megaman game so I am pretty much just happy that you guys are getting what you. If they made it 2.5d it would proably only come to the 360/PS3 only or it would be realeased in episodes.



Chipmunk777 said:

Doooooouble post?

But anyway, it will be interesting to see how well this game actually sells in this day and age. Actually, AtTheDriveIn92's comment made me think about this Unfortunately, it seems that we who enjoy 8-bit megaman games are a very sparse minority.... But, hopefully I'm wrong about that! It would be great to see Capcom create EVEN MORE new NES megaman games!

Also, it will be interesting to see how they price it. 500 points? It seems like they'd ask for more, though



Big_Sexy said:

@Objection Blaster :

I know what you mean. I grew up with NES Megaman, and MM2 was actually the first game I did multiple playthroughs with. (normal and hard, I was 5 or 6 when I did it) I love the Megaman series - almost unconditionally, to the point where I even enjoy the ones that are considered bad (MM racing on PS1 anyone?). While I don't care about the graphics much (it can be 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, whatever - as long as it looks like it belongs together) I do care if they decide to do away with newer game mechanics in favor of a "retro" experience. I just want a good Megaman game.


I always see people trying to tie a theoretical 9 to X. Megaman X was never intended to be seen as 10, just as the new Megaman's model name. Now that there is a 9, do you think this will stop?



whalleywhat said:

Haha. For all the people saying Nintendo needed to do an old style Metroid or Konami should do an 8 bit Castlevania, I thought you were nuts. It's fun to dream and all, but it'll never happen. And, yet, Capcom's doing it. This is awesome. A lot of people prefer the X games, but I'm one of the ones who thinks MegaMan has never been better than it was on the NES. If they can actually pull this off, with fun levels, good music and no crap characters, dumb stories or weak gameplay, it will RULE.
p.s. Comparing Mega Man to Mario is dumb. Mega Man is far from Capcom's premiere IP anymore, while Mario is still the star at Nintendo, so the likelihood that Capcom would invest the time and resources to do a proper current gen Mega Man title is next to zero, Also, Galaxy already had Mario 64 to build on, which is considered one of the greatest games ever, while there has never been a good 3D Mega Man. Go play Sonic the Hedgehog for the 360 and then tell me you want a 3D Mega Man.



blackknight77 said:

IF this does well maybe some other compaines will do an old school type Castlevania or Metriod game.



dr_mario said:

I loved the the megaman series from NES all the way to megaman 64, I however did not like the Megaman games for Gamcube. I can't wait until this new sequel to the old megaman games comes out. I also hope megaman 64 and megaman 3 come to the VC soon.



blackknight77 said:

I wonder if it will feature hair-pulling difficulty like other MM games. Yeah, I am looking at you Mega Man 8.



aceattorney said:

This is going to be a fun game! I like mega man very much. I'm hoping to find out the release date and cost of the game.



The_shoemaker said:

The graphics style is very bold. This is another thing that 360 owners will laugh about. silly 360 owners, taking graphics over game play. Although I feel like 16 bit graphics would have been better, but I have a feeling were gonna see some impressive 8 bit graphics from capcom



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

NES graphics rock, I hope they draw mostly new sprites for this! i´m surprised that i look forward to this, I got tired of Mega Man games after MMV but long time has passed...



Ricardo91 said:

That retro NES look is pretty cool! Though it would've been cooler if Capcom gave it a pseudo -retro Pac-man Chapionship Edition-style look, I'll still be downloading this.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I'm getting this game no matter what the reviews say!.....ok, so maybe not but this is going to be a must-buy title, I can tell! I can't wait for my Nintendo Power to come so I can look at higher quality versions of those pics!



jackaroo said:

This is gonna be one to watch. I look forward to seeing this. Now bring on a new 2D Sonic and ill be set for life .



SmaMan said:

Get the power! Nintendo power!
Higher and higher! Fighting your way through enemy fire!

Yep...Nintendo Power is definitely still the greatest gaming magazine out there! This is GREAT news!



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Explain to me how bland, uninspired, NES graphics make a Mega Man game more appealing than a crisper, cleaner looking game with a larger color palette to work with? You're letting your nostalgia overpower your judgment. If it were any other game, it would be heavily criticized by reviewers for not taking full advantage of the system's hardware. People like yourself, who are manipulated by their nostalgia, give Capcom an excuse to be lazy.



SmaMan said:

It's like a breath of fresh air from all the other Mega Man games coming out lately like Mega Man Super Battle Network Dusk 6: Turbo Special Editon (I know I'm exaggerating but you get the idea) You see, this is the first original Mega Man game we've had in over 10 years, and to fans of those games, this is exactly what we've been waiting for.



StarDust4Ever said:

I doubt that they are reallly making a new NES game and porting it to Wiiware. The NES had many limitations that were extremely tedious to deal with, such as only having a tiny 2 kilobyte RAM and 2 kkilobyte V-RAM, not having too many sprites onscreen at once, primitive collision detection, bank-swapping issues for larger games, color-gamut, compressing level data, etc etc.

Basically, they have decided to limit the character animations to being sprite-based, THAT DOES NOT MEAN that they will be limited to the same color gamut as the NES. Old-school 8-bit physics for the movements DOES NOT MEAN that the processor can't handle numerical values larger than 255. They will use an old-school synthesizer for the music; THAT DOES NOT MEAN that the game music will be mono only and limited to 2 pulse, 1 triangle, 1 noise, and crude PCM.

This is NOT an NES game. It will probably be far more complex than what the NES could handle. SO QUIT SAYING IT'S GONNA BE AN NES game just because it uses an old-school NES-style of graphics and gameplay. Only homebrewers and ROM-hackers need to limit themselves to the capabilities of obsolete game systems.



Jockolantern said:

First of all, you naysayers griping about old-school gamers like myself being overcome by our "nostalgia" and refusing to see the flaws of the old Mega Man games and of an "antiquated" gaming system... are idiots. Have you even PLAYED the original Mega Man games? They are inarguable masterpieces of their genre and have been inspirations to COUNTLESS game designers.

Anyone who isn't excited about the release of a brand-new, 8-bit styled, classic platforming Mega Man game has clearly lost all capacity to love life and have fun with games. Hopefully this game puts WiiWare on the map as THE arcade to beat. 360LiveArcade won't have squat on an all-new, retro Mega Man game.

Is my nostalgia a powerful factor here? Absolutely. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely NOT; especially when the original games are as fantastic as they are and the team who made the first three X games is on task here. I'm expecting great things out of them from this game but if it does indeed meet those standards (and those of the first six games)... then I'm going to be replaying this game as many countless times as the NES classics.



grumblebuzzz said:

This is pretty awesome news! I haven't blown out a mega man game in years (since VC still doesn't contain any here in the US). I'll definitely be downloading this the day it hits the shop. Now, if Nintendo really wants to make me happy, they'll start on Super Metroid II for wii-ware...



Symphonia_King said:

yeah, this looks interesting. jockolantern: I'm not like some people. I'm a kid, and I love this style. Retro all the way!

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