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Tue 25th Mar 2008

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BDPatVCR commented on Review: Planet Pachinko (WiiWare):

we're all begging for more than the simple games most wii ware releases have to offer ... i guess it's not that easy to make a good game with a lot going on ...



BDPatVCR commented on Jungle Speed swings onto WiiWare next week:

I actually played this game (card version) last week. It was really fun !!! Especially half drunk or tired ... but 90% of the fun comes out of being quicker than the other players and laughing at them while you give your cards to them so i wonder if that experience is the same if those other people aren't in front of you ...
We'll have to wait for a review i guess



BDPatVCR commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

I don't buy that many VC or WiiWare games and I think there are lots more people like me out there (just not in here ) ... For people like me one good game on VC and WiiWare every couple of months is sufficient. I guess what i'm trying to say here is that hardcore retrogamers are a small portion of wii-owners, Nintendo makes more on retail products and it's hard to please everyone. So i can understand the current situation. But it most blow for you hardcore gaming types



BDPatVCR commented on Swords & Soldiers Officially Delayed:

@ alexsays

"No online.
Developers have already said it takes at least another six months to put in online.
This game is only being delayed three months and three months ago the developers of this game said No to online.

So no online."

So if they lied to us 3 months ago they had time to add online ?



BDPatVCR commented on Everybody's Theater Coming To Japanese WiiWare:

Just to clearify, only Brits can do the BBC thing in Europe
Other countries get an message saying "not available in your region" ...

A real shame because i like a lot of BBC comedy shows but i never seem to remember when they're on ... (except for buzzcocks thursday at 10 woohoo)



BDPatVCR commented on Review: Home Sweet Home (WiiWare):

I thought a 6 was low when i finished reading the review ...
I think that given the public they're aiming at this is probably the best game on the WiiWare service for those people, so a 6 is too low ...
Having said this i must admit that i haven't played the game so Marcel could be right

Anyway, nice review



BDPatVCR commented on Last Flight - New Screenshots:

"I figure that its episodic to get around the 40MB limit"

If that is the reason Nintendo makes money because of it's own mistakes
now why can't i do that



BDPatVCR commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

Surprising score !
It's not my cup of tea i think, but it's nice to see original additions to the wiiware line-up



BDPatVCR commented on Space Invaders Get Even - Stage Pack Details:

What the ?!?!?
This is just plain dumb. I don't know what's more laughable, the fact that they think 1 level constitutes a game or the fact that they think this is a good idea. Whenever i see DLC available from the launch of the game (especially multiple packs) it's clear it shoulda been part of the game to begin with. I was interested in this but 5 € for a game i cannot complete is too much. Just call it a demo then.



BDPatVCR commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

I actually read most of them when this story broke. You're right that they were way outta line, but hey that's 12 year old kids trying to act all cool. You should see beyond that, i read a lot of posts which were negative but having good manners too. But everyone here on Luc's side is seeing the people who said "F*ck you Luc" as the only people who didn't like the game. That simple is not true. Also who here is feeling that compasionate about Luc when some guy is saying F*ck you on a website ??? Jezus (sticking with my theme lol), if you can't take that then you shouldn't read 99% of forums out there.

What about Luc saying "it's my programmer's fault", and later on trying to critize the reviewers ? That's much worse than saying FU imo.

Also, i'm guessing the guys who reviewed it on Destructoid are quite fanatic gamers, if someone like that doesn't reach level 3 your game is either extremely difficult or flawed ... I'm going for option 2

Summing up. It's a shame that Mr Bernard sees no future in videogaming but when you can't take a bit of critique (not well mannered but what do you expect it's the anonymous internet) you should get out. Especially when things we're going good you were all to glad to be in the spotlight.



BDPatVCR commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

I'm agreeing with Virus ... they guy tries to come over more catholic than the pope (is that a saying in english ? ) but he actually does the same thing as the people who commented on Destructoid ...
sticking with my religious theme here ... Just because he is an "amateur" who makes video games that doesn't make him God. His product should be flawless (that jump button catastrophe in mind) and in the end it's consumers who decide whether you should continue. The people of Destructoid have clearly said "no". We'll see how this works out on WiiWare.
Third and final point. It's a despicable first when WiiWare World calls people retards for saying their mind.



BDPatVCR commented on Gameshastra To Bring Tumblebugs To WiiWare:

imo the only way this is a good thing for the gamer if this results in price wars ... if the 2 games are identical then the "only" aspect they can tweak is the price.
come on 100 point games !!! sigh



BDPatVCR commented on Eternity's Child Now Available for Steam:

I'm agreeing with x.supermario.x that those comments are a bit out of line but "I can guarantee a better review from this site." ? I'm really hoping that WiiWare World is going to give me an honest review ... even if its sucks monkeyballs through a straw (which i'm not hoping for just to be clear)



BDPatVCR commented on Euro Update: Wild West Guns and Defend Your Ca...:

DYC !!! That was the game I was waiting for
I'll be playing this as soon as i get home
also, this summer is shaping up nicely for WiiWare, Nintendo finally realized that more free time (no school, no work) will increase sales if they release good games



BDPatVCR commented on Penny Arcade Adventures Too Big For WiiWare:


Allthough i agree that a storage solution will become necessary for people who use vc and wiiware a lot i can't help think that those people shoulda seen it coming. When i looked at the Wii's 512 Mb and no dvd-playback specs i said to myself: okay it's just gonna be a gaming console that is just that ... a console ... I still bought it and i don't regret it. If you bought it and expected a whole lot more then you didn't do your research ...



