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  • Guide Best Video Game Books

    Put down that controller and read something

    The only thing more fun than playing video games is reading about them, and in the past few years, we've seen the number of game-specific books explode as players seek to learn more about the industry and writers strive to catalogue and analyse what has become one of the world's most popular forms of...


  • News New Book Delves Into The History Of Star Fox And F-Zero

    Otherwise known as "the franchises fans really want"

    Star Fox and F-Zero. Hearing those two names – assuming you're of a certain age – will probably force you to come out in fits of nostalgia, your mind flooded by memories of the good old days when the SNES and N64 were the hottest tickets in town. Today, neither franchise really seems to be at...














  • News An Official Shovel Knight Art Book Is in the Making

    Launching late this summer

    Shovel Knight was one of the breakout Nindie hits of the last generation, offering a near-perfect retro adventure that keeps on giving to this very day. Part of the game's charm comes from the 8-bit art style that simultaneously calls back to days gone by, while also bringing something new to the table by doing things that...


  • Book Review The Unofficial NES/Famicom: A Visual Compendium

    Could this be the perfect coffee table book?

    We've seen an explosion in books celebrating retro video game history lately. One of the most prolific publishers is UK-based Bitmap Books, which is responsible for many of our favourites - including the excellent Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection. Their catchily titled 'Visual Compendium' series has...

  • Video Leafing Through The NES / Famicom Visual Compendium

    The ultimate coffee table companion?

    Bitmap Books' series of visual compendiums already has a strong following amount retro gamers but its latest iteration has been perhaps the most notable yet, for two key reasons. Firstly, it utterly smashed its Kickstarter goal of £25,000 and eventually raised a whopping £190,000, and secondly, it very nearly...



  • Book Review 8-Bit Art Book

    A minimalist trip down memory lane

    We've seen lots of attractive coffee table art books aimed at retro gaming fans in recent times, which is no bad thing. Joining the ranks is a publication simply titled 8-Bit Art Book - by Ear Books - which pays homage to the visual quality of classic games spanning from 1975 to the early '90s. The author Stephan...

  • News You'll Want This Sonic The Hedgehog Art Book On Your Coffee Table

    Shipping April 2017

    Sonic turned 25 this year, and Sega marked the occasion by confirming that the popular character would be getting two new outings next year, one of which is the gorgeous-looking Sonic Mania. Art house Cook & Becker also has something special for fans of the Blue Blur coming next year - a coffee table book which shows off a...


  • Book Review Super Mario Adventures

    A wonderfully bizarre tour of the Mushroom Kingdom

    He's undoubtedly one of the most recognisable faces ever to grace the box art of a video game, but aside from his blue-collar occupation and a dislike for turtles, fans in the early '90s didn't know a whole lot about Super Mario himself. Beyond the pixels onscreen and information found buried within...

  • News Take A Sneak Peek At Prima's Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics Book

    It's dangerous to go alone!

    Hot on the heels of the launch of the Nintendo Classic Mini on the 11th of this month is Prima's Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics Book, which is available on the 18th November. The book offers a retrospective on 17 NES classics including complete walkthroughs for Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and The Legend...


  • Book Review Nintendo 64 Anthology

    A fitting tribute to a beloved console

    So much for the internet destroying printed media. In the past few years we've seen a wealth of amazing video game-related books, including Sega Mega Drive: The Collected Works, Britsoft and – still to come – the








  • Book Review Artcade: The Book Of Classic Arcade Game Artwork

    Got any spare change?

    It's hard to believe it now, but there was a time when the evolution of the video game industry happened not in the home, but at locations like bowling alleys, cinemas, bars and - if you're from the UK - humble fish and chip shops. While home consoles have been a massive part of gaming for decades, they traditionally lagged...
















  • News A Detailed Analysis Of Super Metroid Is Now Available In Print And E-Book Form

    Dissecting the hunter

    If you want to make enemies, insult Super Metroid. It's arguably the most beloved entry in one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, and is still praised as a masterclass in game design even 20 years after its initial release. There's enough intricacy and detail to every mechanic that you could write a book about it, and that's...

