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Fri 13th Jun 2008

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Ray commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

They laughed at Loui Armstrong when he told them he was gonna make it to the moon, and now he's up there laughing down at them...

The point is don't give up >.<
I'll be getting Eternity's Child though, it's the only other game besides MM9 on WiiWare I'm looking forward to.

btw... EC manga, anyone?



Ray commented on Eternity's Child Now Available for Steam:

Just read all the comments a DTOID... man, what a bunch of hugglebunnies.

I've been pretty excited about this game since I first heard about it, so I'll definitely be getting the Steam demo.

Btw, is this game coming to the US WiiWare?



Ray commented on Bomberman Looks Like A Blast:

This game will be awesome. I loved Bomberman '93 and 64, but every Bomberman since then has sucked somewhat IMO.



Ray commented on Review: Gyrostarr:

@genEric- Way to play through a lot of the game to base your opinions on it...lawl.

Gonna get this game within a couple of days =D



Ray commented on Gyrostarr Hits WiiWare This Monday!:

Nintendo had to release Star Soldier R and Protothea before Gyrostarr, because they knew this game will seriously pwn, and get all they sales for smup lovers.

Totally getting it!



Ray commented on LostWinds Is Best-Selling Euro WiiWare Title:

Hmm, so with the popularity of LostWinds, hopefully it will push Frontier to make a better game in Lostwinds 2. LostWinds was a great game, but I felt it was lacking a lot in areas such as fun...It got very boring after a while. The concept was really good, however.



Ray commented on Xiotex Amazed By Reaction To WiiWare Rebuttal:

I think this guy is just whining. Perhaps the game he wanted to develop was absolute crap, and maybe he didn't have the correct resources. WiiWare obviously isn't a lie if it's such a success.