BDPatVCR commented on Top 10 Racing Games We Want To Come To The Vir...:

Totally looked over micro machines there ...
i played that as a pc-version, and had quite some fun with it. It's overdue for a wii version!!! It's cute, funny and even "core" gamers would like it if it's action packed



BDPatVCR commented on Beer Pong Goes Alcohol Free:

@Luc Bernard

I totally agree that the concept for a drinking game is about as stupid as it gets. But concentrating to much on the game in question detracts from the whole discussion. The point I tried to make is that Nintendo's actions are censorship, clear and simple. There is a big difference between a laughable drinking game and the game I imagined but who draws the line ? Who decides whether censoring a game is in order ? Who dares to say that they know everything and know what is in good taste. It's not the gamers like me, it's not even developers like yourself. It's companies like Nintendo who draw the line. My point is that there should be no line!

Freedom of speech should be applicable to making games. Sure, you get crap like this drinking game ... but it also allows you to make a daring project like the one you're working on. If Sony would have said under pressure from lobby groups that GTA4 would have no handguns in it because that would have a negative influence on children the whole gaming community would riot. Nobody would take that kind of interference. In my opinion this developer deserves the same reaction, regardless of the fact that the game is indeed a total mindfart.



BDPatVCR commented on Beer Pong Goes Alcohol Free:


What Nintendo did is actually the prototype of modern censorship. The days of burning books is indeed long gone but giving a developer a "choice" between changing the theme or changing it for them is like saying either you jump off this high building or i'll push you off. In any case it's gonna hurt. For a small developer that saw some gain in a (i admit crappy) alcohol-based game this could mean financial losses and perhaps the end of this developer. Once Nintendo okayed the game they should in an ideal world defend their decision and not letting lobby groups decide for them. I'm especially amazed that a developer like Luc Bernard (who is planning to make a controversial game nonetheless) doesn't see any harm in this.

Let's imagine a game where you play a Kamikaze pilot in WWII. It could give insight in the motives of the japanese at that time and by consequence give the player background information to judge that era that he normally wouldn't get. Now I'm sure a lot of veteran groups in the US would be against this, and they have that right. Nintendo letting a developer make this game and just before the release they make them change it to a teddy bear crashing on candy island however would be just insane.

Who knows, some kids playing the Beer Pong game could have said. Wow this is total crap (99% chance) ... when i got to college i will never participate in that kind of stupid, degrading activities.

Meh, i'm ranting here .. but for once i feel that this is a discussion worth contributing to ... I feel it's has the edge on "STORAGE NOW" discussions



BDPatVCR commented on Beer Pong Goes Alcohol Free:

I feel this is heavy self censorship by Nintendo ... and I'm principly against all kinds of censorship. I imagine Nintendo is kept in the loop on all games in production so it seems really heavy on the developer that just before the game comes out they have to change the whole "premisse" of the game. Nintendo knew what the deal was for a long time but due to lobbying they go in a defense position which i think is wrong. Nintendo is a big enough company so they shouldn't have to be subdued by all kinds of groups.

What's next, no games with satanic symbols because some christian group is against that, obviously no games like gta, or no games with a female lead character because some conservative lobby group thinks they're only good for giving birth and preparing meals ???

I'm really dissapointed at Nintendo for this. I thought they were just a self centered company, now they show they're going for the biggest common denominator. Expect nothing mildly controversial from then in the future i guess.

Just for the record, Beer Pong was a dumb idea and i hope nobody would have bought it. But i do feel it should be critized on what it is: a poorly inspired game. It shouldn't be banned because some people think it will damage their children. If kids can hurt hundreds of people in a game, dismember them and shoot them in the head and no do that in real life i think they can cope with seeing drinking and puking in a game too.

(edit) Last idea, they could have made a opening screen with something like: "This game does not promote excessive drinking. Excessive drinking causes mental and physical damage"



BDPatVCR commented on Mega Man 9 Is Coming To WiiWare In Retro Style:

I'm not a megaman fan but i can imagine if you are that this is great news ...
I hope this works out well and sells a lot ... maybe we'll see more "old and forgotten" franchises that don't warrant retail games at this moment get their moment in the sunlight too



BDPatVCR commented on World Of Goo Will Not Be Released On WiiWare I...:

I dunno but i have yet to see a wii title selling (at their debut) for less than 30€. So that's at least double of what it costs in the US. So to be fair they have to double the content.
Not credible since they know they're going to launch it in Q3 but have no idea yet what the extra content will be.
Also, I would buy something that gives me a couple of hours of gameplay for 5-10€. But when i buy a retail wii game i want something i can spent weeks on (i don't game all the time offcourse ) like the godfather, super paper mario or mario kart.