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  • Feature Here's Why Perfect Dark Has Three Different Covers

    Three regions, three covers - but why?

    Perfect Dark is perhaps one of the most accomplished games in the N64 library. It built on the solid work seen in the sublime GoldenEye 007, pushing the host hardware to its limits and making excellent use of the N64 Expansion Pak to deliver the kind of visuals that rival systems could only dream of. It remains...






  • Nintendo 250x183 Perfect Dark

    Near Perfect?

    The Messi of FPSs: sublime graphics, gameplay, longevity, multiplayer. Goldeneye was tough to follow but the freedom of originality allowed Rare to let their creativity loose: Co-op mode; superb array of weapons; using Miyamoto's face (!) are some of my favourites. So why do I prefer Goldeneye? To me, it reinvented FPSs; Perfect Dark...