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  • Random This New Mod Gives GoldenEye A Feeling of Doom

    See you in hell, James

    GoldenEye 007 is a stone cold classic, even if modern TVs and wobbly N64 controller joysticks do it few favours. Credited by some as a vital release for the FPS genre on consoles, it stands as one of Rare's greatest games. Of course, the fact that licensing issues have left it in the annals of history is a pity, meaning we...


  • News The N64 Almost Got A Multiplayer-Focused Doom Sequel

    Details regarding the cancelled Doom Absolution emerge

    The N64 got an exclusive Doom title in 1997, but this wasn't the only game in the lineage that was planned for Nintendo's 64-bit system. The plan was to follow up with Doom Absolution, a 2-player competitive shooter developed to capitalise on the deathmatch craze triggered by Rare's excellent...


  • Nintendo 250x183 Doom 64

    An exclusive to the console in what is a relatively small-scale franchise, Doom 64 has been unfavourably compared to Rare's masterpieces when it's a great FPS in its own right. An abundance of well-designed levels, monsters, secrets, and weaponry is wonderfully coupled by the haunting soundtrack and dark, atmospheric scenery. This is still a joy to...