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  • Video If You Love Mario Easter Eggs, This Series is for You

    Covering Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario World, so far

    One of the delights of retro Nintendo games is in discovering their secrets, little snippets of interesting features that can only be spotted with close attention. Hunting 'easter eggs' is a major part of retro gaming. A current series on the Did You Know Gaming channel is looking to reveal...

  • Nintendo 64x64 Bomberman 64

    It didn't sit well with purists at the time, but Bomberman's first outing in 3D was nevertheless a valiant effort on Hudson Soft's part to ensure its explosive star remained relevant in gaming. To its credit, the single-player mode delivers an engaging experience based around puzzles and exploration; the multiplayer, however, fails to retain the...

  • Feature The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Rise of 3D Gaming

    The three-handled situation

    The Nintendo 64 controller is one that has fallen out of favour with some gamers – its outdated control stick and limited number of buttons leaves it and its parent system in a state of being old but without necessarily being seen by the general public as 'retro'. You could easily say the same for Sony's original...

  • Nintendo 64x64 Mario Party

    Aside from being the first release in Nintendo's long-running party game series, Mario Party's biggest claim to fame is its stick-spinning mini-games, which left many eager players with blisters on their palms. The series may have come a long way since 1999, but this title nevertheless features a diverse range of timeless mini-games and every...

  • Nintendo 64x64 Castlevania

    A divisive first foray into 3D for the franchise as it suffers from mixed fortunes. The feel of 2D versions was captured well through music, locations, enemies and plot. Its controls are quite tight and graphically impressive. It’s a challenge; albeit, for the wrong reasons. Certain areas, bosses and gameplay choices leave one extremely...

  • News Pokkén Tournament's Concept Even Shocked The Game’s Creators

    “The entire office was dumbfounded”

    In an announcement that could be described as hard to fathom, it was less than a week ago when it was revealed on NicoNico that a fighting-title by the name of Pokkén Tournament for arcade would be co-developed by Bandai Namco, with involvement from Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and Soul Calibur producer...

  • Nintendo 64x64 ISS 64

    Revered as the N64's favourite football game despite (in technical terms) not being the best. Yes, it had bugs, no FIFA licence and comedic commentary but ISS64 shone because it was the ground breaking next-gen football game. Gameplay bettered FIFA 64, multiplayer so addictive it caused sleep deprivation and, solo, it still had scenarios that kept...

  • Nintendo 64x64 Blast Corps

    Few games outside of the horror genre get the heart pounding quite like Rare's Blast Corps does. It’s a race against the clock: playing as a demolitions expert, you must clear a path for a nuclear missile carrier that's out of control -- not too much pressure then! The range of real-life and absurd fictional vehicles on offer ensures that...

  • News Mega Man Legends 3 8-Bit Fan Demake is Available Now

    It's more than Capcom's giving us

    Last year we told you about an 8-bit demake of Mega Man Legends 3 being produced by a group of fans; it promised quite a departure from the original 3D adventure, naturally, as it was taking the characters and setting for a more typical 2D action Mega Man experience. It's taken quite some time, but it's finally...

  • Nintendo 64x64 1080° Snowboarding

    Almost Wave Race on snow; 1080° recreates the feel of snowboarding via the realistic sound effects and beautiful backdrops. The developers have worked hard to create engaging, differentiated tracks despite the constriction of snow. To master the game, time needs to be invested in learning the tracks but the true fun of the game is pulling off...

  • Project Nintendo 64x64

    Celebrating 64 Nintendo 64 games over 64 days in 64 words

    Today we bring you something a little different, Nintendo 64x64 - a collaboration project between @N64Memories and Nintendo Life. Now, if you've been a reader of Nintendo Life for a while you'll no doubt be aware that some of our team are huge Nintendo 64 fans, so you can imagine their...

  • Weirdness Hear Nintendo's Classic Themes Played on Kazoos

    Marginally too cool for school

    Nintendo has arguably some of the best music in the gaming world, causing different groups of people to take the music from the games they love and perform it themselves. It's no surprise that certain individuals take it upon themselves to somewhat reinvent tracks in order to give them a fresh and interesting feel...

  • News Trust Us, You Need This Super Famicom Box Art Collection Book In Your Life

    Update: Kickstarter now cancelled

    Update: The Kickstarter has now been cancelled for the reasons explained by Stuart here: Hey folks. Firstly, I’d like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported this Kickstarter project. I’ve had a whirlwind of a weekend with my inbox literally breaking with messages of support from fans...

  • Nintendo 64x64 Super Mario 64

    The most sublime platformer and yet considered Nintendo / Mario's peak; Mario games never really replicating that unparalleled innovation again. Free-roaming worlds to explore truly gave the gamer control over the game's destiny. A perfect control system and camera demonstrated the console's capabilities from its release, setting the bar...




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