  • Book Review Boss Fight Books - Chrono Trigger

    There's more than one way to revisit the past

    It's difficult to write about video games. Believe us, we know. The medium is, strictly speaking, a compound one. Whereas writing about works of art in most media entails a relatively straightforward discussion of how well or poorly the work in question used the tools available to that medium, writing...





  • News Nintendo Preparing A New Chapter For eBooks On 3DS This Fall

    300 titles expected at Japanese launch

    According to a report by Japanese business publication Nikkei, Nintendo is getting ready to launch an eBook service on its 3DS console. The service will be limited to Japan initially, and is expected to cover around 300 titles — mainly aimed at children. There's no word on whether or not a similar approach...


  • Book Review The Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

    Consulting the legendary tome

    It’s amazing to think that a game which started out as a very basic action RPG on the NES has morphed into one of gaming’s most enduring and famous properties, sparking everything from emotional debate to hushed reverence whenever its name is uttered. The Legend of Zelda series - apparently inspired by creator...

  • News Hyrule Historia Is The Number One Best Selling Book In The US

    Beating all the fad diet books

    Throughout the day we have noticed that many of you have been receiving your precious copies of Hyrule Historia, the fantastic art book dedicated to The Legend of Zelda franchise. We've been swooning over it here at NLife towers the moment it arrived, and we're sure you have been too. It comes as no surprise that the...


  • News Gorgeous New Fire Emblem: Awakening Art Book Coming To Japan

    More than just a stocking filler

    The lucky citizens of Japan have been playing the epic 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening since April now, while in North America and Europe release details are still sketchy at best – sometime in 2013. As if gamers in Nintendo's homeland weren't fortunate enough, it’s now been revealed that Japan will be getting...


  • News Japanese eBook Service Delayed For Nintendo 3DS

    Will be turning pages in the near future

    We reported last month that Librica was to launch a 3DS application - Bookstore Anywhere - for the 3DS this month in Japan. Sadly, it has since been confirmed that the service has been delayed. Librica has said the hold up is due to the team's desire to make further improvements to the app, and that a new...


  • News Take a Sneaky Look at The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

    In English, hurrah!

    It's been a good month so far for Zelda fans. Not only has the monumental book, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, been translated and confirmed for the West next January, but this week we also had the smug satisfaction of knocking off E. L. James' infamous Fifty Shades of Grey from the top spot on's best-sellers...


  • News History of Sonic Book Announced for North America

    Start saving your rings

    UDON Entertainment has revealed a huge History of Sonic hardback book for launch in North America this September. It's the same book as Pix'n Love Publishing announced for Europe, though it doesn't look like North America will get the cool embossed gold foil cover. The book itself spans nearly 300 pages and has been produced...


  • News New Mega Man Book Arrives in Thailand

    Or Rockman, to be precise

    About a month ago we told you about the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide from UDON Entertainment, which is packed with facts about the series and its characters. The blue bomber is famous in a lot of places, with a new book just released in Thailand to give fans in the region their own comprehensive tome on all things Mega...


  • News New Retro Magazine "Pixel Nation" Launches

    It's good, too

    Anyone who loves retro gaming might want to get their chops around Pixel Nation, a new quarterly magazine dedicated to the world of old-school digital entertainment. The first issue of the 100-page, full colour periodical includes articles on topics dear to many Nintendo hearts: famed composer Koji Kondo takes the spotlight, and the...

  • Out Now History of Nintendo: Volume 2 - Game & Watch

    Book 'em

    The second instalment in Pix'n Love Publishing's History of Nintendo book series is out today. The 200-page tome looks at the history of the Game & Watch, with reviews of every unit, over 1,500 pictures and exclusive documents too. If you've ever wanted to know more about Nintendo's 1980s portable games, this book should scratch that...


  • News History of Game & Watch Book Due on 9th March

    For real this time

    We know we've reported several release dates for The History of Nintendo: Volume 2 — Game & Watch — the most recent being 15th December — but this time we're told it's definitely, definitely coming on 9th March. The follow-up to the rather good History of Nintendo: Volume 1 — 1889 - 1980: From playing-cards to Game...


  • News Mario and Zelda Sheet Music Now Available

    Ocarina of Tune

    Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda are arguably Nintendo's most prominent and famous franchises. With a shared history spanning 25 years and a lot of games, fans have been treated to some glorious music, whether it's been chip-tune or orchestral. Now, thanks to Alfred Music Publishing, musical gamers have the opportunity to play...

