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Fri 6th Jun 2008

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dr_mario commented on Mega Man 3:

One of my favorite games and is easily one of the top 5 NES games.



dr_mario commented on New DSiWare Details Revealed:

I would get this if it had gba support, they probably got rid of it so they could resell us the gameboy games we already have but not give us enough room for them.



dr_mario commented on Mega Man 9 Press Kit Fetches $750 on eBay:

Yeah it is sold out, I'm quite upset, I checked the site at least 100 times today (literally) and only now did I realise they "hid" it on their site, you couldn't find it by browsing the store, you had to search the store for Megaman 9 to find it.

Also active members from capcom-unity could get guaranteed copies of it.

If I would of known that, I would have made an account there and became very active, I never even knew that site existed till now since I only post here. I like Megaman even more then Dr.Mario!

We should have gotten copies of the press kit for members here, we are all huge Megaman fans and this site actually provides a service for people buying wiiware games!



dr_mario commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (8th Oct):

top 5 are looking pretty good this time, all worthy games, I'm obviously glad Dr.Mario is still hanging in there after all this time, I don't think that Dr.Mario or Megaman 9 will ever leave the charts or if they do, please be by a good game and not pong toss! I'm thinking of getting my aquarium, I think the key to that one's success was the correct pricing of it.



dr_mario commented on Mario Golf:

I'm not quite sure what they mean by this game isn't quite so "mario-ized" since I've never played any other mario golf but I have somewhat of and idea, personally this game is perfect to me the way it is. Definitely better than any other golf game I know of.



dr_mario commented on Confusion Reigns over Mega Man 9 Sales:

I don't know how much money capcom is making off this but they deserve every penny of it! Megaman 9 is one of the best games I've played in a while and is even better than the majority of my wii disc games!



dr_mario commented on Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint Going Up Against M...:

I don't think Bplus has anything to worry about, last time I checked, shovel-ware games that were given poor ratings here are the BEST ONES! Apparently the masses don't listen to this site anyways and it is going to sell as well as beer pong and Pokemon ranch. If we want this to stop we all have to buy megaman 9!



dr_mario commented on Hands-on with Datel's Wireless Retro Controller:

I find the classic controller too small and the buttons are too squished together for my hands since they tried merging the controllers of 3 (4 if you count game cube cause of the 2 analogs sticks which is pointless cause it can't even be used for game cube) into one, I'm more used the xbox sized controllers when it comes to that many buttons, The small NES pads are fine cause they only have like 2 buttons.

They should have went more like the n64 controller with the 2 handles for your left hand for the VC so it would be perfect for N64 and to do SNES or anything else you just move your left hand to the second grip with the 4 direction pad.



dr_mario commented on Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!:

lucky for me, I will have exactly 200pts left which are impossible for me to spend since the only games I want now are 1000 pts each. hopefully they will see how popular these types of games still are and make more of them. I think there's an adventure island retro like sequel in progress and hopefully a super mario bros 4 or Super Mario World 3 and Zelda 3 in progress and are done as well as this one is.



dr_mario commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

I guess all that's left to complain about is n64 games (majora's mask, I wonder if we'll get OoT Master's Quest, missed out on both of those) and Megaman but we at least know that 9 will be out soon and I guess Earthbound (never played it so I don't know what I'm missing)



dr_mario commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

Too bad, this game would have been perfect with downloadable content, then we could have bought more of the old melee and maybe even original SSB stages, characters like MEGAMAN, and costumes for characters like a Dr.Mario costume for Mario, I understand they took him out because they were too similar but they should have at least made a costume for him like they did for the old wario, they could have also had a mewtwo costume for lucario, pichu for pikachu, young link for toon link. Also 1 vs 3 special Brawl would have been sick, all players being big kind of cancels each other out. (This can be done if you know how to use the Ocarina cheat code engine)



dr_mario commented on USA VC Releases: Mega Man and Neo Turf Masters:

I'm probably just going to wait to get Megaman 2, 3 and 9. I like how they had yearly releases and I liked all the games up until Megaman 64. I did not like what they started doing with Megman for Gamecube with all that net warrior crap.

I also wish Megman was in Brawl, is there still a chance of him being added through a wiiware download since some of the wiiware games can be expanded through extra wiiware purchases like FF?



dr_mario commented on Mega Man 9 - Flicker Included!:

Sounds great, hopefully this sells good enough (and beats that *** pokemon ranch and pong toss game) to make a Megaman 10 in the near future. I hope they keep the bug where you can jump really high by pressing buttons on the 2p remote like they had in Megaman 3. I wonder if this game was programmed using whatever program they use for wiiware of if it was programmed so it would work for the NES and is run through an emulator on the wii like all the other VC games.



dr_mario commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

I wish they could come to an agreement where it comes out on both systems. I have a 360 as well as a wii but with this being a n64 games I would rather keep it with my other nintendo games on the wii but on live arcade, it will be improved, possibly with online play and since purchases are stored to your live account (i think) as opposed to the system like the wii, you won't loose your purchases if you have to format your system or replace it. So having for live arcade might be better, i hate how if something goes wrong with my wii and I don't get it fixed through Nintendo I loose all my purchases and when the next gen consoles come out, M$ will probably let you transfer all your purchases to the new console as well as your live account like they did before as opposed to nintendo where they will probably make you re-buy all those old games again.



dr_mario commented on Mega Man 9 Official Box Art:

Obviously the box art won't look great compared to today's standards but I think they did a great job making it look like the classic box art from the 80s giving it a completely 100% retro feel. Also many people are asking where they are going to put the box art, it will probably be in the title screen after you launch the game from the wii menu and before you click start.



dr_mario commented on Mega Man 9 Screenshot Blowout:

Like Kreegs07 said, hopefully they come out with retro sequels to the other games like Mario like how they are with mega man, and hopefully that new adventure island sequel does the same. I wonder if that is what they are doing with duck hunt too. I also hope they make a new retro Zelda like the first one for NES, same style bosses, hidden shops and areas that are impossible to find without bombing every section of the game and keep the exploration and path of the game like the first one how you can do parts of some dungeons before others as opposed to the SNES one where there is a set order where you have to follow.



dr_mario commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - July 2008:

n64 had so many great games that nintendo hasn't released yet, they could be making so much more money if only they release Majora's mask, Diddy Kong Racing (might not cause it's Rare) Super Smash Bros. It's as if Nintendo doesn't want our money. (not releasing enough games and not enough memory to hold all the ones we want!)



dr_mario commented on Mega Man 9 Is Coming To WiiWare In Retro Style:

I loved the the megaman series from NES all the way to megaman 64, I however did not like the Megaman games for Gamcube. I can't wait until this new sequel to the old megaman games comes out. I also hope megaman 64 and megaman 3 come to the VC soon.



dr_mario commented on Hudson's Adventure Island Could Be Revived On ...:

I love playing those old style NES games and still do, I hope these new ones still have the same feel as the old NES and SNES ones. I much prefer this than the mini game type stuff like beer pong or the stuff that's not good enough for the disc style like the wii ware final fantasy.



dr_mario commented on Nintendo Barring Small Developers From WiiWare?:

"Xiotex Studios was formed as a small company to host the games that I had been developing in my spare time while working for ‘proper’ games companies.”
C'mon, they shouldn't disallow him just because he works on some games in his spare time. Remember, Megaman 2 was one of the best games for the NES and as I recall it was only developed in the spare time of it's creator. But as some people said, they may already have many other developers like this and it was just luck of the draw. BTW, WE STILL NEED MEGAMAN FOR THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE IN NORTH AMERICA C'MON NINTENDO!