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  • Video Welcome To The Hellish Glitch That Allows Speedrunners To Beat Super Mario Land 2 In Minutes

    Stepping into the Mario Matrix

    Speedrunners are obsessed with finishing games in the fastest time possible, but they don't always play fair - any glitches in a game which allow the player to complete it in a faster time are considered by many to be perfectly legit, although they are usually classified differently to "normal" speed runs. Even so,...

  • Video See How Easy It Is To Turn Your Favourite NES Games Into 3D With 3DNES

    You might need a bit of patience

    We recently brought you news of a project called 3DNES, which had the ambitious goal of allowing you to convert your favourite NES games into 3D. Since then the project has moved on a bit and our chums over at Eurogamer have spent a bit of time playing around with it to see how easy it is to use in practice. It...

  • Hardware Classics Pokémon Mini

    Nintendo's smallest console, in both size and stature

    It's somewhat ironic that one of Nintendo's most obscure consoles is so strongly aligned with one of its most instantly recognisable brands, but understanding why the Pokémon Mini wasn't quite as successful as it probably should have been is relatively easy; it was marketed poorly, the games...

  • News Miyamoto And The Super Mario Kart Team On Drifting, Battle Mode And Creating Tension On The Track

    1992 interview gets translated into English for the first time

    Mario Kart is one of Nintendo's most recognisable series but back in the early '90s the idea of the famous mascot hopping into a car was quite unique, and was even seen as something of a risk for the developer. With the benefit of hindsight we can clearly see Super Mario Kart as a moment...

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    Review Hyper Iria

    Metroidless Bounty Huntress

    Banpresto always boasted a healthy lineup of anime and manga licensed video games. If you had a favourite series, there would be a good chance if there was a video game counterpart made for your video game console of choice, it was probably released by Banpresto. Of course, getting a western release was easier said than...

  • News Take a Look at The Terror of Tech Town, the Power Glove Game Lost to the Ages

    "No-one has 3D moves like you and your Power Glove"

    Ah, the Power Glove, a cool idea betrayed by flawed technology and some questionable marketing - it's an iconic part of NES history. It was a flop, as demonstrated by its grand total of two games released specifically for the accessory; Mattel saw its dreams of glove wearing NES gamers taking over...

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Mega Man 7

    The worst Mega Man is still good

    Mega Man 7 is a game that came at the wrong time. By the time of its original 1995 release fans were a bit beleaguered by continued rapid-fire releases, and interest had shifted from the portly robot that could to his slimmer, cooler younger brother - Mega Man X. If you've played one Mega Man game, you'll be...

  • Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog is Now 25 Years Old

    Happy Birthday old chum

    Sonic the Hedgehog is 25 years old, with the original game coming out on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive in North America on 23rd June 1991, kicking off one of gaming's most iconic early rivalries. The 'Bit Wars' between SEGA and Nintendo, Sonic and Mario, were integral to many childhoods of gamers that are now typically over 30...

  • News Hyperkin Seeking Developers To Help Bring The Smartboy To Retail

    "WE built the Smartboy. YOU can make it great"

    Hyperkin's Smartboy began life as a joke but has been quietly bubbling under in the company's R&D labs for the past year. The company has now opened preorders for the peripheral, which attaches to Android phones and allows users to run Game Boy cartridges with the benefit of proper physical...

  • Hardware Classics Nintendo 64

    Will you still love me when I'm 64?

    To mark the 20th birthday of Nintendo's 64-bit wonder we're republishing this feature on the console, which originally went live on the site in December 2014. The Nintendo 64 is a console which divides opinions, even today. For some, it was an unforgivable fall from grace after the dizzying heights of the SNES;...

  • Anniversary Super Mario 64 is Now 20 Years Old

    A vital part of gaming history

    2016 is a year with plenty of notable anniversaries, and now one of the most influential games in the industry's history is 20 years old. Super Mario 64 - hat-tip to this NeoGAF thread for the reminder - arrived in Japan on 23rd June 1996, and thanks to time zones that landmark has now been reached in Nintendo's...

