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Thu 26th Jun 2008

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johndoe commented on Mega Man 9 Is Coming To WiiWare In Retro Style:

awesome , capcom screw with us like 2dboy
8bit graphics for us, worse than any capcom game since ... ! and better looking game for ps360 !
what a great day to crush wiiware , congrats capcom and 2dboy !



johndoe commented on World Of Goo Will Not Be Released On WiiWare I...:

so 500% increase is normal now? FIVE TIMES THE US PRICE
well this is really disappointing , the reasons are not real , the "new stuff" will be short since they have just decided now, it's really a shame that you think you can screw with us like that

so no buy from me , but i guess you will lose only 70-80 percent of your consumers so you are still going to make more money!!!
here 's an idea why don't you sell it for 50 bucks on wiiware , even more money!

so the first and real star of wiiware decided like any third party to screw with wii's owners . Well done i thought ubisoft could not screw with wiiware but you really did a far better job

oh and usa consumers who told us to chill out , why don't you send me forty bucks ?

and the freaks who keep talking about the lack of storage , just buy a freaking sd card for 7 bucks(less than world of goo!) and copy your damn game on it! , you can wait one minute to play a game and you don't have to get up!! This is not a problem , paying five times the price is a problem

to sum up , 2dboy you will never get any money from me ,five times the price ? how is that fair ? please answer us