  • Competition Winners Red 3DS and History of Nintendo Books

    Cross your fingers

    Our recent competitions gave you the chance to win a red Nintendo 3DS or one of five copies of Pix'n Love Publishing's excellent History of Nintendo — Volume 1. We've now drawn and contacted the lucky winners — if your name appears below we've emailed you with details of how to claim your prize. Here are the fortunate six. Red...

  • News Resident Evil: Revelations Art Book and CD Soundtrack Announced

    For Japan, so far

    The hype is starting to build for Resident Evil: Revelations, not surprising as it's the first major release of the year on 3DS. With that in mind, it seems that Capcom is ready to go the extra mile to give fans of the series all of the content they need to get them excited. According to Andriasang, Capcom has announced a rather...


  • Rumour Official Legend of Zelda Series Timeline Revealed

    Hyrule history translated

    The Legend of Zelda art book we told you about last week has now made it to Japan, and according to one fan translation it reveals the official series timeline for the first time. Previously Nintendo has kept the Zelda timeline secret so we're not sure if this is a definitive timeline or simply one interpretation of it, but...

  • News Nintendo Japan to Release Stunning Zelda Art Book

    Cover to covet

    We might be two weeks from 2012 but the Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary festivities aren't over just yet. Nintendo Japan is to release a Legend of Zelda art book on 22nd December for ¥3255 (£27/$41/€32). At 274 pages long it's a seriously weighty tome, with character and location concept art taken from Zelda's quarter-century. According to Zelda Universe the book also deals..


  • News Pix'n Love Preparing History of Sonic Book for Early 2012

    Now we're talking

    After the excellent History of Nintendo: Volume 1 book, publisher Pix'n Love is expanding its catalogue to Nintendo's great rival and its legendary mascot. Early 2012 sees the release of The History of Sonic, a 300 page guide to the genesis and development of SEGA's greatest hero, including concept sketches and developer interviews...

  • News The History of Nintendo Volume 2 Out on 15th December

    Pre-orders open

    The History of Nintendo: Volume 1 spanned the company's beginnings up until the creation of the Game & Watch, setting things up nicely for the second volume, which deals exclusively with Gunpei Yokoi's LCD wonder. The History of Nintendo: Volume 2 — 1980-1991: The Game & Watch games, an amazing invention to give its rather...


  • News Pix'n Love Updates Site, Puts New Books Up for Pre-Order

    Turning over a new leaf

    Pix'n Love Publishing, the company behind the rather good History of Nintendo: Volume 1, has just overhauled its website and put up a stack of new books to pre-order. Top of the list is the next issue in the series, titled The History of Nintendo: Volume 2 — Game & Watch, which goes through the development of Nintendo's...

  • Book Review The History of Nintendo Volume 1

    Let's-a go

    You might consider yourself a Nintendo expert, with innumerable facts and figures at your disposal, but even the most knowledgeable follower of the Kyoto company will find hitherto unknown realms of information in The History of Nintendo: Volume 1 — 1889 - 1980: From playing-cards to Game & Watch. The book made waves last year in...


  • News The History of Nintendo Book Gets English Release

    Know your roots

    Pix'n Love Publishing's book The History of Nintendo was until now only available in French, but after a pre-order run last year it's now available to buy. The 240-page book spans Nintendo's humble beginnings in 1889 until the early 1980s, with more than 2,000 exclusive pictures illustrating the story along the way. The book costs...


  • News Flick Through The History of Nintendo

    The first volume is available for pre-order

    Even if you've never had an interest in history, this upcoming book will surely find its way onto your to-buy list. Penned by Florent Gorges in collaboration with Isao Yamazaki, a prolific voice-actor over in Japan with many roles in video games, The History of Nintendo: Volume 1 has been translated into English so you'd better pre-order yours now because..


  • News Brush Up On Your Street Fighter History With New Book

    Capcom teams up with Chronicle Books to tell the history behind the popular beat 'em up series

    We're sure many of you can remember where you played your first game of Street Fighter. For me, it was the house of a distant relative that shared a similar enthusiasm for gaming as myself in my childhood. It's a series that stretches back to the mid '80s and continues to produce games even 'til this day..