  • Video Things Go Bump In The Night During This Series Recap Of Ghosts 'n Goblins

    The complete history of one of Capcom's finest

    When you think of classic coin-guzzling '80s arcade titles then Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins will surely spring to mind. Tokuro Fujiwara's classic 1985 side-scroller was insanely hard and incredibly popular, and was ported to pretty much every home format going - including the NES. Ghouls 'n Ghosts...

  • Ninterview Avid Retro Game Collector Justin "Jutman" Hickman

    "I would say close to 60 percent of my total collection is Nintendo"

    In the latest of our long-running Ninterview series we speak to a UK-based video game collector with the kind of haul you can't help be insanely jealous of. Lifelong Zelda fan Justin Hickman - known on Twitter as "Jutman / thec0llect0r82" - was kind enough to sit down with us for a...

  • E3 2016 Hyperkin's "April Fools" Game Boy Phone Attachment Is Alive And Well

    Now only confirmed for Android phones, though

    Remember the Smart Boy? It began life as a 2015 April Fools' Day joke by hardware maker Hyperkin, but the company later admitted it was making the thing for real. We've heard little since then, but the Smart Boy is still very much alive and well - it has even been spotted on the show floor at E3. The...

  • News Super Audio Cart Brings Classic Samples To Modern Musicians

    Music to our ears

    If you're a fan of retro game music - either as a listener or a creator - then you'll be interested to learn that Impact Soundworks has teamed up with OverClocked ReMix to release Super Audio Cart, a library packed with classic samples dating all the way back to the '70s. Used in conjunction with the Kontakt music making package,...

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    Review Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu Dezaemon

    Super shmup construction kit

    How would you like to make your own video game? The incredible Super Mario Maker was not the first time a company gave players the tools to produce their own interactive entertainment. In fact, such titles predate the online infrastructure which modern examples of the genre rely on for growth, idea exchange and level...

  • News Super Famicom Anime Classic Hyper Iria Now Playable In English

    Another female bounty hunter

    Dynamic Designs strikes again! This time with the help of Matt's Messy Room and right in the middle of E3 2016 chaos, its Banpresto's 1995 title Hyper Iria that is now fully translated to English. This Japan-only action platformer is licensed from Ashi Productions, using characters and settings from the six episode OVA...

  • Video Find Out How amiibo Support Was Added To Super Mario 64

    It's-a me, amiibo!

    We recently learned that Rare wanted to do amiibo-style toys during the N64 era, which frankly would have been amazing. YouTuber James (aka yoshielectron) has now craftily found a way of retroactively adding amiibo support to Super Mario 64, which might be the next best thing. You may remember him from when he created a

  • Video Here's What It Felt Like To Get Hold Of Super Mario 64 Early, 20 Years Ago


    The N64 turns 20 this year, as does Super Mario 64 - one of the most notable launch titles in the history of video games. Those of us who were lucky enough to own this console at the time of release were rewarded with one of the most riveting gaming experiences of all time, but boss Tyler Esposito was even more privliedged...

  • Hardware Classics Game Boy Pocket

    A refreshed icon

    It would be fair to say that the Game Boy's longevity surprised everyone, including Nintendo. Originally released in 1989, it was still going strong by the middle of the following decade and experienced a notable boost thanks to the timely introduction of the first Pokémon titles, Red & Blue. The momentum provided by these...

  • News Japanese GBA Exclusive Magical Vacation Now Playable In English

    Summer holiday

    Brownie Brown might sound like a delicious cookie, but for fans of Secret of Mana it translates into something even more delicious. The company - currently operating under the name 1-UP Studio - was setup by Nintendo from hand-picked ex-Square employees, namely folks that had worked on both Game Boy and SNES Mana titles. The first...

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